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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Thirdteen

~Author's P.O.V~

Her heart started beating faster and faster by the minute. The stranger lead her somewhere in her own house, yet for some reason she had no idea where. She stood there not making a single noise, not even whimpering.

After a while, the stranger slowly removed his hand away from her mouth.

"You better stay put or else I'll fucking shooting your brains out." He whispered yelled at her. She was already crying the Han river. She took slow deep breathe to help calm herself a bit.

Until then she heard the door being closed and the lights were switched on right away. And out of nowhere shouts came out. She dropped onto the ground as she covered her ears.

Ever so slowly she opened her eyes to be welcomed with laughing people around her. She brutally stood up and harshly wiped her tears away.

"Ya, you were really scared!" Lay spoke between his laughs. Jessica just turned around and dashed out of the house making everyone silent. She couldn't care less where her feet were taking her but all she wanted to do is leave.

"D-Did we scare her too bad?" Chen bit his lower lip.

"This is why I told you guys she'll hate you guys forever." Kris states as he plops himself on the stairs.

"I-I didn't think we would go over board." Xiumin softly says.

"Seohyun shouldn't you be the one to tell them not to scare Jessica like this, I mean you are her best friend." Kris looked over at Seohyun who stood there frozen on the spot.

"I-I didn't think w-we would scare her that badly that she'd run away." Seohyun quietly replied. Soon Kris' phone rang, he quickly took out his phone and answered it.

"Annyeong Yi Fan-shi." Mrs. Jung happily spoke from the other line.

"Oh, annyeong Mrs. Jung." Kris awkwardly answered back.

"I just called to see how my daughter was doing." She spoke.

"Umm, s-she's doing good Mrs. Jung. No need to worry." Kris then started putting on his shoes.

"Yi Fan, I just want to know that my baby is safe alright. Her past wasn't so good so I hate it when she's always alone at home. She was kidnapped once and I can't have her get kidnapped twice so please protect her well Yi Fan. Also please don't pull pranks like that on her. She's already having a hard time with school work and finding a job, everything. I even know that she gets bullied at school so please protect her well. I seriously have no one else but you." Mrs. Jung sadly stated.

"Mm, I-I'll protect her Mrs. Jung." Kris slightly smiled even though he knew she couldn't see. When the phone call ended, Kris suddenly had this urge to protect her. He felt guilt hitting him, regretting everything he did to Jessica. He took a deep breathe before he slammed open the door and started running out like crazy looking for Jessica.

He ran to the cafe but she wasn't there, he ran to the near by park but she also wasn't there. He even ran to the school hoping there was a chance that she would have went there but still no success.

However he didn't give up, not just yet. He repeating called her yet no answer. He turned his head from side to side to get just a glance of her but still no success. He felt more and more pressured.

"Where the hell are you right now Jessica!?" Kris typed in her number once more and he continued his search. However she still ignored his calls. Finally Kris gave up. He was panting as if he just ran for miles. So he ended up walking back home.


As Kris was walking down the street, he just couldn't get the picture of someone kidnapping her or if something happened to her out of his head. Two main questions were flowing through his head.

Did she go home already? Or is she still out there somewhere?

He blew a raspberry before he lifted up his head to find the said girl walking alone continuously wiping her tears. Kris then quickly ran over to her and yanked her into his embrace.

"Where the fuck were you!? Do you not know how worried I was?" Kris hugged her petite body tightly.

"You were worried about me?" Jessica sniffled. My eyes grew alert and Kris quickly moved away from her.

"A-Ani, because of you I was running everywhere." Kris spoke coldly.

"Bwoh? It's not like I asked you to come look for me!" Jessica then pushed Kris away as she stomped away. Right then Kris knew he did something wrong. All Kris just wanted to do right now was run up to her and hold her in his embrace. Tell her how worried and scared he was when he couldn't find her. But he knew she probably hated for what he said.

"Jessica." Kris called out for her. She halted when she heard her name being called. She then turned around and looked at the giant only a few steps away.

"Bwoh?" She spat.

"Gweanchana?" He then asked.

"Why do you care?" She spat again as she turned around and starting walking again.

"Because you ran away after they scared you." Kris jogged up a bit to catch up to her. As Kris was side by side with her, he took off his jacket and gently placed it on her small shoulders. Earning the latter to stare up at him shocked.

"Don't worry, it's cold outside and you barely have anything on." Kris stated before he started walking before her. However he froze on the spot when suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

He glanced over his shoulders to find Jessica was the intruder.

"C-Can you stay with me for a while?" Jessica mumbled as she covered her whole face into Kris's back.

"U-Uh, alright." Kris awkwardly answered back. After they continued to walk, they ended up at the near by park. They both sat down on the bench for a while to rest. All could be heard was the fading cars, the soft breeze dancing in the air, and the crickets.

They both sat there in silence, before Jessica leaned over and placed her head upon Kris's shoulder, yet he didn't mind.

"I was kidnapped." Jessica started.

"Mwuh rah goo?" Kris unknowingly asked making the girl look up at him. Soon, tears formed in her eyes as she broke. Kris quickly wrapped his arms around her petite body, bringing her closer to him.

"I...I..." Jessica cried harder, as every warm tear after tear streamed down her face. Her arms wrapped around Kris tightly. Kris cleared his throat a bit before he began to speak.

"Your mom told me that you were kidnapped once and something happened to you." Jessica pulled herself away a bit as she looked up at Kris with teary eyes.

"O-Omma, t-told you." Jessica sniffled as she watched Kris nod his head. Jessica's head then drops once more as she quickly slipped her arms around his waist tightly. The side of her face placed on his chest.

Kris took a deep breathe as he hugged her back and soothe her back until she slowly fell asleep. Kris just sat there gazing up at the night sky that shown brightly.

Few more minutes past and finally Jessica woke up.

"Already awake?" Kris joked. The night breeze actually felt really nice, just if you stay too long then of course you get sick.

"Mhm, w-what time is it?" Jessica asked as she rubbed her eyes like a little girl who just woke up with her teddy bear in her arms. Kris glanced at his phone before he answered her.

"2 in the morning." Kris bluntly answered. To that answer, Jessica shot up.

"Bwoh!? 2-2 in the morning!?" Jessica shouts as her eyes rounded. Kris just nods his head as he leans back. "You should have woke me up!~" She whined earning the latter to chuckle.

"Well, let's go home then. Everyone's worried about you." Kris then stood up and was about to go however a pair of arm quickly latched onto his arm. He looked down to find Jessica looking downwards.

"I-I don't want to go back." Jessica softly spoke.

"Wae? Are you still scared?" Kris gently asked her only to earn a nod.

"Araseyo. Do you want to go to my house then?" Kris asked as he lifted up her chin making her eyes stare up at him. A small smile appeared on her pink plump lips as she nods.

So they both walked back with arms linked as small talks filled the air.

Kris opened the door to only have Jessica dash inside and settle down on the couch. Kris walked in after, locking the door as he walked over to the living room.

"I'll be upstairs if you need anything." Kris tiredly answered before he was about to go upstairs to only be stopped by Jessica clutching onto his arm.

"C-Can't you stay here?" She quietly mumbled.

"I need to sleep, I have work tomorrow." Kris yawned as he retreated his arm and began to walk upstairs. Soon he then heard footsteps dash upstairs. Kris glance over right when he was going to open his door to find Jessica standing there.

"Then I'll watch TV in your room." Jessica muttered before she opened the door and went inside first. Kris chuckled before he sneezed and rubbed both sides of his arms to form warmth.

"Aish, jinja." Kris muttered before he quickly went inside and changed into warm clothing before he plopped himself on his bed. Slowly drifting to sleep listening to Jessica's laughter.


I'm so sorry for such late update guys!!!!!~ I promised to update more, like seriously. It's been years since I updated and I also have another on-going story on kpopfanfic too. (Please support on that one too!!!~ It's called Love in SM Entertainment) Anyways please forgive this sucky author!!! *Does formal bow*

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