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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Eighteen

~Author's P.O.V~

Her eyes slowly opened as they shifted towards the clock to find that it was only 9:30pm at night. She heaved a sigh as she slowly yet quickly sat up and was about to reach over to get a lass of water until a shock of pain shot right through her body making her wince badly in pain.

"Ah!" Her hand quickly shifted to her side. She slowly laid back down leaving herself thirsty.

"Makmolla (I'm thirsty)" She blew a raspberry as she stared out of the window .

"Hm." A sudden mumble was heard throughout the quiet room earning the injured girl's attention. She turned earning a sight of Kris holding a water bottle with a bright smile.

"Oh. What are you doing here?" The girl grabbed the bottle mirroring his smile but a small one.

"I was always here. Well I went to buy some food." The male spoke as he walked over to the mini fridge next to the TV. The girl gave a curt nod as she was going to sit up only to struggle from the massive pain she is feeling at the moment.

She bit her lower lip hard as she quickly sat up and opened the bottle. Drinking it as if nothing just happened.

"Kya!~" She sound out with a small smile of relief earning a chuckle from the latter in the room. "Bwoh? What's so funny?" She playfully glared at the tall male.

He just shakes his head as he closes the fridge earning a quiet scoff from the latter.

As she was about to lie down, her stomach once again start to hurt.

"Ah." She quickly bit her lower lip again holding her stomach where she was shot. Hearing her quiet pain sounds, the tall male quickly walked over and helped the pained girl lay back down more comfortably.

As the male just sat down on the chair next to the bed a knock was heard earning the two to glance at the door. Spotting the guys and Seohyun. Seohyun staring at the injured girl with big watery eyes. The girl snort as her head fell back down on the soft pillow and switched on the TV.

"Annyeong noona!!!!" Sehun beamed pushing his way into the room since he was far behind all the guys. He quickly ran over to her with a goofy grin earning the injured girl to chuckle at his cute action.

"Annyeong!!!~" Baekhyun comes in skipping with his signature smile.

"Noona! Gwaenchana!?" Then there came Tao running in worriedly.

"Gwaenchana." She let out a reassuring smile to Tao as the panda boy smiled in relief.

"Noona, I really thought that was our last goodbye." Chen pouted as he hanged his head. The injured girl smiled as she gently grabbed his hand earning the latter to look up shocked.

"Aniya, that won't be our last goodbyes." She warmly smiled earning a bright smile from the latter.

"Ya dongsaeng! I thought you were dead!" Xiumin smiled earning a playful glare yet a smile appeared on her face.

"Good thing you're alright unless Kris would have followed you." Luhan chuckled patting Kris's shoulder earning an eye roll from the tall male with a small smile - and if looked closely a small blush appeared on his cheeks.

"Woo I felt like my heart exploded when I heard that gunshot." Chanyeol dramatically spoke.

"Well good thing it didn't." The girl chuckled.

"I'm so glad you're fine." Kai sweetly smiled earning the same mirror smiled from the girl.

"Noona I was so scared." Lay spoke with worried filled in his voice.

"Ani, gwaenchana. I'm going to live forever." She smiled as she lightly hit Lay's arm.

"I'm just glad you weren't badly injured." Suho heaved a sigh as if he's been holding in.

"Well when you get better, I'll make a whole table filled with delicious food for you. But as for now, only soup will be made." D.O smiled his signature heart smile. The female happily nodded her head as her smile grew.

The girl turned her attention to the girl who stood at the doorway with small tears streaming down her pinkish cheeks. The injured female softly smiled as she slowly sat up with the help of Kris.

"Annyeong Seohyun-ah." She lightly chuckled after the two words passed her lips. Tears slowly started brimming in her eyes. Seohyun quickly ran over and wrapped her arms around the hospitalized girl earning the same.

"I thought you left. I-I thought you were really gone. I was so scared unnie. Please, please don't you dare push me away again, araseyo?" Seohyun murmured as she hugged the girl tighter.

"Araseyo~ No matter what fate brings I'll always be by your side. But I swear if something ever happened to you I'll be there right away. No giving a crap if it's dangerous." The girl patted Seohyun's back before hugging her tightly.

"Gosh hyung why don't you love me as much as Jessica noona loves Seohyun huh?" Tao playfully pushed Kris before attaching himself to him. Earning a disgusted face from the latter and laughs from everyone else.

"Tch, I always give in to you so better take that or go away." Kris glared at Tao to only have him run away from Kris and went to the hospitalized girl's side.

"Hey guys, I'll be back. I'ma go visit my mom." Kris softly spoke however everyone heard. The girl sat there watching his leaving figure.

"So~ you guys dating now?" Baekhyun suddenly piped up as he sat at the end of the hospital bed.

"Dating? Nugu?" Jessica asked with wide eyes. "Did something happened when I was out!?" She asked only to earn some blowing raspberries as others scoffed, glaring at her. She shut her mouth and looked away to only earn someone grab her chin making her look at them.

"You and Kris dummy. Are you guys a couple now?" Seohyun asked as she let go of the girl's chin. The girl blinked a few times before laughing.

"Ani, we aren't dating." She chuckled however immediately shut up when she saw the suspicious stares and noticing them walking closer to her.

"You sure? I know, we know, that you want to be with Kris.~" Xiumin said in a singy song voice with an arched eyebrow.

"Mhm I'm positive." She gave a firm nod.

"You're positive!?" Kai suddenly shouted earning the girl to jump in fright.

"Ya! You freaking scared me!" The girl shouted as she patted her chest where her heart rested.

"You are? With Kris? Or who?" Chen asked leaning in staring at the girl with a questioned look.

"Bwoh? W-What are you guys talking about?" She blinked at them puzzled.

"You have no idea what positive means, do you?" Chanyeol crossed his arms with an arched eyebrow. The girl shook her head innocently not knowing a single thing they are talking about.

"It means you're prego." Lay answers while plopping down next to the girl.

"BWOH!? You guys think I'm pregnant!?" She stared at the guys with shocked eyes.

"That's what you said." D.O fought back with a chuckle.

"Aniya! Andwae. Andwae! I am not pregnant you byuntaes!" The girl crossed her arms as she laid back down wincing a bit from pain. As she was now laying down, Lay scooted closer to her as he was also laying down.

"Bwoh?" She blinked at them.

"I want to lay down too." Lay quickly says in his aegyo voice while doing his adorable aegyo.

The female chuckled as she scoot over and let the male lay down.

"Aigoo, you're so cute." The girl pinched his cheeks. Lay just acts cute again for fun earning a laugh from the girl.

"Ya, ya you never answered us. Don't you have feelings for Kris?" Xiumin sat down on the chair while pouting like a child. The girl bit her lower lip as she hesitated to answer.

She slowly glanced at Xiumin who sat there patiently waiting for her answer.

"Well, I don't know. He never asked me out or anything. How could we be a couple?" The girl wisely explained.

"Yeah that's true." Suho bluntly spoke as he slouched down on the couch. Suddenly the atmosphere became all saddening.

"Let's watch some TV guys." The injured girl quickly said as she remembered that the TV was on.


They started off with the variety show 'Beatles Code'. A show that would compare idols, find their similarities.

The whole room was filled with non-stop laughter. After the show ended, the group started chatting about random things and from time to time tell stories about one another.


"You guys not leaving yet? It's 11." The girl explained as she just checked her phone.

"But I don't want to leave. It'll be just me at home." Seohyun pouted cutely as she rested her head on the girl's shoulder hugging her arm.

"Luhan-ah I don't want to trouble you but can you stay the night with this dork. I don't want anything to happen to her." The quickly said as Luhan grin and nodded.

"Thought you never asked." He sarcastically said with a chuckle.

"Sleep tight my dork." The girl hugged Seohyun tightly before she watched their leaving figures leave. As the girl was about to sleep a thought suddenly popped into her head making her open her eyes.

"Where's Kris?" She furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at the door to only see nurses and other patients pass by.

Slowly she got out of bed and started walking towards the door. Not really knowing where she was going at the moment, she appeared in the hallway where Mrs. Wu rested.

She walked over to her room as she stopped and glanced in the room to find Kris still sitting there holding his mother's hand. He looked as if he was chatting with his mother since his lips were moving, not even giving a single care that she was in a coma. Because to him, everyone knew they could still hear.

The injured girl softly smiled at the sight before turning around right at the moment when her injury started hurting badly.

She held onto the wall as she continued to walk holding her stomach. However slowly she couldn't walk anymore as she was in even more pain. Slowly she sat down in the hallway, breathing heavily as her vision slowly became blurry.

She glanced down at her stomach as she moved her hospital gown away a bit before seeing the sudden color seeping through her bandage.


"Sweet dreams mama." Kris gently kissed his mother's forehead before completely walking out to room to only find a girl sitting on the floor leaning against the wall holding her stomach.

He walked over to only find that it's Jessica in complete pain. He quickly kneel down.

"J-Jessica, what's wrong? What are you doing here?" He stared at the girl worriedly.

"M-My injury... a-ahpo... j-jinja ahpo." She breathe out as she held her stomach wincing in pain.

"L-Let me see." Kris quickly moved her hand as he slightly moved her night gown to find the (not so heavy) blood bandage. "We should go switch the bandage." Kris worried explained as he quickly but gently carried the girl in bridal style.

As they made it back to her hospital room, Kris gently placed the injured girl on the bed to only have her hold his shoulder tightly grunting in pain.

"K-Kris... a-ahpo." She clenched her teeth as she shut her eyes tightly trying her best to fight the pain.

"J-Jakkameun, I-I'll get the nurse." The male was about to leave until his sleeve was suddenly pulled. He glanced back at the now pale girl.

"H-Ha... h-hajima." She breath out.

"I need to get a nurse or doctor. You're in too much pain." Kris worriedly explained as he cupped her face delicately. He quickly placed a kiss on the girl's forehead before completely running out to find a nurse.

After finding the nurses, Kris was asked to stay outside of the room and wait after checking on the girl. Kris gave a slight nod as his eyes never left the pained girl while laid there curled up in a ball.

He slowly left the room, their eyes never leaving one another until the door was what cut the connection.

"Promise me you'll be alright Jessica. Jehbal." Kris whispered.


OMG!!!!! I finally updated guys!!! Lol I hoped you guys liked this chapter. I know it's a boring chapter but please bare with me. More interesting chapters are coming up!!!!~ And just notice that it's coming to an end guys. Don't hate me! *hide behind arms*

Angry Baozi is the cutest!!!~ *Squeals*



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