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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Fifteen

~Author's P.O.V~

I slowly fluttered my eyes open due to the showering light from above. When I sat up and glanced around my area I found myself laying on a red and white plaid picnic blanket.

I stretched my arms as a yawn escaped my lips. When I kept looking around I notice a tall figure far from where I was. That figure, it was a guy for sure.

He was standing in the mist of thousands - or millions - of tall tiny yellow flowers. I stood up dusting myself to find that I was wearing a summer dress that cut up to my knees. I shrugged it off before I started my little walk towards the standing figure.

I barely could see his face because the sun was shining too brightly. I tried my best to cover the light with my small hands but failed miserably. I squinted my eyes trying my best to keep my eyes set on the tall figure.

I continued to walk closer to only find him reaching out his hand for me. I stopped in my tracks as my eyes lingered on his hand reaching out for me. Soon a smile spread across my face before I started picking up my pace.

He looked so close but he was so far. Every step I took, he got farther and farther.

When I finally came closer, he started to turn his back. And that's when I started to panic a bit. I stopped in my tracks as I watched him turn his back against me.

I watched as he glanced over his shoulder before he started walking away. That's when I started to dash towards him however he just got farther. As I continued to run I accidentally tripped.

I didn't have time to whine about the pain so I quickly shot up and just when I was standing on my two feet he was gone. No where to be seen.

Being able to not see him anymore, hurt. The pain in my heart, it hurt so badly. I had no idea how such a stranger can have this much impact on me. So I stood there, rooted to my spot as a warm tear escaped my eyes.


She slowly opened her eyes at the thought of the stranger in her dream. She heaved a sigh before turning to lay on her side. Her eyes continued to stay closed before she smelt something. Something too familiar.

She leaned her nose towards the scented sheets before it hit her like a slap in the face. Kris. It smelled like Kris. She sniffed it once more before she lifted up her head and looked around her surroundings.

She was laying on Kris's bed.

"H-How did I get up here?" She muttered in her morning voice. Slowly she went out of the cozy warm sheets as she started her way out of his bed room.

When she opened the door, she found a pair of feet sticking out from the white couch. She blinked a few times before she made her way towards the couch to find the giant male model napping on the couch.

"He let me sleep on his bed." A smile crept onto her face. She quickly fixed the blanket on Kris's body before her eyes started scanning his handsome features. The smile she had on before never even left.

Slowly without even noticing, her fingers lighting started lingering on his face. Just the light touch and his eyes fluttered open scaring the girl.

"What are you doing?" Kris sat up stretching his body from the pain of letting the girl sleep on his bed.

"Nothing." She answered as she sat on the couch acting innocent. The awkward silence the silence then filled the air. None spoke nor even wanted to speak. There was nothing to say.

So Jessica decided to break the silence. She turned her head facing Kris and he followed. Their eyes shot widen open. The silence continued to linger in the air as the two froze on the spot.

Their lips, were in contact. Turns out when they both turned to speak, their actions did the talking other then words.

They both stayed in that position until a knock was heard. Kris quickly shot up coughing a bit as Jessica shyly turned away with heated cheeks.

Kris pretend to act cool like nothing happened as he walked over to his door and opened it to reveal Chanyeol.

"W-What do you want?" Kris cleared his throat a bit still shocked by the sudden contact.

"Can I use your bathroom? I really need to go!!!~" Chanyeol pouted cutely.

"Ani, go use downstair's bathroom." Kris pushed Chanyeol away and watched him dash downstairs. Kris couldn't help but chuckle at his dongsaeng.

When Kris closed the door, he turned around to find the shocked girl still sitting there with her fingers touching her lips.

"U-Uh..." Kris rubbed the back of his neck out of the awkwardness. "S-Shouldn't you like go home now?" Kris slowly approached the the girl however she didn't even respond. "J-Jessica?" Kris lightly tapped the girl's shoulder only to have the girl freak out.

Kris notice how she was still in the state of shock. She quickly sat up straight while clearing her throat from what just happened.

"D-Did you say something?" Jessica embarrassingly asked.

"I said 'Shouldn't you go home now?', you slept over twice and never went back. You didn't even take a shower." Kris crossed his arms as he cocked an eyebrow at the shy girl in front of him. He watched as she awkwardly cleared her throat and stood up.

"A-Araseyo." She shyly stuttered. She quickly dashed out of the door right before Kris burst out laughing when the door was sealed closed. Quickly Kris went to take a quick shower. He quickly changed into a white t-shirt and grey jogger pants before heading downstairs.

One step on the very first step of the stairs he heard laughter. He furrowed his eyebrows before he continued going downstairs to find Jessica still here and was chatting with Chanyeol and Chen.

"Bwoh? I thought you left?" Kris walked into the kitchen to pour a cup of water for himself.

"Ani, Chanyeol and Chen wanted me to stay." Jessica grinned. Once he saw that smile, his heart beat accelerated. He cleared his throat and just nods his head.

"Hyung~ Can you cook us breakfast?~" Chen asked as he searched through varieties of channels.

"Why don't you make yourself breakfast?" Kris answered in a cold tone earning a glare from the latter.

"Ya! You can cook! So make breakfast for us! I just want to eat your food again." Chen walked over and did his aegyo. "Pwease!~"

"Shireoyo." Kris pushes Chen away only to have the latter to run and jump onto Kris. "Ya! Get off me!" Kris struggles to take off the shorter man however fails.

"No!!!~ Not until you agree!!!" Chen shouts as he tightens his arms around Kris.

"Araseyo, araseyo!" Kris stops as he hears the latter evilly laughing while letting go. Kris watches as Chen quickly runs away and out of the kitchen. Kris chuckled before he walked over and opened the fridge to find nothing.

"I have nothing to cook." Kris blankly told them only to have them making puppy eyes towards Kris. He rolls his eyes with a sigh. "Fine, fine I'll go to the market." Kris starts walking upstairs.

"I'll go too." Jessica hollers out as a small smile formed on Kris's lips. Kris quickly grabbed his phone and wallet before he ran back downstairs to put on his shoes.

When he was done he looked down at the petite girl to find she was having difficulties putting on her shoes. So he ended up kneeling down on one of his knees while his hands extended and started helping her.

Gasp was heard before they turned to faint ooh's. Kris stood up with a roll of eyes before he opened the door and walked out with a shy girl following along.


As Kris and Jessica were walking around the open market looking for the right groceries thousands of girls were whispering and giggling while looking at the two.

To Jessica, she felt uneasy. She hated attracting people towards her. Mostly when there was a handsome - as fuck - male model walking right next to you.

Jessica glanced down at the ground as she started playing with her fingers. She didn't want to look up until she heard a car honking. When she finally looked up, she became a statue.

There was a car that was honking like crazy as it was coming closer and closer towards the girl. Her heart beat was beating like crazy as she didn't know what to do. Her mind just went blank.

Until someone yanked her back onto the sidewalk and made her petite body collide with theirs.

"Are you fucking stupid!? You could have died!" Kris angrily shouted. She couldn't speak, she felt as if she jut lost her voice. It was a very close call, if it wasn't because of Kris she wouldn't see her family and friends anymore. She wouldn't get to argue with Kris no more. She wouldn't get to see Kris anymore.

Without even realizing, hot tears started streaming down her face. Which caused Kris to stop his nagging. He heaved a sigh before he yanked her into his warm embrace wrapping his protective arms around her petite body.

"Gwaenchana, nothing happened. Don't be scared, I'll... I'll protect you." Kris whispered to the crying girl in his embrace. She quickly wrapped her own arms around his waist as she felt more safe in his embrace.

After a while of being in each other's embrace, Kris broke the hug and interlaced his hand with hers making sure that it was secure.

"Come on, we still have to go grocery shopping." Kris softly spoke before he started tugging the girl towards the rows of stores. The girl just nodded as she still didn't want to speak. She wanted to stay in his embrace longer.

She wanted to have his protective arms around her petite body once more. To feel his warmth, to hear his steady heart beat, to just be in his arms.

They continued to roam around the stores as a store caught Kris's eyes. They walked over and Kris let go of Jessica's hand to only have her frown at the sudden lost of contact.

After he bought something from the store, he was going to walk off until he turned back and interlaced their hands once more. He was scared, really scared to lose the girl. He may not know now, but he knows that deep down he cares for the girl. He has the urge to just keep her alive, breathing, smiling and talking. He couldn't loose her.

When he held her hand once more, her smile grew once more. Throughout the whole grocery shopping, that smile never disappeared. Kris would smile from time to time however he always hid it.


When they finally reached the house, Kris let go of Jessica's hand once more to have her - again - frowning. He quickly unlocked his door and opened it for her to go in first. As a gentlemen, he waited for the girl to go in first before he followed.

She smiled at him to indicate a thanks before she walked in to hear so much commotion inside. She walked further in to find all of EXO in the living room messing around and playing games.

"Oh Jessica what are you doing here?" Baekhyun asked earning everyone to stop what their doing at look at the petite girl.

"I went grocery shopping with Kris." She casually spoke as she quickly went inside the kitchen to hear the guys cooing.

"Awe!!!~ You guys look like a couple!!!~" Suho sang loudly to only have Kris shut him up.

"Ya! Just focus on your game!" Kris shouted with a roll of eyes. Jessica secretly smiled as she also thought of being a couple with Kris. However she quickly shrugged it off before she grabbed a bag of the vegetables and started taking them out to wash.

"Here, let me do this. You should go rest, you must still in shocked from what happened earlier." Kris says as he takes over. He puts his hands into the water to only have it touch Jessica's. She quietly giggles while she blushes.

"Ani, gwanechana and plus I should help since you helped me, right?" Jessica looks up at Kris to see him smile and nod.

"I guess so." Kris dries his hands before he starts taking out the other ingredients for what he will be cooking. To results of that, Jessica couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. Baekhyun then - out of nowhere - appeared right beside Jessica.

"I saw what you guys did there.~ I saw something spark between you two.~" Baekhyun teasingly sang.

"Bwoh!? You stalker and no there was no connection." Jessica replies with heated cheeks.

"Ooh~ You're blushing right now.~" Baekhyun ushered on.

"Ya!" Jessica hip bumped Baekhyun.

"So do you like him?" Jessica and Baekhyun both turned towards the intruder to find Chanyeol staring at her with teasing eyes.

"Ani." Jessica bluntly replied as she continued washing the vegetables.

"Ya we all know that you're starting to like Kris.~" Chanyeol teasingly sang as he pushed Jessica playfully. Jessica just blushes as she shyly smiles as she starts thinking if she is falling for him. However her mind was all confused when she remembered how they were suppose to be enemies yet here she is crushing over him.

"Come on, just admit you like him." Baekhyun rests his chin on Jessica's shoulder.

"B-But I don't know if I do or not." Jessica glanced at Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

"Well, think of it like this. Whenever you see Kris, does your heart skip a beat or quicken. Or when he walks closer to you, you freeze on the spot. Or did you feel a spark when you guys kissed. Do you smile when you see him, hear him, or think about him." Chanyeol continued to explain everything about love to Jessica.

She thought as everything he was saying was true. Her heart beat accelerated whenever Kris was close-by. She did feel a spark when their lips came in contact.

"Do you smile like an idiot or without even realizing it when Kris does something for you or when you see Kris. Do you ever just want to be in his embrace or just hold his hand." Chanyeol then looked at Jessica waiting for her answer. To Jessica, it felt like Chanyeol just explained everything. Like he was right.


Jessica shrugged it off as she finished the vegetables and was trying to forget everything Chanyeol just said. When she turned around with the bowl in her arms she accidentally crashed into Kris.

Jessica looked up at him and right there when they both made eye contact she felt sparks. She felt butterflies in her stomach and her heart beat was starting to beat faster.

She just had this urge to kiss him once more, to be in his embrace, to have him interlace his large hands with her small hands. However she quickly ended it when she notice that they were both staring at each other too long.

She stood up and reached out the bowl of vegetables to Kris. Kris just smiles and takes the bowl. When he was grabbing the bowl, his fingers brushed against her's. Her heart beat skipped a beat. She quickly pulled her hand back.

"U-Um, I-I'm going to go home and change. I-I'll come back." Jessica shyly stuttered.

"Yeah, you should take a shower too. You haven't took a shower for 2 days." Kris patted her head with a smile. Just that small contact she blushed, hard. She bit her lower lip trying to hide her smile.

"Did you feel a spark when he touched your hand?" Baekhyun playfully pushes Jessica. She just nods and walks away with a shy smile.

"Y-Ya, did she just nod her head?" Both Chanyeol and Baekhyun looked at each other at the same time before a huge smile crept upon both their faces. They quickly ran out of the kitchen towards the door where the girl was putting on her shoes happily.

"W-Where you going?" Chanyeol asked confsued.

"I need to go home." She smiled when the thought of Kris helping her came to mind.

"W-Why are you going home?" Baekhyun pouts.

"Because I need to shower and change." Jessica then opened the door.

"Then we'll go with you then." Chanyeol quickly puts on his shoes along with Baekhyun.


Once they got back from Jessica's place, Jessica took off her shoes in a hurry as she dashed upstairs towards Kris's room.

She creaked open the door and popped her head out from behind the door glancing from left to right to see nobody. She just shrugs and walks in. She starts to search around his room for her particular technology yet it was no where to be found.

As she continued to search, she went over to his room where the bed actually is. She creaked open the door and a smile crept upon her lips as she saw Kris's sleeping figure.

She opened the door wider only to have it creak loudly. Jessica bit her lower lip as she heaved a small quiet sigh only to freeze to a sudden voice.

"What are you doing?" Slowly Jessica looked up and there sat Kris looking at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"N-Nothing, just looking for my phone." Jessica stood up straight and awkwardly laughed while rubbing the back of her neck.

"Oh someone took it." Kris bluntly says before he lays back down and makes his back face Jessica.

"Bwoh!? W-Who could have came into your room!?" Jessica stomped over to Kris.

"I don't know. All I know it that it was here and now it's gone." Kris yawns.

"Ya! Tell me!" Jessica forcefully made Kris turn over towards her. However her face fell when she saw how her had dark circles under his eyes.

"G-Gwaenchana?" Jessica asked in a concern voice.

"Gwaenchana, just need a little sleep." Kris moves around on his bed to get comfier.

"A-Araseyo." Jessica quietly says as she backed out of Kris's room. Jessica searched once more for her phone in his room however soon gave up and marched downstairs.

"Which one of you jacked my phone!?" Jessica shouted at the guys making them all stop and look at her. They all just looked at her and shook their heads innocently.

"Ya!" She shouted once more.

"Fine, here you go." Lay reaches out her phone with a grin and winks.

"Bwoh?" She carefully took her phone eyeing the 11 boys in front of her. She pressed the on button as she stared at her phone to find the lock screen has changed.

"So you guys changed my lock screen again." Jessica narrowed her eyes at the boys who just smiled (innocently) and nodded. She blinked at them a few times before she unlocked her phone and her eyes widen.

"D-Did you guys make a collage of Kris on my phone?" Jessica looked at them to only earn silence. All they did was turn their attention away with quiet chuckles.

"Ya! Answer me!" She yelled at them only to earn innocent smiles.

"Noona why don't you go eat, aren't you hungry?" Sehun shyly smiles as he looks away.

"I'm going to put a password on my phone for now on." She glared at the boys.

After she quickly ate she went back to the living room to find them huddle together and whispering upon each other.

"You guys Jessica told us she likes Kris." Baekhyun chuckles.

"Bwoh!?" She shouted making all of them jump and hold onto their chest.

"Ya aren't you suppose to be eating!?" Kai glares at her.

"I already finished." Jessica answers with a cocked eyebrow. They all just nod their heads as Kai scoots over for Jessica to sit down. Once she sat, questions were thrown at her.

"Is it true that you finally like Kris gege?" Tao asks while narrowing his eyes at the girl.

"When did you start liking him?" D.O asks wiggling his eyebrows.

"Did it start when you fell on him and you guys kissed!?" Suho looks at Jessica with curious eyes.

"What do you like about him?" Xiumin teases.

"Was it because he took your first kiss?" Sehun pouts cutely.

"How did everything start!?" Lay asked confused.

"I knew you liked him.~" Kai smirks.

"Noona, how come you only started liking him now?" Chen blinks at the quiet girl.

"Ya!" She finally burst making everyone go silent. "Too many questions!!!" She was about to stand from her seat until she spotted Kris standing on the stairs rubbing his eyes.

She slowly sat back down chewing on her lower lip.

*H-He didn't hear anything right?*

"God damn you guys are too loud." Kris scolded.

"Did you hear everything we said?" Baekhyun secretly grinned.

"Ani, all I heard was yelling. I think." Kris furrowed his eyebrows. Out of sudden Jessica shot up from her seat.

"Here, I'll help you go back to sleep." Jessica quickly rushed over to Kris pushing him back towards his room. As cooing and howling was being heard from the living room. "Shut up!" She yelled towards the stairs as they were already in front of the room.

She quickly slammed the door as she leaned against the door as she closed her eyes heaving a sigh. She then looked up to find Kris tiredly looking at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" Kris yawns.

"Helping you go back to sleep." Jessica smiles as she quickly pushes Kris towards his bed and makes him lay down. She then sat on the edge of the bed and gently places her hand on top of his eyes.

"Because it's still bright I'm going to cover your eyes. Just so it'll look like it's night time." Jessica softly explained. Kris just releases a small smile making Jessica's heart skip a beat.

"That's it?" Kris then says with a small chuckle at the end.

"Huh? Uh, should I sing a song then?" Jessica continued to stare at Kris waiting for his answer. He just nods his head lightly with a shrug earning a giggle from the latter.

"Araseyo, w-what should I sing?" Jessica nervously asked.

"Anything you like." Kris naturally answers her.

"A-Araseyo." She shyly smiled. She cleared her throat before she opened her mouth and let out the lyrics of a familiar song that she loves escape her lips.

***I can't seem to hide it, the way I feel for you.
This feeling deep inside is quite hard to explain.
You can make me smile forever, you light up my world, just a thought of you makes me smile~
Give me a perfect day~ or I'll stay by your side~
I'm confessing all my heart and soul to you~
There are better days to come for us I'm sure~
All the better things in life I'll bring to you~
Your the only one I
need, my heart is telling me~
Can't you see that I'm here just for you~ ohhhh~

You're the only one I talk to, I know you'll be there~
To hold me through it all in your arms~
Give me a perfect day~ or I'll stay by your side~
I'm confessing all my heart and soul to you~
There are better days to come for us I'm sure~
All the better things in life I'll bring to you~
Your the only one I need, my heart is telling me~

Can't you see that, I'm here just for you~
I wanna make you mine~ All mine~***

Jessica slowly stopped as she notice Kris has already drifted to dreamland. She then slowly peeled her hand off of Kris's eyes. Jessica stared at Kris scanning his handsome features.

She took a deep breathe before she slowly stood up from the bed not shaking it for Kris to wake up and stood right next to the bed. She took a deep breathe before she closed her eyes.

Ever so slowly she started leaning over and soon her lips touched a soft warm, smooth surface. She felt right there at the moment was fireworks exploding, her butterflies in her stomach finally releasing.

She stood up with a fast beating heart. Her face as red as a tomato. Her breathing was uneven as her fingers slowly went up and touched her lips. A shy smile soon crept upon her face.

Jessica was about to leave happily until something grabbed onto her wrist. She froze. Slowly, she turned around and looked at the large hand that has snatched her wrist.

Her heart beating even faster then before as her eyes went to the face of the intruder.

"Kajima." He whispered tiredly. Jessica blinked at him a few times more before she unknowingly just sit back down on the bed and slipped her small hand into his large one.

She smiled as she watched him peacefully sleeping now. The way his long lashes cascade down on his cheeks. The way his small plump lips are parted. The way sometimes wrinkles would form between his eyebrows and then flat out.

She, Jessica or Jung Sooyoun, is in love... with her one and only enemy... Kris or Wu YiFan.


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