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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Twelve

~Your P.O.V~

I woke up from my phone's rapid screaming for me (well I was getting annoyed with my ringtone). I glanced over at the clock to see that it's 6 in the morning. I heaved a sigh and slowly reached up to grab my phone. To only find the giant calling me.

I groaned and answered the call not even caring how he even has my number.

"Ya! Why didn't you answer your damn phone!?" Kris screamed into my ear making me pull the phone away a bit.

"What do you want?" I whined.

Since you got the job; today you have to come in and start your training." Kris snapped.

"Araseyo, but when? Like after school?" I tiredly ask as I went into my bathroom.

"Well duh, you still go to school right?" Kris sarcastically asked. "You can't have a full time babo."

"Araseyo babo!" I snapped and quickly ended the call before Kris could speak. After lazily putting on my uniform, I glanced outside to find out that it was snowing.

I quickly went back into my closet to find a jacket and a hot pink attracted my eyes so I took that one.

I stomped downstairs to find Seohyun all cuddle up in her pajamas in front of the TV.

"Eating omurice?" I chuckled while I grabbed my boots that omma bought me.

"Love your jacket." She then winks earning another chuckle from me.

"I'll get your homework." I then told her before I left. I opened my umbrella and right then I notice something was off. Until it hit me like the cold wind. EXO wasn't waiting for me this time.

"Maybe because it's snowing." I shrugged and walked to school - almost falling right on my butt sometimes.


Right when I was about to enter the gates people jump out from behind the walls making me startled.

"Aish, you guys scared me." I scolded them.

"Mian noona, we were just bored of waiting." Sehun smiles. As we were walking, a pair of arms snaked around me making me quickly glance over my shoulder to find Kai.

"I forgot my umbrella and everyone already has a partner so I came to you." Kai sheepishly smiled. I chuckled while shaking my head a bit. When my attention went back to the building, I spotted Kris walking in the hallway. My eyes widen.

"Here Kai." I gave him my umbrella and quickly ran inside just when he disappeared. I turned my head from side to side until I spotted the giant turn around the corner.

"Kris!!!" I shouted as I notice how he was getting away. "Aish, Kris!!!" I quickly turned the corner to only bumped right into someone. Slowly, my eyes opened to find Kris. However my eyes shot wide when I notice that I was on top of Kris and our lips were attach.

I shot up and slapped a hand over my mouth. Soon whispers filled the air and I quickly ran away. I went straight into my class and straight to my seat with my head down.

Once I sat down, I slowly pulled my hand away from my lip. However my fingertips remained on my - now - bruised lips. Just when you raised your head Baekhyun freaked out right away.

"B-Bwoh?" I ask with startled eyes.

"W-What happened to your lip!? It's bruised." Baekhyun quickly took out his phone putting on the camera and quickly showing me my face. My eyes widen.

At the corner of my lip, it was bruised.

"Omo, no wonder it hurt." I mumbled.

"What hurt?" Lay blinked at me confused. I slowly turned my head looking at him and at que, Kris walked in touching his lip. I gasped and quickly hanged my head, turning away when he walked by.

"Looks like someone got into a fight for the first time." Chen laughed.

"Ani, someone fell on me and her damn huge head smacked my lips." Kris grumbled. I gulped and continue to have my head down. I heard the bell ring yet I didn't raise my head; I was too embarrassed.

"Ya, the teacher is asking for you." Chen nudged me. I slowly lifted up my head while biting my lower lip.

"Gwaenchana Sooyoun?" The teacher asked, looking at me worried.

"G-Gwaenchana." I bitterly smiled, however winced at the pain.

"Did you get in a fight? The corner of your lips is bruised." The teacher then started walking closer to me.

"A-Ani, I-I fell and hit something. Good thing it didn't break my teeth." I quickly answered, feeling someone's intense stare.

"Alright." The teacher then went back to her lecture. I heaved a sigh and notice at the corner of my eye, I saw Kris shaking his head with a light scoff.


When class ended, I quickly packed my things and was about to make a run for it however failed. Kris grabbed my bag and pulled me back. He was literally standing right behind me. I could even feel his breathe against my cheek.

"You better find medicine for this." Kris quietly snapped in my ear before he left. Leaving me astonished.

"Y-Ya! W-Why should I listen to you!!!?" I yelled at Kris's leaving figure. I then notice how the guys were looking at Kris and at me. Continuing for a while before Lay spoke up.

"Oh~ So you were the one that fell on Kris and gave him a kiss." Lay lightly elbowed me.

"A-Ani, it was an accident." I grumbled quietly.

"B-Bwoh? So it was you!" Baekhyun burst out laughing with the other two. I pouted and hanged my head with a small nod. I then quickly went to class still with my head hanging.

I quickly went to my seat and sat down still with my small pout.

"Jessica, did you get bullied again?" Kai worriedly asked me. Right when I was going to answer him, he got a text which made me shut up again.

"Who did this?" Chanyeol asked as he cupped my face and lightly touched my bruise with his thumb, making me wince. I was going to answer him however Kai spoke up.

Chanyeol let go of my face and looked over at Kai to see him giving him his phone. Soon both of them burst out laughing. All I did was blink at them confused. While he was still laughing, Chanyeol reached over and gave me Kai's phone.

I looked at it for a bit before I slowly reached over and grabbed it.

~To: Kkamjong~
~From: Baekhyun~

- Ya, guess what happened today! Kris and Jessica kissed. Well, technically Jessica fell on Kris and now they both have small bruises on the corner of their lips.

"Bwoh!?" My eyes widen. "I-It's not true." I quickly told the two who was laughing their asses off after seeing my reaction.

"B-But y-your lip i-is e-evidence. T-There's a s-small bruise." Chanyeol says between his deep laughs.

"Ya, did Baekhyun send this to everyone?" I looked over at Kai.

"I don't know, but I need to ask you very serious question." Kai stopped laughing and put on a serious face.

"What?" I spoke, annoyed.

"Did you like it?" I could tell he was holding in his smile.

"Bwoh? Did I like what?" I asked with a arched eyebrow. Right when Kai was going to reply the bell rang indicating that class has started.

I looked towards the front to only get distracted when a folded paper was at the corner of my desk. I glanced over at Kai before I slowly grabbed the note and opened it.

~I meant by did you like the kiss you had with Kris hyung?~

I glared over at Kai before I grabbed my pencil and started writing.

~No, my lips hurt!!!~

I quickly gave it back to Kai to earn a note from Chanyeol.

~You probably liked it huh?~

I also glared at Chanyeol before I quickly wrote back.

~Ya! I didn't like it! Can't you see my damn bruise!~

I quickly gave the note back before I received Kai's note.

~Oh dang, that means you liked it!!! Kekeke~

"Bwoh? I never said that." I mumbled before I quickly started writing.

~Ya, when did I say that I liked it! I said that my lips hurt because of the damn bruise!~

I threw the note this time towards him to see if it dropped instead Kai caught it before it could even drop. He smirked at me before he began reading the note. Then a note was tossed my way and I glanced over at Chanyeol before I began reading.

~I know deep down you like it huh? I know I'm right Jessica, I'm always right. Kekeke~

"Why did both of you laugh?" I shook my head with a small chuckle.

~No, I know deep down I have no single feeling towards him. I mean like yeah, his lips are probably soft and all but it's a no.~

I quickly passed the note back to Chanyeol and grabbed Kai's.

~Ya, you guys kissed too hard. That's why you both have bruises.~

I glared over at Kai to have him chuckling.

~Ani! I would never want to kiss Kris!~

I then threw the note at Kai while glaring at him to find a note being thrown over Chanyeol's shoulder to me.

~Ya! You just said you like Kris's lips! Did you even know that babo.~

I bit my lower lip confused.

~Eh? I don't remember saying that I like Kris's lips~

I quickly threw the note to Chanyeol right when the bell rang. We've been passing notes in class the whole time that we didn't even know we were going to have a test coming up.

I quickly went out the classroom to have the two follow after me.

"Ya! You said that his lips were soft." Chanyeol playfully pushes me.

"Ani, you liar." I also pushed him back.

"Oh come on Jessica, we all know you liked it." Kai teased more.

"Ani!" I shouted and stomped away from them fuming. During all my morning classes, everyone - EXO - that were in my classes kept asking the same thing.

"You liked it huh?"
"How was your first kiss with Kris like?"
"I know deep down you loved the kiss."
"Ya, I can't believe you kissed Kris so hard that you both have a bruise!"
"Is it real that you were the first one to make a move on Kris?"
"Ya, I wonder is Seohyun know about the Kris kiss in the hallway?"
"I heard that you pushed Kris to the wall then kissed him."
"How hard did you guys kiss that made you guys have a bruise on the corner of your lips?"
"You guys probably should have went into a room."

Finally when it was my off hour, I was finally free from all the questions and the notes being passed.

I walked into the art room and sat down in my normal seat. Since no one has art classes right now, I was all by myself. Because I was so bored, I decided to draw something. Just something random that was in my head. My hand swiftly moved around the surface as color was being made.

After finishing my perfection, my eyes shot wide open. Why? Because I just drew Kris.

I couldn't believe that this was the only thing that was in my head at the moment. It could have been because of the previous questions that guys kept asking and because of the incident.

I hanged my head as I covered my face while groaning. However when I heard someone walking into the classroom, I quickly grabbed the picture and hugged it. I looked up to find all of EXO standing in front of me.

As usual, Kris went over to his seat and sat down, not even sparing me a glance.

"What did you draw?" Xiumin asks as he leaned over at me.

"Nothing." I faked a smile while standing up and hugging the picture tighter.

"Show us noona." Sehun whined cutely.

"I-I drew whatever was in my head." I bitterly chuckled. As I was trying to get out, the guys just had to form a circle around me. I feel like I'm getting bullied right now. "Move!~" I whined.

"If only you show us, then we'll move." Suho replies while walking closer to me. Which only made me take steps back.

"Give me the drawing." Tao demands as he sticks out his hand. I gripped the picture tighter as I shook my head.

"Balliwa, and then we'll leave you be." D.O glared at me as he was getting annoyed. Soon I hit the wall. I bit my lip nervously. Once Exo finally stopped, Luhan took out his hand waiting for me to give him the drawing. I shook my head once again while pouting.

"Come on, give it to me." Luhan demanded.

"Ani~" I started to cover myself with the picture. As I was slowly covering my face, someone grabbed it. I looked from behind it to find Kris. I gasp as the situation just got worse.

Kris nod his head, signaling me to give it up however again I shook my head. However soon a plan formed in my head. They want to see the picture, then they will. I slowly started turning circles with Kris.

I quickly glanced over my shoulder to see no one. A small smile crept upon my face. I heaved a sigh before I yanked the picture out of Kris's grasp and made a run for it. But because my legs are so short, my mission failed. He got a holdof my bag.

"Hurry up." Kris growled. I slowly turned around with a pout.

"First, everyone move away from behind me." Just saying that everyone moved. "Farther." I demanded and everyone lightly scoffed before moving away father.

~Guess I give up the drawing and run for my life.~

I heaved a sigh while closing my eyes. As I slowly opened my eyes, I looked directly at Kris. He stick his hand out towards me, with a arched eyebrow waiting for me to give up the drawing.

I heaved another sigh before I threw the drawing at him and ran for it. As I was running, I heard laughs and teasing in the room.

"Good thing I ran away." I mumbled. I quickly went into a empty room panting. However I felt as if my breathing just stopped, when I heard Exo walking around.

"Do you think she went this way?" I heard Xiumin's voice.

"Ani, I think she went this way." The it was Luhan's.

"Or~ She could be in a classroom." Sehun answers while pointing towards the a classroom door and for some reason, I felt like my whole world tumbled down. I was glad that this classroom had two doors or I would've failed in life.

I quickly made way towards the other door as I heard the foot steps coming closer. Right when I was going to open the door after taking a deep breath. I slammed the door open and was going to run to only run straight into Xiumin's arms.

"Xiumin let go of me!" I screamed while struggling.

"Ani, we have to go back to the art room." Xiumin chuckled. Damn his arms were freaking muscular, my struggling looked while I was as weak as a tiny stick.

So then my only solution was biting him and I did. I grabbed his arm and planted my teeth right on his arms.

"AH!" Xiumin screamed as he let go of me. Right when I was finally free I took a run for it. "Ya! You really bit me!"

"Mianhae XIumin-ah! I'll buy you lunch or something! Laters!!!~" I yelled as I ran out of the building.


Once I got home, Seohyun was teasing me because Luhan just had to tell her. So I was hiding in my room and heard lots of other voices downstairs. If my guess is right then the guys came over.

However when my eyes caught what time it was, my eyes widen. Work. I started panicking. I ran all over my room, left to right. I quickly grabbed my uniform and ran out the door like a lighting bolt. I didn't even glance at the people who were staring at me with a questioned look - except for Kris.


As I finally reached the cafe, I was totally out of breathe. But else took my breathe away was someone who was standing behind the counter.

"Xiumin." I gasped. He smiled while leaning against the counter.

"Annyeong." Xiumin chuckled when he saw my expression. I furrowed my eyebrows so confused if I came to the right cafe or not because all I remember if Kris working at the cafe.

"Xiumin help our new member learn how to make the coffee." The manager randomly yells as he spotted me. Xiumin nodded and quickly helped me with everything.


After learning everything, the manager let me go. I was walking home alone because Xiumin was off long time ago. I kept making lots of mistakes so that's why I stayed back for a while when the manager said that I could have left with Xiumin if I wanted to since I was new.

When I reached home, I grabbed the door knob thinking that everyone already left. So of course I thought the door was locked because I know Seohyun doesn't leave the door unlocked.

However I was terribly wrong. The door was unlocked. I gulped as I slowly opened the door to find nothing but complete darkness. I walked inside and left the door open so I at least can have some light - from the moon. But once I was a good distance from the door, it suddenly slammed shut. I turned around with a fast beating heart.

"W-Who's there?" I shaking-ly asked. I hated the dark, I have a really bad memory about the dark. As I was walking towards teh door little by little, something suddenly dropped. Making me jump.

Tears started flowing down my face.

"W-Who-" I was cut off mid-sentence when a hand smacked over my lips. I was now shaking violently.

"Don't scream or I'll cut your throat." The stranger scolded in a terrifying and low voice. I nodded my head. I shut my eyes scared of my life.


I shouted in my head..


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Part 1:
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