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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Seventeen

~Author's P.O.V~

It's been a few weeks since Jessica discharged the hospital and everything has been challenging for her. Reason why she discharged so early was because she couldn't stand seeing Kris in that state anymore and because she finally accepted that she has overflowing feelings for him.

She was scared, worried. She didn't know what to do, she wanted to confess, she wanted to tell but she couldn't, she didn't want to. Sometimes she thinks maybe Kris would like her back maybe he would accept her heart. However the thought of him pushing her away was more effective. She didn't want to be rejected by her first love, she never even experience what it would even be like to fall in love. But here she is now, madly, crazily in love with Kris Wu Yi Fan; her enemy.

Remembering what Suho told her as she sat in Kris's room really struck her hard.

"Sometimes the person you love may secretly love you back or just plainly don't have feelings for you... and sometimes the only way to find out if someone really loves you is if they put the effort to go search for you."

Jessica was so confused, so curious. She wanted to know Kris's feelings, she wanted to know what would happen if she confessed but she was scared. Another thought that always made her have less courage was the thought of Kris already having someone else.


Jessica ran up into Kris's room as she turned heads looking for her phone. Everywhere she searched, nothing was found. Until she spotted Kris's phone and decided to take his phone and call hers.

As she quickly grabbed his phone and pressed the power button, the lit up indicating it was on but locked. However when Jessica should already swipe the phone to unlock it she couldn't because her eyes was stuck on his lock screen.

Someone so beautiful appeared on his lock screen.

Never have she heard or seen this girl ever. Immediately Jessica thought she was Kris's girlfriend, but secretly they were dating.

Right away she felt a pang in her heart. She felt as if it has been stabbed a millions time or has been shattered into millions of little pieces that could never get back together. She wanted to scream, shout, cry but why would she when she knew Kris wasn't even her's. She had no reason and why she was suddenly acting so weird.

She locked his phone as she set the phone back on the table and unconsciously walked over to Kris's room where he was sleeping. Slowly opening the door she stared at Kris's sleeping figure as her tears were threatening to fall so badly.


Jessica has already quit her job at the cafe. Now she works at the frozen yogurt place. Even though she doesn't work with Kris anymore, she still adapted to the place quickly because of how nice everyone was. Even jokingly the guy employees would flirt with her or some random customers would.


Jessica stared at herself in the full body mirror looking at her new self. She has changed so much. She became so quiet that sometimes you wouldn't even notice she was there. She bought a new phone and only saved her parents along with Seohyun's and that was about it.

She suddenly pushed EXO out of her life. Ever since the discharged she has never spoken to one of the boys. Anytime they try talking to her, she ignored them as if there presence wasn't even there.

Even sometimes Seohyun was ignored. Jessica has grew to wanting to only be alone at all times. Her smiles has all disappeared along with her laughter. All her smiles now were only fake smiles that meant nothing but pain behind them.


Class has been going the same, ignoring everything. Barely speaking. Finally it was her off hour. She naturally let her feet take her anywhere. Which she ended up at the art room. Knowing that no one has classes during her hour, she walked in and went straight to the window.

Plopping down on the chair next to the window, she gazed outside for a couple of minutes before she grew tired of gazing and gazed around the art room to catch something.

Suddenly she stood up and walked towards a covered drawing canvas. Lifting up the cloth without hesitation - not even caring if she shouldn't be touching it - she took it off to only have her eyes widen. Right in front of her was her.

Her eyes scanned the drawing before she caught a small quote on the bottom corner of the drawing. Leaning down to get a clearer look she felt her heart stop.

~You never realize how much you love someone until their gone.~

But that quote wasn't that only thing that made her feeling the want of breaking down and crying. The owner of the Jessica drawing was what made her want to break down. Written under the quote wrote -Kris Wu.

"K-Kris drew me? D-Does that mean h-he loves me too?" A small smile crept upon her lips as hot tears were already pouring. Jessica snuffled before she quickly covered the drawing and grabbed her bag. As she was about to leave the room, she stopped from hearing her phone ring.

Taking out her phone she answered the unknown number.

"Ya! Why did you change your phone and not tell omma!" Her mother shouted angrily.

"Oh, mianhae omma. I just forgot, maybe because you guys never even cared to call me back whenever I called." Jessica lightly chuckled.

"So how's my princess doing?" Her father's voice then came through the receiver.

"Oh, appa bogshipeo!" Jessica whined as she was walking through the hallways.

"Jeodohyo!~" Jessica laughed from her father's attempt to say it in a aegyo voice.

"Ya, your aegyo was bad." Jessica laughed as she stood at a window as stared outside.

"Ya, that's not nice. I'm not talking to you anymore." Her father pouted from the other line.

"Appa~" Jessica then whined cutely with her aegyo voice.

"Aish, you always have to win." Jessica burst out laughing. "Appa, when are you guys coming back? Like ever? I really miss you guys and want to see you guys. Also did you guys ever have a call informing Kris's parents?" Jessica spoke as she leaned against the window.

"Nugu? Kris?" She heard her father question. Quickly remembering they only know Kris as YiFan since his parent's barely called him that.

"Oh, I meant YiFan." Jessica bitterly smiled.

"Oh ani, what happened? Did something bad happen?" Omma worriedly asked.

"Mm, the police called me informing me that his mother is in a coma and his father passed away." Jessica responded as she heaved a sigh but quickly froze after hearing a familiar - very familiar - voice behind her. Slowly she turned and there stood the man who she was talking about.

"What did you just say?" Kris sternly asked as his eyes glisten with tears.

"Jeongmallo! Aigoo that poor baby!" Jessica's mother shouted. Jessica continued to stand there not knowing what to do, she was so shocked.

"My parents... what happened to them?" Kris asked once more as a tears escaped from his sorrow eyes.

"O-Omma, I-I'll call you later, I'm at school." Jessica hung up the phone as she kept glancing everywhere other then Kris.

"Tell me! What happened!?" Kris shouted making Jessica flinch. Soon she was pinned against the cold wall. "Tell Me!!!!!!" Kris shouted as more tears were flowing down his flawless face.

"T-The police called me when the incident happened with Seohyun and Luhan. T-They said that your mother is in a coma and y-your father passed away. T-They were involved in a plane crash. They were on their way to China and the plane crashed." Suddenly Kris collapsed onto the cold ground as he didn't want to hear more as just wanted everything to be a lie.

"And no one told me." Kris breathe out.

"T-The guys didn't tell you?" Jessica stuttered in disbelief. She thought by now Kris would already knew.

"We didn't tell him because you said that you would tell him when he wakes up. No matter what you should be the one who would tell him." Kai sternly spoke with a hint of anger. Slowly Kris stood up in disbelief.

"Kris, I... I thought... " Jessica quickly held his arm as she was trying to explain. However her arm quickly was thrown away as he didn't want to feel her touch no matter how much he craved for it.

"What!? After fucking telling me, you're just going to comfort me like nothing fucking happened!!!?" Kris burst.

"Kris, I was.... I... " Kris quickly cut off Jessica as he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Just stay away from me forever! I don't want oyu in my fucking life anymore! Do you know how hurt I was when I thought I would see you when I woke up! I actually thought you cared about me but you were just fucking with me! You never gave a single fuck about me!" Kris angrily shouted before he stomped away from Jessica, leaving her stare at his back figure with tears streaming down her face.

"Kris..." Jessica whispered as she dropped onto the ground hating herself even more.

"I told you if someone looks for you then that means they love you. Looked like he went looking for you right when he woke up. He was really worried about you Jessica." Suho walked passed Jessica shaking his head in disappointment followed along with the guys.

"Ani." Jessica stood up earning the guys to stop and look back at her. "You said if someone looks for them then they love them. But he never did, because if he did he would have just came to my house. So it was him who forgot me. I even tried waiting but nothing happened." Jessica spat before she turned away and walked away as tears streamed down her face.

Jessica so badly wanted to run and hold Kris in her embrace so badly, to hold him so tightly and apologize. However he told her leave, to get out of his life which she would gladly do since she hated herself too.

As Jessica was walking, she was suddenly stopped when a group of girls surrounded her.

"Ya! What the fuck did you do to Kris oppa!?" One of the girl smacked Jessica's head. Slowly she turned her head towards them.

"What are you going to do then huh? Beat me up, kill me, force me to something embarrassing?" Jessica spoke barely even knowing what she was doing. The girls chuckled before another girl pushed Jessica earning the girl to fall on her all fours.

As she was about to get up they started punching and kicking her. All the girl did was curl up into a ball as more tears streamed down her face because she knew that the pain she was receiving now isn't as painful as what she did to Kris.

When Jessica glanced in front of her there stood Kris along with Tao and Sehun. She watched as Kris looked away still with a pained expression on his face before walking away from the scene.

"Let's stop, I think she became unconscious." All the girls ten snickered as they quickly left the beaten girl lay there on the cold ground.


Jessica slowly opened her eyes as she winced in pain from the beating earlier.

"Sooyoun what is happening? Why are you suddenly getting bullied? Has this been going on for a while now?" The nurse spoke up as she notice Jessica was now awake.

"Gwaenchana, you don't have to worry about me." Jessica softly spoke before she stood and almost fell over but to fall into someone's embrace. She looked up and there stood the man she dearly loved yet never wanted to meet gazes with him ever again. Quickly she pulled away from Kris and started limping out of the nurses office.

"Ya! Are you going to keep letting them bullying you like that!?" Kris shouted however was ignored as Jessica didn't want to speak to him. She continued to walk even though her legs were shaking and slowly giving in.

Again she almost fell but to have Kris come and hull her up straight making the petite girl to crash into his embrace. Jessica looked up at Kris with watery eyes as Kris bit hiw lower lips regretting ever making the girl cry.

"Why do you care? Didn't you say you wanted me out of your life? Why you suddenly interfering in my life!?" Jessica snapped as she pushed Kris away from her touch. Right then the bell rang and the hallway started getting crowded. Jessica quickly started walking again holding onto the wall to help keep her balance.

"Jessica, I actually still care. E-Even though I said that I was wrong. I-I can't remove you from my life." Hearing those words more tears escaped from Jessica's already red eyes. "Jessica!" Kris shouted to only still be ignored but to earn attention from everyone else in the hallway.

Kris quickly marched towards Jessica as he quickly reached out and grabbed her arm forcefully turning her towards him. However Jessica quickly pushed Kris away again.

"Can't you just get out of my life then!? Did you even think about finding me? I actually did wait, I waited Kris! But instead I started to think why you would ever even come looking for me! I really thought you liked me but how stupid was I to even think that!" Jessica roughly wiped away her tears as she turned away once more and started walking.

Once again Kris grabbed her arm and turned her around. However before any words passed through their lips, Kris quickly slammed his lips onto Jessica earning gasps and whispers to grow. Jessica quickly pushed Kris away and landed a loud smack onto his face as her tears were now uncontrollable.

Kris slowly turned his head looking at Jessica shocked with one of his palms on his now red cheek.

"What's wrong with you!? Do you think I would come back if you did that!? Never! I would never come back! You never think about my feelings! I'm not like other girls! I would never fall for you! I hate you!!!~" Jessica shouted before she quickly sprinted out of the building.

Jessica ran right under the huge tree that rested in front of the school, there she stopped and sobbed into her hands.


After a few minutes passed, she finally went back into the building. As she was walking through the hallways people kept whispering and glancing at her. Jessica blocked out the noises as she looked up and froze when she saw Kris. She watched as he heaved a sigh and looked up and also stopped in his tracks as they both made eye contact.

Jessica quickly turned around and was about to leave until her wrist was snatched however she didn't turned because she couldn't, she didn't want to break down once again.

"Mianhae for before, I wasn't thinking." Kris softly spoke. Jessica just slipped her wrist out of his hold as she started walking again. "I-I know that you probably hate my guts now and forever but I really do mean sorry Jessica." Hearing that Jessica stopped and glanced over her shoulder.

"I don't care anymore, you're just my past now." Jessica spoke before she was going to walk again to only have a pair of long arms wrap around her petite body. Her back pressed against his warm chest.

"Please, please don't go. I can't forget you." Kris whispered. Jessica just took off his arms and turned around to look up at him.

"You just yelled at me to get out of your life, I respect that so that's what I'm doing. You have someone better so you don't need me. Plus you never even had feelings for me so what's the use of staying in my past." Jessica was staring elsewhere other then Kris unless she would break down.

"Well, can't you respect my decision now? Which is for you to stay. W-We can start new, can't we?" Kris cupped Jessica's face, forcing her to look up at him. Jessica just shakes her head in disappointment.

"Mianhae, but I don't think I can do that Kris. You probably think I would come back just because you said that you want me to stay and start new. But how would I even know if you love me or if its just lust. Why would I start new with someone who doesn't love me? Isn't that just one-sided love?" Jessica sadly spoke before removing Kris's hand.

"Jessica, I..." Kris was cut off right away.

"No Kris, we're probably not even meant to be together. Just go, leave and go find the person you truly love; that person isn't me." Jessica wrapped her small arms around Kris one last time before she pulled away and walked away without any other words to say. Instead of going to her other classes, she decided to ditch.


When she unlocked her door she froze seeing her house totally ruined. Everything was destroyed, everything was broken and shatter into millions of pieces. She walked in shocked at what she was looking at right now.

As she turned she spotted a note lying on top of the counter. Quickly she walked over and grabbed the note reading...

-This is what happens when you mess with one of my people, mainly saying my brother. You little dirty slut, one day we'll be back. Just not now, only the right time when your little boyfriends leave you then we'll be back. Don't be so picky araseyo.~

Jessica just crumpled up the paper as she threw it onto the ground.

"Omo! Jessica what happened?" Jessica turned when she heard a voice speak and saw Seohyun along with EXO standing at the entrance of the house.

"Did you do this?" Luhan asked as he looked at Jessica worriedly. Jessica just shook her head as she sobbed looking at her now destroyed house. Baekhyun seemed to notice the note and grabbed it as he read it. Passing it around the group everyone read it. Before anything could happen Jessica made up her mind already.

"Leave. Y-You guys need to leave. Now. Luhan take Seohyun with you and let her stay at your place." Jessica commanded as Luhan just nodded not knowing what to do. "Seohyun go pack your things, actually I'll pack them later just leave everyone." Jessica says as she shoos everyone out of her house.

"Jessica, I-I can't leave you like this. I can't leave." Seohyun says worriedly with tears brimming in her eyes.

"You need to, in order to be safe. I can't let this happen to you again. I need you to stay alive. I only have you so you need to leave. Leave everyone." Jessica pushed everyone out before she slammed the door in their faces leaning against the door as her tears rushing down her red cheeks.

"W-We can't leave her, w-where's Kris?" Seohyun asked the guys.

"Probably at his house, come on let's go." Quickly all of them ran straight to Kris's house.

"Awe you did such a good job at pushing them away." A sudden voice spoke. Jessica stood up straight as she looked at the intruder in front of her.

"What? Going to kill me now, then do it. No one's stopping you." Jessica spoke as two appeared behind the first man.

"Well no duh." He then pulled out his gun and aimed it towards Jessica. "Don't worry sweetie pie, it'll be quick." He smirked.


Finally they reached Kris's house and they were knocking on the door like crazy as if a killer was behind them. Kris got annoyed and went to go slam open the door to see his friends breathing heavily.

"Kris.... Kris y-you need t-to go help J-Jessica. S-She's..." Quickly Kris cut off Chen.

"She doesn't need me anymore, what's the use of helping her. She doesn't even want to see me." Kris sadly spoke but he still held his straight face.

"B-Because t-that guy is back. Well no, h-his brother is here. He's coming after Jessica. Not long ago Jessica kicked us out." Luhan panted as he grabbed Kris's shoulder. Just then a gun shot was heard. Everyone turned their gazes towards the direction of Jessica's house.

Immediately Kris dashed out his house not even caring if he didn't close the door, what he cared the most right now was Jessica. When he reached he saw three guys hop into a van and drove off. Kris quickly ran inside the house and spotted Jessica laying on the ground with a dark red spot forming on her clothes.

Quickly Kris kneeled beside, propping her in his embrace as he cried out to her.

"Jessica." Seohyun dropped onto the ground seeing her best friend lying in her pool of blood.

"Hurry call 119!!!!" Kris shouted as Kris hugged onto Jessica's lifeless body tightly.

"I'll get my car!" D.O ran out quickly fishing out his keys.

"Seohyun, Luhan stay here and explain everything to the police when they arrive. Some of you guys stay here too." Suho commanded. Earning nods Kris lifted up Jessica's body and ran out as D.O opened the backseat door.

As they slipped inside, quickly D.O ran to the driver's seat and drove off.

"M-Mian... mianhae... K-Kris." Jessica breathe out.

"Jessica! Jessica! Jung Sooyoun!!!" Kris shouted while shaking the petite girl's body vigorously. "Ya hurry D.O!" Kris started panicking as he was scared to death.

Reached the hospital, Kris carried her inside and set her on a bed. Running along holding her hand tightly, Kris slowly slipped his hand from her's when he couldn't enter the emergency room.

Kris then dropped onto the ground hating himself for not protecting Jessica as he promised her mother that he would protect her.

"She'll be alright Kris, it's not your fault." Suho patted his shoulder. Kris just shook his head as he sobbed into his hands.


After a few hours passed, the doctor finally came out earning the giant to run towards the doctor frightening the doctor a bit.

"I-Is she alright?" Kris stuttered worriedly.

"Ne! She's fine now, but what seems lke her heart has stopped for about 5 minutes which made her go into a coma. But we must see if she really is in a coma or not since her heart has stopped for a while." The doctor explained. Kris just stood there shock from the sudden news of Jessica being in a coma.

"Hey, let's go. She's in room 207. Just a room away from your mom's room." Sehun spoke as he held the elder's arm and started dragging him to Jessica's room. There she laid connect to machines.

Slowly, Kris dragged his feet towards the resting girl and reached out his hand to cup her delicate face.

"Ileona, Jessica ileona." Kris cried as he stared at her sleeping figure. Kris then sat down as he held her hand tightly. "Ileona, omma and appa might throw a tantrum if you don't won't wake up. Please... don't leave me. I was wrong Jessica. I admit, I was wrong. I love you, you hear me. I love you... so much Jessica. You have no idea how much I love you even words can't explain how much I love you. So please, please wake up and I'll tell you how much I love you. I have always loved you and forever I'll continue to love you. So please Jessica, wake up." Kris cried.


I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around to find myself at the flower garden once again. Again it was always breathtaking. Standing up, I closed my eyes as I felt the breeze brush against my skin.

I slowly started walking until I spotted a man crying on his knees. His face was covered with his hands. Seeing him I felt a pang in my heart. I started walking towards the man,

"Please don't leave me, I need you Jessica. Ileona."

I stopped when I heard Kris's voice. I started glancing around me but he was no where to be seen. So then my vision went back to the sobbing man. I squinted my eyes staring at the man and right away my eyes widen. It was Kris, crying on his knees right in front of me right now.

I started walking closer, each step I took I started picking up my pace.

"Please, I'm so sorry for not protecting you. I love you, I love you so much Jessica. So please wake up so I can tell you. Please wake up so I can hold you in my embrace once again and tell you how much I love you." He cried. A tear then escaped my eye.

"H-He loves me. H-He said he loves me." A grin then crept upon my face as I started running towards him.

"Kris! Kris!" I shouted trying to get his attention but to no respond. He was so close yet so far, in every dream he just had to be so far to reach even though he was right before my eyes. Quickly I started running faster. "Kris, just wait! I'm almost there!" I shouted as I was now closer.

Finally I approached him, breathing heavily. I walked over and dropped on my knees right in front of him. Cupping his face with bot of my small hands I made him look at me.

"Kris." I whispered as we made eye contact.

"You came back." Kris whispered.

"I wanted to, actually I needed too. Because I love you too." I then threw my arms around his neck as I hugged him tightly.


Her eyes shot opened from shocked, her heavy breathing only being heard. She looked to her side and there slept Kris crouching over the bed holding her hand tightly.

"I came back." Jessica whispered as a small smile plastered on her face. Quietly, she started calling Kris to see if he would wake up. Now shaking her hand that he held a bit she watched as Kris's eyes slowly opened.

He sat up and rubbed one of his eyes since he didn't want to let go of her hand. So she gave his hand a squeeze earning the latter to glance up and widen his eyes.

"J-Jessica. Y-You're awake?" Kris asked as he couldn't believe his eyes. Jessica sweetly smiled and nodded.

"Aye~ Why are you crying? I'm awake ain't I?" Kris quickly shot up as he pulled Jessica into his embrace and pressed his lips against her forehead.

"I thought you were going into a coma." Kris muttered as he didn't removed his lips from her forehead.

"But I didn't." Jessica chuckled to only have Kris pull away a bit. He cupped her face and stared at her lovingly. Being captured in each other's gazes, Kris slowly started leaning in as his lips were now only centimeters away from hers.

Slowly he captured her lips and began to brush his against hers. Both of their lips moved in sync.


Wow! That was... yeah that was a lot of drama. Lmao, I hoped you guys liked this chapter. Like damn, why so much drama. Please don't hate me. So I've been noticing that that I only write super long chapters, if any you readers don't like the long ass chapters please tell me alright. You guys really come before anything, so please comment below if you guys like long chapters or medium size chapters. Please and thank you!!!!~

I just love these pictures, lol



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