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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Sixteen

(A/N: Super duper long chappie guys please bare with me!!!~)

~Author's P.O.V~

Kris slowly opened his eyes and instantly felt a pang in his head. His body felt as if something on was top of him, weighing him down. He yawns tiredly as he rubbed his eyes before he turned to lay on his side.

He blinked at the sight in front of him as he was shocked to see Jessica peacefully sleeping next to him holding his large hand into her small ones. Slowly, without knowing a smile crept upon his face.

He laid there, watching Jessica as she would - from time to time - scrunch up her nose or furrow her eyebrows. He continued to watch until he started to notice her slowly waking up. He grew alert and quickly closed his eyes pretending to still be asleep.

"You're still sleeping?" Jessica spoke in her morning voice. She stood up half asleep, half awake and tried to walk away until her couldn't even move. She blinked at their interwined hands for a while until her stare slowly went up to Kris' face. "Ya, you're not asleep?" Jessica muttered. She once again tried to pull her hand away once more to only receive the same results, stuck.

"Ya!~ Let me go!!!~" Jessica whined cutely while shaking both hers and Kris's arm trying her best to yank her hand back. Kris quickly bit his lower lip trying to hold in his laugh, he seriously could imagine what Jessica looked like right now (adorable of course).

After a few minutes, Kris's arm started to hurt a bit so he finally let go earning to latter to fall right on her butt when she was trying to pull her hand the hardest away from Kris's grip.

Kris opened his eyes to only have him laughing his ass off from the scene.

"Ya! You wanna die don't you!!!!~" Jessica shouted angrily. "You were never asleep!!!" Jessica then shot up from the cold ground and yanked his pillow away to throw it at him to only receive him still laughing. Jessica stood there pouting angrily at the giant who was trying his best to kill his laughter.

"Alright, alright. I'll stop." Kris chuckled as he heaved a sigh from losing his breathe from all that laughing. Jessica still stood there sulking like a little kid shooting daggers to Kris. "What do want?~" Kris laid back down on his bed staring at the sulking latter still chuckling. Jessica then decided to grab the pillow she once took again and started attacking Kris with it.

The pillow fight has officially started. Kris quickly got off his bed as he tried his best dodging the swings Jessica was doing. Kris was about to run with Jessica running after him to only slip on the blanket that was lying on the ground and yank Kris along with her to the bed.

Both stared at each other wide eyes as Kris laid on top of Jessica on the comfy bed. Both gulped as their heart rate was beating like crazy. The tip of their noses were in contact with each other. Staring deeply into one and another's eyes, Kris unknowingly dipped down slowly and brushed his lips with her's.

As Jessica was still in shock she somehow started to close her eyes and start to brush her lips against Kris's.

As a few minutes passed, their little make out session was over to a knock on the door. Kris quickly pulled away as he had more access to. They both in the same position staring at each other before the knock was heard once again.

Kris quickly shot up and cleared his throat because of the action he has just done with the number one person he was suppose to hate the most. He quickly walked out with no other words as he walked towards the door opening it to reveal the morning panda.

"Ge!~ Can you make us breakfast?~" Tao whined cutely even though he was half awake half asleep.

"U-Uh, sure." He cleared his throat. "G-Go put the ingredients out for me." Kris rubbed the back of his neck from the awkwardness he was still feeling. He had this weird feeling he never had before in his stomach and his heart couldn't stop beating so quickly. Tao adorably - and tiredly - smiled before walked away from the room.

Kris turned around to find the girl just as shocked as him walk out of his bedroom staring into the midair as she was still in her own little world. Her fingers rested upon her lips. Slowly she looked up and they made eye contact right away. Both looked away as their face heated up.

"I-I'ma go downstairs." Jessica cleared her throat as she quickly rushed pass Kris and out the door closing the door quickly without a single noise.

"What's happening to me?" Kris mumbled as his hand was resting on his heart as it still continued to beat fast.


"Ah!" Jessica jumped when Baekhyun suddenly jumped in front of her as she was still in her own little world. "Aish jinja!!!~" Jessica pushed Baekhyun away from her as the innocent boy blinked for a while until he burst into laughter.

"I thought you left already?" Suho asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"Huh? A-Ani. I-I... um... well... what are you guys going to eat?" Jessica quickly changed the subject in a blink of an eye to no one to even notice when the word 'eat' came into mind.

"We don't know yet. Kris ge said he will cook something." Tao shrugged as he was chewing on a apple.

"Well why don't we cook something this time, like I mean how he cooked last time and he even let you guys stay here." Jessica reasoned only to earn light groans.

"Here I'll cook then." D.O shot up from his seat with a heart-shaped smile.

"I'll help you." Jessica offered as she followed D.O into the kitchen.

"Jeodohyo!!!~" Baekhyun along with Chanyeol happily shouted as both dashed into the kitchen.

As they were getting started, Jessica turned her head towards the stairs as she felt Kris's presence. Right away they made eye contact; quickly she diverted her eyes away and cleared her throat from the weird feeling she was having.

"Gwaenchana? Should I grab you a drink?" Baekhyun kindly asked.

"Mm." Jessica hummed with her usual smile. Baekhyun went over to the fridge and poured a glass of orange juice as he quickly walked back to Jessica. He then started to tilt the cup over a bit.

"Ahhh~" Baekhyun sang as he also opened his mouth as if he was drinking it himself. Jessica opened her mouth after she chuckled at the boy's childish action. As the cup came in contact with her lips, Baekhyun accidentally tilted it over too much to have it spill onto her.

"Ya! Baekhyun-ah!" Jessica shouted as she was crouching over a bit.

"Gwaenchana?" Kris asked with his expressionless face and monotone voice but his eyes showed nothing but worry. Jessica gulped as she slowly nodded her head. "Here come with me." Kris grabbed Jessica's wrist as he pulled her upstairs and back into his room.

Faintly you could hear the guys cooing and cheering. When they reached the room, Kris let go of Jessica's wrist and went straight to his closet not even saying a word as his actions were doing enough already. He then walked back out with a set of clothes and a newly cleaned towel; a white dress shirt with basketball shorts.

"Here, I washed them long ago and they shrunk. I'm guessing they'll fit." Kris awkwardly says as he gives Jessica the elevator look before clearing his throat. He lets out a smile before he left the room only to have Jessica swoon over him for a while.

After Jessica washed up and changed into Kris's old clothes. She carefully and quietly walked downstairs to find everyone stare at her shocked and then slowly started cooing.

"W-What?" She shyly asked while looking away shyly hugging her clothes against her chest.

"It's just that you're the first ever girl to wear Kris's clothes." Kai wriggles his eyebrows.

"Daebak." Xiumin beathes out earning the girl to blush.

"A-Aniya, Baekhyun spilled orange juice on me earlier." Jessica answers.

"The laundry room is down that way, on your right. Farthest door." Kris bluntly spoke as he came out of the kitchen hearing the commotion. Jessica quickly nods her head as she quickly walked towards the laundry room.

As she was putting her clothes into the washer, a pair of random arms wrapped around her waist earning the girl to jump and turned around quickly to only find a pair of crescent shaped eyes welcoming her.

"Bwoh?" Jessica pushes him away as she reaches over grabbing the detergent.

"What happened between you two? I feel like something happened." Baekhyun stared at Jessica with teasing eyes and smile.

"N-Nothing and who?" She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Don't lie like you don't know anything~. You know something happened between you and Kris.~" Baekhyun spoke in a singing voice.

"Aniya~ Nothing happened." Jessica started chewing on her lower lip from nervousness.

"I really want to know what happened!~ Can't you trust me?~ I thought I was your best friend.~" Baekhyun pouts cutely.

"B-Bwoh? Pout all you want no words will ever pass these lips." Jessica chuckled as she turned to face Baekhyun whom's eyes were rounded right now. "Bwoh?" She blinked confused.

"You just said that something did happen but your not telling me!!!~" Jessica blinked for a few minutes as she tried replaying what she just said.

"Ani." She blinks as she was about to walk out of the laundry room to only be pulled back and the door locking with Baekhyun standing there glaring at her with crossed arms in front of his chest.

"Ya! Tell me right now or you're not going anywhere!" Baekhyun points an accusing finger towards Jessica.

"What the? Why did they slam the door?" Lay blinks towards the hallway where the laundry room was confused.

"I'll go check, Baekhyun is probably trying to get something out of Jessica." Chanyeol chuckled as he started walking towards the laundry room.

"Tch, that nosy person." Chen clicks his tongue as his attention went back to the TV.

"Not until you tell me what happened!!!" Baekhyun was holding Jessica in his tight embrace she tries to struggle free to only get no where.

"There's nothing to tell you!!! Byun Baekhyun let go of me right now!!!!~" The two continued to bicker until they froze when they heard a knock on the door.

"Guys it's me Chanyeol. Open up." Chanyeol's husky voice whispered from the other side of the white door. Jessica quickly took that chance as both were still in the same position. She quickly yanked Baekhyun's arms off of her and unlocked the door to only be blocked by Chanyeol walking in and closes the door.

"What the he-mph" Jessica gets cut off mid-sentence from Chanyeol covering her mouth.

"Ya, are you cheating on Kris with Baekhyun?" Chanyeol suspiciously asks while removing his hand and eyeing the two.

"BWOH!!!?" They both shout in unison.

"No! Plus we're not even dating!" Jessica huffs and glares at the giant. She roughly pushes Chanyeol out of her way and storms out the room. Everyone's attention on her as she was fuming with anger.

"Gwaenchana jiejie? You look like you want to kill someone." Tao carefully walks over to Jessica. Jessica blows a raspberry before she glances at Tao who quietly stares back at her.

"Ani, gwaenchana." Jessica spoke as she went to the kitchen and washes her hands for any chemicals. She quickly dries her hands as she was about to proceed and walk towards D.O only to make someone catch her wrist and start pulling her away.

She gets thrown into the laundry room once and the door slams once more with a click at the end indicating it's lock.

Baekhyun stands there right in front of the door as Chanyeol forces Jessica to sit on a random chair and stands next to Baekhyun. Both guarding the door like bodyguards of a chaebol.

"Now tell us." Baekhyun - once again - points an accusing finger towards Jessica who just rolls her eyes.

"I said there is nothing to say!" Jessica shouts as she stands up again to only sit back down added with ropes around her petite body.

"Tell us or we're not letting you go." Chanyeol glares Jessica as he crosses his arms.

"Bwoh!?" Jessica stared at the two shocked from their action. Right now, the situation looked like she was some criminal and was kidnapped. Now she has to explain herself in order to leave.

"Baekhyun told me that something happened between you and Kris. That's why you guys were both upstairs in his room for a while." Chanyeol cocks an eyebrow.

"Nothing happened araseyo!?" Jessica rolls her eyes annoyed by the two.

"Come on~ We won't tell the others alright?" Baekhyun huffs feeling irritated.

"Ya, if I was ever to tell you guys if something happened you would always go tell everyone. You're always nosy and Chanyeol's a blabber mouth." Jessica pouts with a glare.

"Well then. Chanyeol's the only reason." Baekhyun looks over at Chanyeol. "You always have to tell everyone." Baekhyun reasons.

"Don't worry, I won't. If you tell us, no words would pass these lips of mine and I swear on my grave I won't." Chanyeol carefully speaks as Jessica eyes him.

"I don't usually tell anyone else my problems except for Seohyun." Jessica answers until something hit her like a slap in the face. Seohyun never contacted Jessica for a while now and Luhan's not there.

"Guys, where's Luhan?" Jessica looks upon the two worriedly.

"Uh... We don't know. Luhan never came over. He's probably with Seohyun." Baekhyun shrugs as Chanyeol's trying his best to think what happened the two.

"A-Ani, when I left to go home last time she wasn't there. D-Don't you guys remember. W-We need to find her guys, I-I'm getting worried." Jessica's voice started to become shaky as she was seriously freaking out right now.

"Chanyeol untie me right now, I need to call her." Jessica commanded as Chanyeol didn't need another order as he swiftly loosen the rope. Jessica shot right up and unlocked the door, dashing out of the room as fast as she can.

She quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed her phone which rested on top of the island. Quickly, she dialed Seohyun's number and pressed it against her ear.

Ringing after ringing; after the 5th ringing, the call was finally answered.

"Seohyun-ah! Where are you right now? Gwaenchana? Are you safe? Why haven't you called me yet!" Jessica angrily scolded the latter.

"Oh, it's your best friend Seohyun-shi. She finally cared about you." A deep husky voice laughed from the other line making Jessica freeze.

"N-Nuguya? W-Where's her boyfriend?" Jessica worriedly asked, fear crept up all over her.

"Oh, well he's unconscious right now so you can't talk to him. He don't look so pretty anymore." The stranger chuckled.

"Bwoh!? What did you do!?" Jessica shouted angrily earning everyone in the place glance over at her panic face.

"Hmm? Girls? Ani. Ah! Money. Unless I can have her right? She looks like some delicious new meat." Jessica's eyes shot wide open hearing every single word.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" She shouts with tears streaming down her face.

"However you can replace her, I've seen you around. Your creamy white skin, you're cute, kind, smart, and so protective over this cutie." The stranger spoke in a perverted way.

"D-Don't touch her, I-I'll come!" Jessica shouted in panic.

"Andwae! Do-Don't come! Don't come Sooyoun-ah!!!" Seohyun screams in fear. More and more salty droplets stream down her face.

"I-I'll come, j-just don't touch her." Jessica spoke in a shaky voice. Jessica ended the call after hearing Seohyun's shouts telling Jessica to not proceed. Jessica stood there frozen until she felt someone place their hand on her shoulder.

Slowly she turned around and made eye contact with the man who always made her feel protected, who always made her heart skip a beat, who made her secretly smile, who made her know what love feels like.

"Is something wrong Jessica?" Kris asked in a worried tone.

"Seo...Seohyun..." Jessica burst as she jumped into Kris's embrace wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

"What's wrong? Seohyun what?" D.O worriedly asked.

"Did something happen to Seohyun?" Sehun asks as he walks over to the kitchen along with the rest of the guys. Jessica snuggled more into Kris's chest as her sobs were being muffled.

"What's wrong Jess? You're scaring us right now." Kai worriedly asks. Everyone would glance at each other as they all turn their attention back to the sobbing girl.

"I-I'm going to go somewhere." Jessica then stood away from Kris as everyone blinked at her confused. She quickly walked towards the door and out the house before slamming it shut.

Quickly, she ran back to her house. She quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with a leather jacket. Grabbing sneakers in her closet, she sat on the edge of her bed as she quickly tied her shoelaces. Tying her hair into a high ponytail, she walked into her parent's room and straight towards the safety box.

Pressing in the code she opened the small door to reveal a metal hand gun lying before her eyes. She took a deep breath before she grabbed the gun and checked for full ammo.

The only thing occupying her mind was her best friend Seohyun and her boyfriend Luhan. She had to help, she didn't want to lose Seohyun. She then grabbed the pocket knife that also lied in the safety box before closing the door and locking automatically.

She quickly ran downstairs to find everyone standing there staring up at her worriedly. Only one who stood out the most caught her eyes as she didn't want him to worry.

"What's happening? Where are you going?" Kris sternly spoke.

"You don't have to worry." She angrily spoke as she was about to walk pass the group to only have Kris grab her wrist.

"I said where are you going?" Kris spoke in his angry voice yet calmly.

"T-To go get Luhan a-and S-Seo-Seohyun back." Jessica chocked.

"Mwuh rah goo? W-What happened?" Lay worriedly asked hoping it would be a positive answer.

"I-I called Seohyun a-and this g-guy a-answered. T-They h-have Luhan a-and... a-and S-Seohyun. I-I c-can't lose Seohyun." Jessica looked up to Kris with desperate and sad eyes.

"Then we'll go together." Kai proudly spoke doubting of feeling scared.

"A-Ani, w-we can't do that." Jessica shook her head. "I-If you guys come t-they're going to do s-something to Seohyun. L-Luhan is already i-in bad shape. P-Please don't follow." Tears couldn't stop as her eyes turned red and puffy. Kris slowly stepped forward as his arms slowly wrapped around the crying girl.

"Gwaenchana, we'll think of something. Plus, I promised I won't let anyone hurt you." Jessica's head shot up as she stared up at Kris's loving eyes. Slowly, a smile crept upon her lips as her eyes began to water even more. She nodded her head before wrapping her own arms around his slim body.

"Did they tell you where they are?" Baekhyun nervously asked.

"A-Ani, but I can..." Jessica pulled out her phone to have the hand gun drop to only earn everyone to jump back staring at her shocked, even Kris jumped away.

"Ya! Y-You were going to kill them?" Kris glanced at Jessica who just slowly nods her head.

"T-That's all I could think of, to make sure Seohyun is alright." Jessica snuffled. They all just nod their head as Suho grabbed a towel from the counter and picked up the gun, good thing it was on safety mode. Jessica sniffled once more before she dialed Seohyun's number. After third ring heanswered.

"Just was about to call you, forgot to tell where I was. However remember to not bring anyone or it's bye bye to your little friends." The kidnapper spoke in a kid voice.

"A-Araseyo, I-I won't. J-Just tell me where you are." Jessica glanced at all the worried faces staring at her.

"Alright, we're at the junk yard. The abandon junk yard near the sea." He chuckled.

"W-Why are laughing?" Jessica furrowed her eyebrows.

"Because it's cute how your little friend always backs away when I get near her." He spoke in a perverted voice.

"A-Andwae! D-Don't even think about touching her." Jessica tried her best to sternly answer however she only earns tears streaming down her face.

"Well hurry up then sweetie before I start to get hungry. You friend right now looks so tasty. Her nice creamy white skin is alluring me. She's too adorable." He chuckled as Jessica started panicking.

"Araseyo! I-I will, just don't touch her... and her boyfriend." Jessica sternly spoke with a furious tone.

"Hurry the hell up then. Times ticking." The guys smirked before he ended the call. Her hand dropped to the side as she hanged her head. Again only sniffles and cries was being heard. Kris slowly pulled the petite girl back into his embrace, soothing her back.

"What did he say?" Kris whispered as the girl's cries was being muffled by his chest.

"H-He's at the abandon junk yard near the sea. H-He said if I brought someone then their going to get hurt." Jessica looked up at Kris who stroked her hair trying to calm her down.

"Don't worry." Kris cups her face delicately as he wipes away the remaining tears.

"Well, since we know where that bastard is let's do this." Everyone's eyes was on Kai. "Jessica you'll go in there and act as if no one has been following you. Don't look suspicious. Scream if anything is happening araseyo? We all will help Luhan and Seohyun." Kai gently sooth Jessica back as everyone nodded their heads.

"A-Araseyo." Jessica snuffled.

"We can do this." Kris gently whispered into Jessica's ear earning the latter to look up at him and gently smile.


Jessica naturally walked in quietly, looking side to side.

"Annyeong Chingu." A voice spoke. Jessica bolted her head towards the intruder to find a man staring at her with a smirk. "Follow me if you want to see your little friends." He spoke once more before turning around and walking away.

She hesitantly followed the man as she was lead into a run down building. Both walked inside and the door shut closed right when she stepped inside. Jessica gulped as she looked around her trying her best to not look scared.

"This way cutie." The man winked making Jessica give him a disgusted look. Jessica slowly walked and turned to find both her friends against the wall on the cold dirty ground. Jessica's eyes widen as she quickly dashed towards Seohyun who sat with a chain tied around her ankle. Luhan was chained with both his wrist against the wall.

"Seohyun-ah! Gwaenchana?" Jessica pulled the broken girl into her embrace. Both were covered with bruises, cuts, and blood. Parts of Seohyun's clothes were ripped up.

"W-Why did you come?" She started pouring out her tears. Jessica just ignored her and hugged her carefully in her embrace scared of hugging her too tight would cause too much pain.

"Gwaenchana, I'm here now." Jessica caressed Seohyun's cheek.

"Aigoo, you guys are so cute." The kidnapper chuckled. "Remember me, I'm the person who was beat up by your little boyfriends." He smirked.

"Y-Your one of the guys i-in that gang." Jessica shakily spoke as she helped Seohyun stand up after removing the chain.

"Oh you remember. What happened to your little boyfriends?" The man faked a pout.

"Not here, why?" Jessica carefully pushed Seohyun behind her.

"That's good, now I can do what I always wanted to do." The man disgustingly smirked as he started walking closer towards the two girls. Each step he took each step the two walked backwards. "Don't be scared, I don't bite... too hard." He smirked as he reached out and grabbed Jessica's wrist.

He yanked Jessica right into his embrace as he quickly trapped her. Taking a sniff of Jessica's scent he smirked eyeing her hungrily.

"You smell so good." He evilly chuckled. Jessica glared at him as she struggled her best trying to free herself but his hold was too strong. Every push, every struggle nothing worked. "No, no, no you're going to be mine now." Jessica's eyes bulged out as she felt her whole world crash hearing those words.

She notice how he started to lean closer towards her, his eyes staring straight at her. Quickly, she pulled out her arm and smacked the man, quickly pushing him away.

"Damn I forgot, you're a feisty one." He chuckled before he smacked Jessica harsh. To only then knee the poor girl right in the stomach. She collapsed on the cold dirty ground holding her stomach where she was kneed.

He kneel down and grabbed a handful of Jessica's hair yanking her head up making the latter to yelp in pain.

"If you haven't done that, you wouldn't have pushed my buttons." He dangerously spoke. Soon Jessica's eyes widen as she felt something roaming around her body. Jessica quickly used all her strength and pushed the man off of her, standing up quickly still holding onto her pained stomach.

"Don't touch me!" She cried.

"Unnie!" Seohyun shouted as Seohyun was trying her best to stay standing.

"Ga!" Jessica then shouted earning Seohyun to stare at her wide eyes and shocked.

"Unnie!" Seohyun cried not knowing what too do because she could barely move at the moment.

"Ga! T-Take Luhan with you! Nan gwaenchana!" She shouted as she took steps backwards from the man who stepped forward.

"Awe~ How sweet. Sacrificing yourself for your sister." He chuckled as he continued to walk closer.

"D-Don't take a step closer." She sternly spoke even though she was still in pain. She was about to take a chance and punch the man however she didn't think fast enough for the guy to already punch her in the face earning her to fall right onto the ground once again and hit her head.

Her eyes were slowly closing as she looked before her to find Kris running towards her with a worried expression.

"Andwae." She whispered before she grunted from the sharp pain the man just entered into her body, a kick to her stomach once again. He kneel down and again grabbed a handful of her hair pulling the pained girl up until she was pinned against the wall.

"Ya you think you're so tough huh?" He scoffed as he cupped Jessica's face. "Oh on, shh, don't cry. I'll take good care of you." He smirked as he snapped his finger and out of no where bunch of people came out.

"Watch them, I'll be taking this lovely girl somewhere where we have more privacy." He evilly smirked. Quickly she took the chance and punched him in the face as she fell right onto the ground. She looked over at the couple to find Seohyun crying cradling Luhan.

"Ga!!!!!~" She screamed out at the sobbing girl. She nodded her head before helping Luhan up with all her might. With a quick move, Jessica was standing with her father's gun in her hands pointing towards the men who surrounded them.

"Let them through." She sternly commanded. Jessica kept switching her eyes to the couple and back to the men. She watched as the couple was finally out of site, without knowing someone knocked the gun out of her hand and the next thing that happened, Jessica was slapped once again and against the wall.

"Well, now it's just you." The kidnapper smirked. He walked over to Jessica as he lifted up her face to only earn spit to his face.

"Ya!" He angrily shouted before he punched the girl in the stomach once more worsening her already bruise and slapped her to earn a bigger bruise on her cheek.

He yanked the girl up and against the cold wall. Leaning his face closer her's.

"Wanna play rough, alright let's play rough." He gritted his teeth before harshly kissing the girl. She struggled and struggled but her strength couldn't compare the man.


The man then pushed Jessica onto the floor before he got on top of her and started ripping her shirt revealing her bra. Jessica quickly kicked the man off before scooting away covering herself with her slim arms.

She notice the other men staring at her hungrily as they all started walking closer to her.

"Ani, she's mine." The same man spoke as he stood up and walked towards the girl, giving her a hard punch making her go unconscious. She felt his cold hands wandering around her bruise petite body.

She felt disgusted with herself right now, she hated herself right now, she right now wished she was dead so she wouldn't feel so disgusting. She wanted to move so badly but she couldn't. She laid there dead while the man hungrily kissed and touched her.

However she heard grunts and groans. Soon she felt a pair of arms lift her up.

"Jessica! Jessica! Ya Jung Sooyoun!!!!~ Wake up!" Kris voice called out. Slowly she opened her eyes and there he was, she thought she was dreaming but it was all real.

"W-What.... t-took.... you.... so..... l-long?" Jessica felt like she was slowly leaving.

"Mianhae, they spotted us outside. Gwanechana, I'm here now." Kris quickly took off his jacket and slipped it on Jessica as he zipped it up and carried her bridal style. He glanced around him before running out the building.

All quickly ran towards their cars as they all were getting in. Tao opened the passenger seat for Kris as he carefully and gently placed Jessica inside the car. Kris closed the door and was about to run around the car to the other side before he was shot.

Kris looked down at himself as he saw a huge red spot spreading across his right shoulder. Kris quickly turned and notice the man right away. His eyes then caught a big rock which of course he quickly grabbed.

With all his strength Kris threw the rock right at the man before he could even dodge the rock. Earning a pretty nice head shot.

"Ge! Gwaenchana!?" Tao shouted from the window. Kris just nods as he quickly went to the driver seat and quickly started driving.


Slowly, her eyes flutter opened and looked around her surroundings. She slowly sat up wincing at the pain immediately. She glanced beside her and found Seohyun peacefully sleeping even though she was still kinda pale.

"Seohyun-ah?" Jessica softly called.

"Oh your awake." Jessica turned her head towards the familiar voice to find all the guys excluding Kris.

"Where's-" Jessica was cut off from the doctor entering the room.

"It's a good thing you're awake now, however because of the blows you've earned on your stomach your shouldn't eat anything that can harm yourself. Eat something warm yet comforting for your stomach to relax. Don't overeat anything that would make you have a stomach. Don't put on any heavy pressure or just any pressure on your stomach." The doctor sweetly smiled.

"Araseyo." Jessica replied and smiled the same. Soon at the corner of her eyes she saw Luhan still sleeping. "Um, how about that person, is he alright?" Jessica worriedly asked.

"Ne, he's fine now. Because of the hard blows he should stay here for a couple of nights to recover. Also he shouldn't be moving around a lot when he just woke up." The doctor answered. She nodded her head and quickly she caught on the the guys leaving the room.

"Where are you guys going?" She asked making all of them stop. They all turned and smiled in unison.

"Just going to get something to drink or eat." Chanyeol smiles.

"W-Where's Yi Fan?" Jessica worriedly asked as she kept glancing around her.

"O-Oh, he's at home. He needed to grab something." Xiumin nervously smiles.

"Oh, araseyo." Jessica couldn't catch the nervousness that the boys were feeling. Quickly they all rushed out heaving a sigh. Jessica blinked at the door before looking around once more until she spotted Kris's jacket. She again sat up and reached over swiftly taking the jacket off the jacket hanger.

She then hugged is jacket against her chest with a small smile. However soon she started feeling an uneasy feeling out of no where. She furrowed her eyebrows confused why she was feeling so uneasy. As she was trying to figure out the weird feeling her cell phone started to ring.

Quickly she answered the phone without checking the caller ID.

"Yeboseyo?" She softly spoke.

"Annyeonghaseyo is this Ms. Sooyoun, Mr and Mrs. Jung's daughter?" A strange man's voice spoke.

"N-Ne, this is her. May I ask who is speaking?" Jessica nervously asked.

"Ah ne this is the police station. I'm officer Kim and I'm calling to find a young man by the man of Wu Yi Fan. Is he perhaps with you right now or if you can give us his contact?" The police nicely asked.

"A-Ah, he's not here right now but you may tell me. I'm close to Yi Fan." Jessica worriedly spoke scared if anything happened to Kris.

"Ah~ i see. Well I called to inform Mr. Wu that his father has dearly passed away and his mother right now is in a coma." Jessica eyes shot wide open as she was speechless to what she just heard. "The plane they were on at the time has crashed. Many were injured, few has passed. Mr. and Mrs. Wu were the two of the people on the plane at the time."

"W-What hospital i-is Mrs. Wu in?" Jessica sadly asked.

"She's in Seoul hospital right now." He answered. Jessica nods as she says her goodbye before ending the call. Her hand dropped onto the bed beside her as she stared down at Kris's jacket.

Tear after tear came streaming down her face. When she heard teh door open she looked up and was greeted with the guys once again but no Kris.

"Where's Kris?" Jessica asks right away while harshly wiping away her tears.

"W-Why are you crying Jess?" Baekhyun pulls her into his embrace.

"I need Kris right now." She cried.

"U-Uh...." Everyone looked at each other troubled.

"Tell Me!!!" She shouted angrily as the tears wouldn't come to a stop.

"Here." Kai pulls out a wheelchair. Jessica blinked a bit puzzled before getting onto the wheelchair with Baekhyun's help. They rolled her out of the room and straight towards another room.

'ICU Rooms' plastered on a sign as they continued to walk past random rooms however soon came to a stop. Everyone glanced at each other before they all nodded. D.O carefully opened the door and there revealed the man who she wanted to see the most at the moment of right now laying on a bed with wired connecting to him everywhere.

Her heart broke, tears continued to spill once more. Kai slowly rolled her towards the side of the bed and stopped when they reached.

"He was shot above his heart which caused him to be in shock. His heart stop beating twice which made him in even more dangerous position. Finally when he was stable they placed him in the ICU scared that his heart might randomly stop at some point." Chen explained. All Jessica could do was sit there and stare at him gushing her eyes out.

"He had a 50/50 chance but glad that he's still alive. Kris Wu doesn't leave so fast, not when things aren't done. Now we have to wait to see when will he wake up." Lay calmly spoke despite the depressing atmosphere.

"Why were you crying earlier though?" Baekhyun asked once more.

"B-Because I-I got a called t-that h-his f-father passed a-and his mother i-is in a c-coma." Jessica cried as she gripped Kris's large hand tightly.

"MWUH RAH GOO!!!?" They all shouted in unison.

"W-What happened? H-How-" Suho was speechless. "W-What about your parents?"

"Nan omma called and told me that they're staying at my grandparents while Kris's parents were going to China." Jessica replied staring up at Kris's sleeping face.

"W-We'll tell him s-since it'll be too hard for you." Xiumin patted her shoulder.

"A-Aniya, I-I'll tell him. N-No matter how hard, I-I have to tell him. I-I have to be there for him." She cried gripping Kris's hand tighter.


Slowly I opened my eyes and found myself at the flower garden once again. I glanced around to find that other then being in the same place it was foggy. Nothing could be seen. I then stood up and started walking looking around trying to find the sun or light at least.

"Where am I? Am I lost right now?" I mumbled as I continued walking. But soon I found a figure not that far from me.

"Um, nuguseyo?" I softly spoke as I continued to walk closer. Until I notice that it was a women. "Gwaenchana?" I asked.

Soon the women turned around and to my surprise it was ma and then ba walked out from behind her.

"M-Ma, B-Ba w-where are we right now?" I asked still shocked.

"Honey, do you think it's time to leave with baba?" Ma spoke with her usually sweet smile.

"B-Bwoh? L-Leave? W-Where? W-What is that suppose to mean?" I blinked at them confused by the sudden question ma asked.

"Something happened Yi Fan, I'm not there anymore." Ba reached his hand towards me which I didn't react to.

"Bwoh!? I-I can't leave, I can't." I shook my head.

"Wèishéme? (Why)" Ma looked at me worriedly.

"B-Because I still have someone I love waiting for me. I-I still have to see her, ani I need to sleep he." I started taking step backwards earning my parents to frown.

"Ani, just because you love her doesn't mean she'll love you back." Ma reasoned with a face expression telling me that Jessica would never love me because of the horrible past of ours.

"Gwaenchana, just because it's one-sided love doesn't mean I need to give up the world. I love you guys, I do but I also have someone else that I love dearly and she's back somewhere waiting for me." I smiled thinking about her.

"Sweetheart, are you sure you want to go back?" Ma reaches out her hand. I just smile and give a stern nod.

"I love her too much to leave her ma." I smiled once more towards my parents before leaving. Slowly I started to see everything clearly, the fog was disappearing. I could then see the sky and there it was. The sun.

"I think I picked the right path." I smiled while looking at blue sky with white puffy cloud.


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