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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Ten

~Your P.O.V~

I tiredly opened my eyes to find myself lying in someone's embrace. I was blinking at their chest. Ever so slowly, I looked up to the unknown person to be shocked to find none other then Kris Wu.

I unknowingly blushed and hugged him back. I closed my eyes again as I snuggled closer to Kris's chest to only receive a kiss on my forehead. I shyly smiled as Kris chuckled.

Soon I felt Kris' lips gently press against mine before it starting moving. Our lips molding perfectly together.

When Kris parted, I slowly opened my eyes meeting gaze with his chocolate orbs.

"Saranghae Jung Sooyoun." My heart skipped a beat hearing that simple sentence that rolled off his tongue. I smiled and quickly pecked his lips shyly. However all of sudden Kris started shouting.

"Wake up!!!~" Kris shouted.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Kris looking at me with a disgusted look. I furrowed my eyebrows confused why he was looking at me like that.

"What the hell were you dreaming of? You freaking kissed my hand." Kris asked while yanking his hand away from me. I embarrassingly smile while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Well tell me." Kris demanded with a arched eyebrow.

"Ey~ It's nothing." I playfully hit Kris' arm making him looking at me furrowing his eyebrows. I bitterly laughed before I quickly dashed to the bathroom.

~Kris's P.O.V~

I seriously woke up to a weird sight of Jessica kissing my hand. I tried guessing what kind of dream she was having and hope she wasn't seriously having a wet dream right now.

I cleared my throat seeing if she was a light sleeper but was wrong. She sleeps like the dead. I cleared my throat again but louder and it still didn't work. So I started calling out for her yet it took a while until she finally woke up. I bit my lip hard holding in my laughter.

"What the hell were you dreaming of? You freaking kissed my hand." I asked while pulling my hand away. All she answers is giving me a bitter smile from embarrassment.

"Well tell me." I demanded.

"Ey~ It's nothing." Jessica playfully hits my arm which was really weird why she just did that. I wanted to laugh so bad, but held it in. She bitterly laughed before she dashed away.

Just right when she closed the door, I burst out laughing.

~Your P.O.V~

Once I closed the door I heard Kris laughing.

"Aish Sooyoun! What the hell happened to you!?' I hit my hand while pouting. I heaved a sigh and quickly used the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror I finally notice that I was still wearing the dress that I wore when we went to eat out.

Then a memory flashed through my mind like a film. The day we went to the restaurant and Kris kissed me. He kissed me. He took my first kiss. My lips parted as my hand slowly reached up and lightly touched my lips.

My cheeks heated as I remembered every single detail. The way how he moved his lips on mine. The way our lips molded perfectly together. My heart fasten as I was taking in reality.

"He's my enemy." I softly whispered to myself. "I can't fall in love with him." I breathed out wide eyes as I stared at myself in the mirror. However I started daydreaming about the kiss again and I totally forgot all about the hate.

I started to think about our lips molding together perfectly again. The way he kissed me so passionately.

"Aish." I blushed as I slapped my hands on my cheeks. I was seriously smiling like a idiot right now in the bathroom. Ugh, man how I want to feel his lips on mine again. He seriously knows how to work his lips.

*Ugh, damn those sexy lips.* I bit my lip thinking about Kris' lips.

I just couldn't erase it from my mind, his lips and how it felt was stuck in my head. Why was I feeling like this? Why to him? How can he do something like this to me?

I cleared my throat a bit finally knowing how long I've been in the bathroom. I slowly opened the door and peeked my head a bit to stare at Kris who was just laying there on the bed.

My eyes quickly scanned his face to his lips in a instant. The way he bit his lower lips was a total turn on.

*Wish it was mine who he was biting.* I bit my bottom lip.

I panic when I saw Kris looked up at the bathroom. I quickly closed the door heaving a sigh. I was feeling too shy and embarrass to leave the bathroom. However when I peeked in the mirror again I remembered my clothes.

I stood up straight and cleared my throat. I opened the door wide open and walked out confidently. However blushed right away when I met Kris' gaze. I cleared my throat a bit from the awkwardness.

"Were you just peeking at me?" Kris raised a eyebrow looking at me. I gulped down my remaining saliva.

"A-Ani, I-I was just g-going to ask y-you something b-but forgot." I stuttered. I cursed myself in my head for stuttering. I bitterly smiled then saw his lips form into a smirk. I gulped as my eyes quickly diverted to his lips. However I quickly looked away so he didn't find out that I was staring at his lips.

I looked away while biting my lower lip from nervousness.

"I-I'ma go home and change my clothes." I softly told him while looking else where but him.

"How come you're not looking at me while you're talking?" Kris asks as he narrows his eyes at me. I shifted uncomfortably from his intense stares.

"Um..." I was lost at words. I didn't know what to say. It wasn't like I was going to say "I was staring at your lips." or "Because you're ugly" like I normally do since we're enemies. But damn I would lying if I didn't say he got some handsome features. Any girl who dates him would be lucky to having such a handsome (as f*ck) boyfriend.

So my only solution was running out the room and I did. I ran all the way towards the entrance of the hospital. When I entered outside I just had to bumped into the guys.

"Why are you running?" Kai quickly catches me.

"Nothing,justgottagohome.Annyeong!" I quickly said in one breathe before I ran away from them. I felt proud of myself for running in heels, didn't trip once.

I quickly unlocked my front door and went in slamming the door shut. I then quickly ran upstairs straight to my room before I slammed that door close and locked it.

I lightly hit my head on my door before I dragged my feet towards my bed plopping myself on it.

I was seriously going crazy. The way Kris smirked at me made me just want to crash my lips onto his. I laid in bed for a while before I remembered that Kris' parents want me to take care of him. So I quickly got off my bed, taking a quick shower and quickly put on whatever caught my eyes first.

I quickly walked back downstairs to find that the TV because of the noise. I slowly moved towards the living room and peeked my head out glancing at the living room.

A smile crept upon my face when I saw Seohyun and Luhan snuggled closed together on the couch. His arm over Seohyun's shoulders. I heaved a quiet sigh.

"Wish I had a boyfriend." I muttered to myself. When my gaze went back to them, I found them making out right there in front of my eyes. I quietly snickered before I turned away to leave.

I closed the door as quiet as I can so they couldn't hear me. A smiled still plastered on my face. When I turned around I was startled to find EXO standing there.

"What are you doing?" Baekhyun asked with a arched eyebrow.

"Oh nothing, just leaving." I smiled at them and walked past them.

"Ya, gachigaja!!!~" Tao hollered. He quickly ran over to me. However because I was closer to Sehun and D.O. They both quickly linked arms with me. We all walked happily back to the hospital.

Once we were back, Kris was sleeping like a little baby. I mean Xiumin and Luhan does have that baby face but seriously Kris looked like an angel to me.

After of just sitting there doing nothing we all started chatting about random things and laughing. As we continued making noises Kris woke up, grumpy.

"Ya! Shut the hell up." Kris yelled making everything go silent. "You guys are so fucking loud." Kris grumbled.

"Well, it's not our fault you're listening." I protested earning a glare from the latter.

"I can't go back to sleep now." Kris whined while glaring at all of us.

"Well, why don't you guys sing him a song? I heard your guys voices before." I beamed.

"Nah, he doesn't even listen." Chen plopped himself on the couch squishing himself between the Baekyeol couple.

"Why don't you sing him a song?" D.O wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"A-Ani, I-I can't sing." I bitterly laughed.

"Well, give it try dumbo." Suho says with a huge grin.

"W-What should I sing?" I asked nervously.

"Um... Evening Sky by Ailee." Baekhyun chimed. I gulped and nodded. When I turned around to grab my phone on the night stand next to Kris. I notice his intense stare at me.

I started to get nervous and my hands started to get sweaty. When the music started playing, I waited for the que to sing. And when it was here I began singing.

~Eotteon narendeun jeonyeokhaneuleun
(No matter which night it is, I have the habit of not looking up at the sky)
On sesangi ne tteonaneundeuthan isanghan geu gibuni shirheo
(I hate that feeling whereby it's as if the whole world is going to abandon me)

I stole a quick glance towards Kris and saw his eyes were droopy. Everyone in the room was swaying from side to side. Some of them holding their hands up as if they were at a concert.

Niga gado sarangeum dashi ogo soran seureon ibyeoreul gyeokkeobuado
(Even if you have left, a new love will come but having you gone through that disturbing separation)
Ireohke neoneun neoneun neoneun jakku mame geolryeo
(You're still frequently make my heart waver like this)~

When the song ended, Kris was fast asleep and the guys were quietly clapping. I chuckled while shaking my head.

"You sing beautifully." Suho smiles.

"Gomawo." I returned the smile. Everyone commented me, when it was Baekhyun's turn he had to pinch my cheeks in process then leave with the others.

When I was all alone with Kris, silence quickly engulfed us. The only noise, was Kris steady breathing. I turned towards him and a small smile crept upon my face.

"You deep asleep?" I spoke to Kris' sleeping figure. I slowly reached over and poked his cheek to only receive no reaction back. I smiled scanning his face features.

And my eyes just had to gaze at his lips. My heart beat fasten. I bit my lower lip from feeling so tempted to kiss his lips once more. I shook my head.

"Stop thinking like that Jessica." I mumbled to myself. However when I was going to go sleep on the couch, I just had to quickly peck Kris' lips. I quickly ran towards the couch and laid down. Covering my whole body with the blanket.

I peeking out of the blanket to see if Kris woke up but didn't. I heaved a sigh with a small smile.

***Next Day***

~Kris's P.O.V~

I slowly woke up from someone lightly knocking on the door. When my vision got better, I saw the doctor. He warmly smiled at me before he walked over at me.

"Joesonghamnida for disturbing you but I wanted to tell you some good news." He smiled happily. I nodded and notice how Jessica wasn't here today. She wasn't sleeping at my side. I quickly shrugged off the feeling of loneliness.

"What's the good news?" I smiled.

"Well, you can leave today actually. Just that you have to exercise more and eat more healthy. Your body needs the proteins and nutrients." The doctor smiled. I nodded jotting down everything in my head. Then the doctor spoke again.

"It's nice to have your girlfriend around when you were fatigue." The doctor sent me a teasing smile. I furrowed my eyebrows confused. The doctor then used his chin pointing towards a direction.

I slowly turned my head and spotted Jessica sleeping.

"Ah, she's-" I was cut off when someone hollered.

"Annyeong my baby!~" Omma beamed as she walked through the door. I chuckled at her childness.

"Now you guys visit me?" I roll my eyes.

"Mian, we were busy alright." Appa says as he also enters the room.

As the doctor was talking to my parents. I slowly turned my head towards the sleeping Jessica. She looked like a cute little kitten. I quickly turned towards the intruder who placed their hand on my shoulder to find my mom giving me a teasing smile.

"It's not what you think." I quickly said.

"I've never said anything, Jiǎ rén (dummy)." Ma chuckled while pushing my head playfully.

"Well, ready to leave?" Bà smiled. I nodded while sitting up.

"Let's wake up Sooyoun." Ma went over to Jessica and barely shook her. So I screamed her name and she shot up wide eyes.

"What happened!? Gwaenchana!?" Jessica panicked, however once she saw my parents she quickly bowed to them. I snort while looking away with a small smile.

After I changed, we all left. As we were walking (our house was not that far from the hospital), Jessica kept swaying side to side like she was drunk. I heaved a sigh before I went in front of her and squat down. Jessica gasp wide eyes.

"Gwaenchana Kris." Jessica was about to go around me but I quickly pulled her back making her go on my back. I then tucked my hand under her knees and stood up. Right away she knocked out.

I maybe still weak but I had to earn my strength back so I could use Jessica for now. Need to start a exercise routine now if I don't want to keep laying in a damn hospital bed because I'm fatigue.

When I looked up I found my parents staring at me with teasing smile.

"Shénme (What)?" I asked with a arched eyebrow.

"You guys are too cute." Ma squealed. I snort while rolling my eyes. I then felt her grab my phone from my pocket. She quickly fumbled with it for a bit before she faced it towards Jessica and me.

"Wéixiào (smile)." Ma then says. I faked a smile and she probably got that. She then farther fumbled with it before she smiled brightly puttin gmy phone back. I blinked at her confused, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Ma, I'll take Sooyoun home and then come home." I said and saw her giving me a teasing smile again.

"Take your time sweetie." She giggled as she linked arms with Bà. I snort at her childness before I quickly walked towards Jessica's house.

Once I arrived, I checked if it was locked first and happily it wasn't. I quickly went in closing the door quietly. I heard the TV. I took slow steps towards the living room and spotted the deer along with Seohyun.

I lightyly chuckled before I quickly went upstairs straight to her room. I then placed her on the bed watching her as she stired around a bit. I then pulled her blanket over her. I scanned her features for a bit and notice how she actually was very beautiful.

My eyes slowly landed on her lips and my heart beat fasten. I gulped as I licked my lips. They looked very tempting and inviting. I shook my head and saw her stir a bit before she was smiling like a idiot in her sleep.

I shook my head before I lightly knocked her head and left. My heart hasn't stop beating so quickly yet. I shook my head once more before I left her house. I smiled thinking of Jessica all of sudden on my way back home.


Here's a update for you lovely readers!!!!~ OMG!!!~ I just sent a New Years message to EXO on Exo-L's fan page and I really hope I can get picked because their doing this one thing where they will randomly pick a message and the owner of the message will get a present from EXO.

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