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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Fourteen

~Author's P.O.V~

She slowly opened her eyes by the smell of food (of course, food). She sat up and glanced at her side to find food on the coffee table. And of course it just had to look so mouth watering.

She chewed on her lower lip as she quickly reached over taking a quick bite of the delicious food. Once the food was in her mouth, her eyes turned to crest moons with a grinned plastered upon her lips.

"Taste good?" A sudden voice spoke up only to earn the girl's eyes to widen. Ever so slowly, she turned around to find a smoking hot male model (if he was he be paid amazing amounts of money) with drench hair and only in a towel robe. All she did was stare at him as her eyes caught the small droplet of water streaming down his neck and lower. She gulped.

"I said if it was good." His deep voice interrupted her - byuntae - thoughts as she quickly snapped back into reality and turned around. Her face heated up as she suddenly felt hot.

"M-Mm, i-it's really good." She bitterly laugh to only earn a cocked eyebrow from the latter.

"So i'm guessing it's not good since you faked laugh." She glanced over her shoulders to the drenched male model walking into his closet. Once the door closes, she lets out a deep breathe as if she was holding in her breathe the whole time.

She quickly grabbed one of the couch pillows and shoved it right into her face.

*Gosh Jessica you have such a dirty mind!!!!~ You byuntae!!!~ What were you thinking!!!!~*

She froze upon feeling a hand resting on her shoulder. She gulped as she slowly lifted up her head and glanced behind her to only have her eyes almost shot out of her sockets.

The male model of course just had to have his face right there when she turned her head. The tip of their noses her lightly touching. She felt her heart beat beating faster then usual.

She made the wrong move, glancing up into his dark chocolate orbs. His eyes were so dreamy and so beautiful to look at that just staring into his eyes you can get lost in just seconds. The petite girl just couldn't turn away when she was captivated into the man's gorgeous eyes. Until the phone rang breaking the intense staring contest.

She quickly turned her head as she was trying to calm her heart down and to even her breathing. She grabbed her phone as she quickly answered it and placed it against her ear.

"Sooyoun-ah!!!! Where are you right now!!!!? I'm so dead worried about you!!" She pulled the phone away from her ear a bit as she could have went deaf because of her best friend's screaming.

"Ya! You're going to make me deaf!" She shouted back.

"Mianhae, but where are you right now huh?" Seohyun asked in a worried mixed with anger voice.

"Don't worry, I-I'm at Kris's house right now." She softly replied.

"Araseyo, I thought you disappeared and would never come back. Mianhae for that stupid prank." Seohyun apologized.

"Ya, if you're going to start crying then I'm not talking to you anymore." Jessica demanded.

"Araseyo! I won't cry but please come home. I made your favorite breakfast!" Seohyun beamed. Jessica smiled as she was going to answer until her vision went to the breakfast that was still steaming and warm. Another thing, they were her favorites also.

She glanced over at the said boy who was mentally plastered in her mind as she saw him playing with his phone. But something pained her as she notice the small smiles that plastered on his face as he stared at his technology.

"Bwoh?" Jessica unknowingly spoke.

"Is something wrong?" Seohyun worriedly asked.

"A-Ani, just thinking because Kris made me breakfast too. S-So I don't know what to do." She audibly spoke.

"Mwuh rah goo!? Kris cooked food!? It's probably not edible." Seohyun spoke in a shocked voice.

"Actually he can cook. I already ate his food before." Jessica smiled as she glanced at Kris once again to only find him still smiling at his phone. She stayed in that position until she quickly looked away when the man looked over at her with a confused expression. She cleared her throat a bit.

"So you want water?" Kris asked as he leaned closer to the girl to only have her heart beat accelerate once more.

"U-Uh n-ne." She shyly replied with heated cheeks. She watched as he grabbed a cup of water off the table when she could have just done that. She watched as he placed the cup in front of her.
Slowly she reached over to grab the cup to only have grab his long slender fingers along. They both looked at each other right at the same time and right at that very moment it felt as if they were the only two in the whole world.

"Ya Seohyun is calling for you." Kris says as he pulls away. Jessica just slightly nods with a shy smile lingering on her lips.

"N-Ne dongsaeng." She shyly spoke.

"Ya! You took forever to answer me back!!!" Seohyun shouted making me come back into reality.

"Oh, m-mianhae Seohyun-ah but I think I'm going to eat at Kris's house." She smiled without even realizing it.

"Araseyo." Seohyun then ended the call before even letting Jessica answer. She slowly put her phone on the coffee table with a small pout. She then looked up to find Kris searching through random channels.

Jessica didn't even know how long she's been staring at Kris until he saw him starting to lean closer towards her. She gulped as leaned backwards when he was a little too close - even though she didn't mind the distance - once again her heart beat faster.

*OMG! K-Kris is coming closer!!!! I-Is he going to kiss me o-or d-do something to me!!!?*

However then he suddenly came to a stop.

"Are you going to eat or wait for the food to just suddenly disappear?" Kris asked annoyed. Jessica cocked a eyebrow before she pushed him away and started eating angrily staring straight at the TV. Once she was done eating Kris took all the plates downstairs as Jessica searched for something interesting to watch until a variety show caught her eye.

She always loved watching the variety show because both MC Doni and MC Coni were just too funny. Weekly idol was always her favorite.

Her laughter were always heard throughout the house as the two just made her day. Her laughter still rang until her stomach started to hurt which of course she clutched onto her stomach but couldn't stop laughing when the MCs and idols were playing the plastic wrap game.

(A/N: BtoB's Peniel)

"Ah~ man they always make my day." She giggled while wiping away her tears.

"You love that show that much?" Kris walked over as he plopped himself on the couch. Jessica just gave him a goofy grin and nodded her head happily.

"Mhm, have you watched their shows before?" She asked as she accidentally grabbed his arm.

"Ani, I never heard of them." Kris coolly says while swtiching the channel.

"Jeongmallo!?" She sat up straight, staring at Kris like he was mental.

"Bwoh? It's not my style." Kris replies with a roll of eyes.

"Bwoh? Sunbae-nims always makes my day." Jessica grinned as she leaned on the couch to see what they were watching now. To only find nothing interesting so Jessica took over the remote and switched on her favorite drama that was airing, Heirs.

She always kept up with the drama, well because she was a drama person.

As time passed they went into the living room downstairs to continue watching the drama because Kris's TV was too hot.

While watching TV - the drama ended and Jessica was knocked out with her head resting on Kris's lap - the doorbell rang. Kris leaned back farther to stare at the door as the bell rung once more.

"Nuguseyo!?" He shouted while covering Jessica's ears.

"It's us!!!" A familiar voice shouted.

"Go through the back, I'm too lazy to answer the door!" Kris shouted as his attention went back to the TV screen.

"Hey I brought movies to w-" Xiumin stopped mid-sentence as he was letting in whatever he was seeing right now. Kris just blinked at him confused why he suddenly stop speaking and glanced over at the others behind him to find them with shocked expressions also.

"Bwoh?" Kris annoyingly asked.

"J-Jessica is sleeping on you right now. D-Did something happen between you two without us knowing?" Tao ask as he walks closer.

"Ani." Kris looked at the guys with a cocked eyebrow. "I just let her." He shrugged.

"Awe~ You guys are getting along.~" Luhan teasingly sang.

"Araseo, araseyo. Just go put in the damn movie." Kris scolded while carefully stretching.

"But what about Jessica? Like where are we going to sit?" Chen asked as he jumped onto the single chair.

"I don't know." He shrugged not even caring.

"Ya, why don't you just bring her upstairs and let her sleep in your room." Lay whisper yelled at Kris.

"Alright." Kris carefully slipped from under Jessica's head. He stretched a bit before he lifted up the petite girl into his embrace carrying her bridal style.

As Kris reached his room he gently placed the petite girl onto his large cozy bed. He carefully pulled the warm blanket up to her shoulders making sure that it wasn't all the way against her neck.

As he was going to pull back, he notice the girl was muttering things. Kris furrowed his eyebrows before he started to lean closer to the girl. He turned his head as his right ear as near her small plump lips.

"I can't fall for you." She muttered.

"Fall for who?" Kris quietly questioned before he stood up straight and shrugged his shoulders.


"Ya! What did you guys do!?" Chanyeol shouted as he pointed an accusing finger at Kris.

"Bwoh? I didn't do anything!" Kris cocked an eyebrow as he plopped himself on the couch next to Kai to earn him wrap his arm around Kris's broad shoulders.

"It's because you took so long upstairs. Did you do something to Jessica?" Kai asked with a hint of teasing and curiosity.

"Ya!" Kris threw Kai's arm off his shoulders.


After watching - up to - three movies everyone started to leave however Chanyeol, Kai, Baekhyun, and Chen were going to sleep over at Kris's place.

"We can sleep here right hyung?" Chen leans his head against Kris's shoulder.

"I guess so." Kris replies as he pushes Chen's head off his shoulder with his index finger.

"But where are we going to sleep?" Chanyeol then spoke up as he already was laying on the ground.

"I'll go clean the guest room." Kris bluntly replied as he stood up and stretched. He quickly fixed the guest room before yelling at the guys to not be so loud and the guest room was ready.

He then went to his room and changed into a grey v-neck and a grey and black plaid pajama pants. He was about to walk into his room when he remembered Jessica was peacefully sleeping on his bed right now.

He heaved a sigh before he turned around and walked over to his closet to grab a pillow and blanket. He then walked over to his couch and placed the pillow at the end before laying down. His feet were sticking out a bit from the couch but he could cared less. Slowly his mind drifted off to dreamland.

I slowly opened my eyes due to the bright light that was showering down on me. After my vision got clearer I glanced around to find that I was in a strange place I never been in.

The place was filled with tall yellow flowers. The place felt so magical, so relaxing and so beautiful.

I started to walk around, my finger tips were brushing against the small flowers. I closed my eyes as I felt the soft breeze brush against my skin.

When I opened my eyes a petite girl came into my view. I couldn't see her, because I only saw her back profile.

Slowly I approached the girl. Each step I took I came closer. Soon I could finally figure out that she was wearing a knee-length summer dress. Her hair flowed along with the breeze that would pass by.

As I came closer, I saw her turn around and glance over at me. I think she was staring at me. I was about to get closer until suddenly the sun shined brighter blinding my view.

I squinted my eyes trying my best to see the girl however I just couldn't. When the sun was covered by a passing cloud, I quickly took that opportunity to see the girl however she was long gone.

I kept turning circles trying to find the girl but she was no where to be found. I furrowed my eyebrows as I thought, I had this sudden urge that she was the girl that I needed in my life.

My other half, my soulmate... but she ran with the wind.


Hoped you guys liked this chapter!!!!~

I miss you Kris oppa, please always be happy with what your doing. Can't wait for your movies to come out!!!~



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