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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Eleven

~Your P.O.V~

I couldn't sleep at all, my whole room was so damn cold. It's like I was sleeping outside instead of my room. I quickly took a hot shower and quickly wore my clothes.

I tiredly walked out of my room and downstairs puffing out my cheeks out of bored-ness.

"Annyeong!!!~" Someone hollered. I looked up and stared at the 11 pairs of eyes staring back at me.

"Um, annyeong." I awkwardly waved. After I put on my shoes, we all walked out of my house. However as we all went out of the front gate, everyone did a 90 degree turn leaving me dumbfounded.

"W-Where you guys going?" I asked them puzzled.

"Going to get Kris duh." Tao chuckled. I just blinked at them before I was going to escape and run away so I wouldn't have to walk with them but failed miserably. Chanyeol quickly caught me with his long arms and wrapped it around my shoulders dragging along with me.

"I have to go!!!~" I whined while trying to escaped out of Chanyeol's embrace.

"Ani~ You're going with us." Chanyeol beamed. I pouted and grumpily walked with them.

Once we were at Kris house, I was forced to knock on the door however once I was about to knock. Kris already opened the door, it's like he knew we were there.

"They force me to tag along." I grumbled before I turned around and pushed the guys out of my way to walk away quickly from them.


Well school was the same as ever, it's like it repeats the same day over and over again. Girls whisper and snicker about me, making up false rumors about me. Next thing we get into a fight and I always end it by slapping the girl back and stomping away.

Next thing everybody - by everybody I mean EXO - asks if I'm alright. But my answer will always be the same "Gwaenchana". Lies and more lies were the only words that flowed out my mouth when I talked to the guys.

I hated how everyone would make up stupid consumption that I'm playing around with the guys. In my eyes, their only like my brothers. Every word they say, hurts me more and more.

I was sitting in the art room all alone; my head resting on the cold window. My breathe causing a small fog sticking on the window.

"Their just words Sooyoun, just stupid words that aren't true." I mumbled to myself as my eyes fluttered closed.

"Your brain is going to freeze if you keep it there." A familiar voice spoke up behind me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked over my shoulders to find Kris. I watched his movement as he walked over to his seat.

"What do you want?" I grumbled while pouting.

"Nothing, just wanted to finish my picture." Kris bluntly answered. I blinked at his back before I sat up more straight so I can peek over his shoulder and what I saw was breathtaking.

It was a painting, but not just a painting. A very beautiful and detailed painting.

"Whoa, you painted this?" I unknowingly spoke as I was about to reach over and touch it before Kris slapped my hand away.

"Don't touch it." Kris snapped. I lightly pouted before I stood up.

"Then I'll leave you be." I softly spoke before I walked back into my classroom and earned a lecture from the teacher. But of course I made her apologize to me when I told her that I was here the whole time but - lied - that I was helping a new student.

Once I was back in my seat, Kai kept passing notes with me asking if I was alright and why I cried. Yet again I lied.

When class ended, I quickly left the room and continued to walk down the hallway until I saw Seohyun walking towards me.

"Ya! I never see you anymore." I whined cutely as I hugged her tightly. She chuckled and hugged me back tightly.

"Mianhae." She answered as she swayed me side to side. "How about on our off hour, we go get something warm down at the cafe?" She beamed. I chuckled and nodded.


Once my off hour was here, I stood outside freezing my ass off waiting for Seohyun.

"Aish jinja! Seohyun better hurry her ass up before I freeze to death." I angrily muttered as I hugged myself.

I thought Seohyun was here but instead it was just Minjung, another of the anti-fan club that I have earned walked over to me with her two followers. I heaved a sigh totally annoyed with them.

"You little fucking slut! You better stop being around EXO oppas before something worse will come your way." Minjung spat in my face. I just scoffed totally annoyed by their own presence.

"Ya! Are you fucking listening!?" Minjung then slapped me hard before she roughly pushed me onto the cold ground. Soon I was curled in a ball on the ground as Minjung and the others were kicking and punching me.

Once they were gone, I forced myself up wishing that I could have just disappeared right there on the spot but of course that only happens in fairy tales. When I was fully standing up, Seohyun finally came.

"Jessica! W-What happened!?" She freaked out as she ran over to me, quickly brushing off the snow. However I pushed her away annoyed.

"I'm fine." I snapped while brushing the snow off myself.

"Y-Ya, w-were you just beaten?" Seohyun cupped my face but I forcefully slapped her hand away. I heaved another heavy sigh as I walked past her bumping shoulders and saw Luhan. I lightly snickered.

"This is why you took forever, because you were with Luhan." I rolled my eyes, however tears were slowly flowing down my face.

"M-Mianhae Sooyoun-ah." Jessica grabbed my arm however I yanked my arm back and pushed her away.

"I can't believe that my best friend ditched me." More tears soon were streaming down my face.

"Ani, it's not like that. I-I just bumped into Luhan." Seohyun tried to explain to me yet I didn't take it. She grabbed onto my arm begging me.

"Get off of me. I'm not going anymore." I yanked my arm back once again as I was about to leave however Luhan stood right in front of me.

"Apologies to Seohyun." I looked up at Luhan and smirk.

"Bwoh? Why should I?" I turned my head away.

"Because it wasn't her fault that she came late. It's not like you could come right away when she waits for you." I snort while rolling my eyes.

"Actually, I do. Whenever she called for me, I was there in a minute. On the other hand she treats me like a piece of shit." I screamed. "She doesn't even care about me anymore. Our friendship is over, broken." I roughyl pushed Luhan away as I started limping my way back into the building.

However once I entered the building, I collapsed. I sobbed as my whole body was aching. However my body didn't hurt as much as my heart did, that feeling of being betrayed.

When the bell rang, I quickly stood up so no one would trample me. Instead of going to my next class, I left. I went home because I just couldn't do any of this anymore.

Once I got home, I knew my parents were at work so I took my time going upstairs and damn it felt like forever when I finally reached the top of the stairs. I quickly went into my room and straight to the bathroom grabbing the first-aid kit.

After I treat myself, I went to sleep right away.

***Few Hours Later***

I woke up from someone knocking on my door. I lifted up my head and saw Seohyun walking into my room.

"What do you want?" I lightly snapped as I closed my eyes again, pulling my blanket all the up covering my whole body from head to toe.

"I-I wanted to apologies for not being their for you when you needed someone." Seohyun then stopped at the end of my bed.

"Gwaenchana, I don't need you anymore." I shut my eyes tighter as I felt tears brimming in my eyes.

"W-What does that mean?" Seohyun choked.

"It means for you to leave and just go to your boyfriend okay!" I shouted as I sat up yelling at Seohyun angrily. Seohyun broke into more tears as she quickly ran out of my room slamming the door.

Once she was gone, I broke once again. I hugged my knees while tears wouldn't stop streaming down my face. So, I decided to leave the house. I quickly slipped on my jacket as I roughly put on my shoes.

I walked out of my room and went straight downstairs to hear Luhan comforting Seohyun.

"Don't worry, Jessica will come back to you apologizing." Luhan lightly patted Seohyun's head.

"A-Ani, s-she h-hates me. I-I wasn't t-there for her w-when she n-needed someone." Seohyun sobbed. I hanged my head and quickly went out of the house quietly.

I walked down the road towards the school then turned down another road going towards the cafe at the end of the street. It's probably just me, that when I'm having a hard time. The cafe is usually the place to find me.

I quickly walked right in and bowed to the cashier that welcomed me. I then quickly walked to the table at the corner next to the window.

"What do you want?" A waiter asked in a rude tone. I looked up and saw Kris looking down at me. "Why you crying?" Kris accidentally kicks me in the shin as he was sitting down across from me. I winced at the pain while moving away.

"Oh mian, does it hurt?" To me, it sounded like the stupidest question that he just asked me when he saw me wince in pain.

"No shit Kris, it hurts like hell." I gritted my teeth as I growled at him.

"Here, let me see." Kris then stood up and walked around the table. He then squat down in front of me and gently grabbed my leg, lifting up my pants and revealed a huge bruise.

"The fuck, did I do that!?" Kris asked wide eyes. I quickly pulled my leg back and pulled my pants back down. "You got bullied didn't you?" Kris stood up catching some people's attention in the cafe. To me, I minded however Kris didn't even care.

"Ya! Lower your voice." I whisper yelled at him as I lowered my head covering my face.

"Ya! What if your parents found out!? Then I'll be fucking blamed for not being there!" Kris growled.

"Araseyo, araseyo just sit down." I lightly tugged him to make him sit down. So then he grumbles as he sits back down in front of me.

"Why did you get bullied babo?" Kris pushes my forehead making me pout at him while glaring.

"Ya! It's not my fault!" I then push his forehead back.

"I'll go get the first-aid kit." Kris brutally stood up as he disappeared in a blink of an eye. I just sat there quietly as I stared outside until my attention went towards the drink that was put in front of me.

I looked over at Kris as I watched his every move. He got down on his knees which made me freak out a bit and I even heard some girls gasping indicating that they were watching.

"Y-Ya, w-what are you doing?" I asked wide eyes.

"What does it look like I'm doing. I'm applying medicine on your damn bruise." Kris gently grabbed my leg once again as he rolled up my pants and stared at my huge bruise.

My lips then form into an 'o' shape as I nodded my head and looked at the drink in front of me.

"It's hot choco, you shouldn't be drinking a lot of coffe." Kris then says even though I didn't even ask him.

"Gomawo." I mumbled as I took a small sip so I wouldn't burn my tongue. I looked over at Kris as I felt him pulling my pants back down then sitting right across from me.

"You're lucky that our parents aren't here." Kris says as he puts the medicine back in place.

"Bwoh!? W-Where did they go!?" I asked loudly.

"Ya! Lower your tone and they left on vacation." Kris looked at me with his usual bitch face with a arched eyebrow.

"Huh, omma and appa didn't even tell me anything. No wonder they weren't home when I woke up." I mumbled the last sentence to myself.

"My mom called me and told me." Kris leans back in his chair while crossing his arms. I just puff my cheeks as I also lean back and cross my arms looking outside.


Soon as we both sat there quietly, my mind wonder off as I scanned outside. The snow lightly flowing down from the sky, the lamp posts outside made the scenery look actually beautiful, along with the Christmas lights. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!

My eyes widen when I remembered the very special holiday. Christmas. I don't have any money right now so then that leads to not buying presents for my family. I gasped.

"Gwaenchana?" A voice spoke up and I quickly looked over at Kris.

"Y-Ya, are you guys hiring?" I suddenly ask.

"Eh?" Kris blinked at me confused.

"I said if you guys were hiring?" I snapped.

"Yeah, just go meet up with the manager." Kris bluntly answers as he rest his head on the table, his arms forming a fort around his head as he slowly drifted off to sleep. However then, soon his manager started yelling out for him.

"Ya, your manager is calling you." I shook Kris. All he did was lift his head, looking up at his manager who was now standing right next to me.

"Didn't I tell you that we're busy!? Why are you here sleeping!? If your just sitting here talking to your girlfriend, I'm going to cut your pay check!" Just hearing the word 'cut' Kris shot up out of his seat. I wanted to laugh so bad at Kris's reaction but I held it back. I cleared my throat catching the manager's attention.

"U-Um, I have a question manager-nim." I softly spoke while looking at the manager. What weird me out was how the manager did a 180 degree change in attitude as he was just pissed off minutes ago before he turned all smiley towards me.

"I-I wanted to know if you guys are hiring right now?" I stood up.

"Omo, we are." He smiled making his eyes turn to moon crests.

"So, can I apply?" I bit my lower lip nervously.

"Well sure you can, let me just go get some paper work for you to sign." The manager quickly walked away and Kris came back. He then took out his phone handing it over to me.

"Bwoh?" I blinked at him confused.

"Your mom text-ed me and wanted you to call them." Kris tosses the phone at me and leaves. I quickly put in my mom's number in however as I waiting for her to call no one answered.

I grabbed my hot choco and went to the counter where Kris was standing.

"Ya, omma's not answering." I lightly pouted.

"I said them, which means my mom's phone. That is how your mother text me." Kris rolled his eyes.

"Araseyo, gosh." I mumbled before I started looking through Kris' contacts to find his mom's number. I quickly clicked it and heard it ringing.

"Yi Fan?" I heard Mrs. Wu's voice.

"Oh, Mrs. Wu this is Sooyoun." I quickly said.

"Oh, Sooyoun-ah? Your mother wanted to talk with you." I then heard some shuffling indicating that Mrs. Wu was passing the phone over to someone else.

"Sooyoun-ah?" I heard omma's voice.

"Omma!~ Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving for vacation with Kris's parents?" I whined. I then quickly grabbed the work paper as the manager gave it to me.

I turned towards Kris making my hand looking like it was writing indicating that I needed something to write with. Kris then tosses a pen over at me.

"Mianhae sweetie, I left my phone back at home while appa lost his phone at the airport. Someone probably took it since we couldn't find it anymore no matter how long we searched." Omma quickly explained to me.

"B-Bwoh? H-How can that happen? Appa always keeps his phone close." I started filling out the paper work.

"Yeah, that's what I told him and then he goes on saying that it just happened." Omma giggled at the end.

"Well anyways, how long will you guys be gone?" I then ask.

"For a long time, we're going to travel for a long time." Omma laughed in joy.

"Omma! You don't have enough money!" I whined.

"Well, we are all paying for it. Also I don't know if we're going to come back in time for Christmas honey. Since it's just one and half month away or is it?" Omma asked all innocently.

"It's 2 or 3 months away omma." I spoke in a sad tone.

"Don't be sad baby, I'm going to make sure that you're not alone on Christmas Eve. Now give the phone to Yi Fan, I need to ask him something." I puff out my cheeks before I sticked out the phone towards Kris.

"Done?" Kris asked as he took the phone, however I pulled it back.

"Ani, nan omma wants to talk to you." I - once again - stick out the phone towards Kris. I watched as he says hi all nice with a sarcastic smile. However soon his smile disappeared and he just randomly just started nodding his head.

"Bwoh? What are they talking about?" I pouted while leaning over the counter closer to Kris however then I stopped when the manager came out.

"FInished?" He smiled at me.

"Huh, ani minahae." I quickly filled in all the paper work before I gave the paper work to him.

"Araseyo, wait here I'll go get your uniform. Wait, what size are you?" The manager asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Small please." I genuinely smiled at him. When the manager disappeared someone tapped my shoulder. I looked over to find Kris looking at me.

"Well, you better not do anything stupid and get in trouble." Kris glared at me as he took of his apron.

"What, wait? I have no idea what you mean. But anyways what did omma say?" I follow Kris, as we went outside. "Wait, you're not working anymore?" I glanced over at the cafe.

"I'm off now." Kris replies as he continues walking.

"Well, anyways let me know what omma said." I playfully pushed Kris making him stop in his tracks and looking at me.

"She said that I have to take care of you and for you to have a good Christmas because they might not be back." Kris fakes a smile and starts walking away.

"Bwoh? Take care of me?" I fake laughed and quickly ran over to Kris jumping on him.

"Ya! What are you doing!?" Kris snapped trying to swing me off his back yet I held on tightly.

"Ya, don't you think they're trying too hard?" Kris stops and looks over his shoulder to me.

"What do you mean trying too hard?" Kris gave up and started walking normally.

"Like they want us to end up together." I held onto Kris tightly so I wouldn't fall.

"Probably, did they leave us so we can be together?" Kris stopped walking and thought about it.

"That's what I was thinking." I huffed out my cheeks.

"Well, you better get off, your damn house is here." Kris tried to wiggling out my embrace.

"Araseyo." I slid down his back and cleared my throat a bit. Right when I was going to ask him something, he already left. "Mwoyaa, I needed to ask you something." I sighed and went inside to hear Seohyun still crying.

I then quietly walked over to the living room and spotted Seohyun all by herself.

"Mwoyaa, I thought Luhan was with her." Right at that moment, someone grabbed my arm. I turned around shocked to see Luhan.

"Well, she can't stop crying because of someone who totally threw her out of their life. You were her only family, that's all Seohyun has been saying." Luhan softly spoke. I hanged my head remembering everything. Luhan then lets go of my wrist.

I heave a sigh as I slowly turn around and walked over to Seohyun.

"Seohyun-ah?" I softly called her out however I didn't get any response. "H-How long have you've been crying?" I worriedly ask.

"Why do you care huh, after saying all of that to me. I hate you Jessica." Seohyun sniffled as her voice cracked.

"Mianhae Seohyun-ah, I... I've just woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess." I cupped her face as I wiped away her tears. "So can you stop being such a cry baby and smile for me." I softly smiled at her. She lightly chuckled and quickly hugged me.

"Well, now you two have re-united I better leave this time for you guys to catch up with each other." Luhan sweetly smiled as he pecked Seohyun's temple and lightly ruffled my hair before he left.


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