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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter One

~Your P.O.V~

"Sooyoun-ah!!!~ Ileona!!!~ Your going to be late!~" I fell out of bed from omma's screaming.

"Ugh~" I groaned rubbing my sore forehead.

"Soo-" Her voice stopped mid-sentence. "Ya, Sooyoun-ah why are you sleeping on the floor? Did you not feel like sleeping on your bed last night?" Omma asked worriedly.

"Ani~ Because of your yelling I fell out of bed." I pouted while sitting up rubbing my head.

"Well, anyways get ready. Fast because your late.~" Omma sang while closing the door after her. I groaned and forced myself up, getting ready for school.


Once I was downstairs, omma was rushing me to eat all my food. Seriously, I even started choking a bit. Then she ask if I finished and seriously, the plate was only half gone. However she threw it away anyways.

"Annyeong omma, appa!!!" I shouted as I walked out. However once I stepped out of the house, my eyes darkened. My one and only enemy was just walking down the street towards my house. He stopped and blinked at me. Then smirked. SMIRKED! Seriously, I was wanting to slap that smirk off his face right now.

"This is why you rushed me?" I whisper yelled, clenching my fists. As I finally started walking down, him walking in front of me. That very memory then flashed back into my mind. How I wished I never met him.

~13 years ago~

Omma and appa decided to go visit a friend today that just moved from China, and I decided to tag along because omma wanted me to meet their son. I mean if your trying to match make us then she's doing a bad job because why? I'm only 5 years old.

Once we arrived at the house, their front yard already had a growing garden. As we walked along the small path towards the bit tall door. A small head popped out from behind the door.

"Yi Fan!~" Appa yelled out happily.

"Yi Fan?" I mumbled his name. I watched as the little boy smiled and quickly ran into appa's embrace. I then tugged on omma's hand making her look down at me. "Omma, who's that boy?" I curiously asked.

"Omma's chingu's son." She sweetly smiled down at me. I nodded my head and smiled walking closer to them. I watched as his parents and my parents interacted with each other. I looked around to find the boy staring at me with a judging look. I blinked at him a few times before I saw him make a disgusted face and looked away.

"This is my daughter Jung Sooyoun." My omma then introduced me to a nice looking lady that looks the same age as omma.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Jung Sooyoun imnida." I politely bowed, showing my adorable smile.

"Omo! Neomu kyeopta!~" She squealed and lightly pinched my cheeks. "Well this is my son. Introduce yourself." She lightly pushed the boy towards me. I notice how he quickly took small baby steps away from me.

"Wu Yi Fan inmnida." He blankly said. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, anyways why don't we show you around? Yi Fan, go and take Sooyoun to play." Yi Fan's mother said pushing him towards me. I watched as our parents walked inside and we stood outside together in total silence.

"So Yi Fan oppa. What do you want to do?" I beamed however he turned to me and looked at me as if I was from another planet.

"First, don't call me oppa. We're not close. Second, don't even get near me. You smell. Bad. And third, your ugly and annoying." He blankly said. I looked at him with my jaw dropped.

"Well you know what! You ugly and annoying yourself! No one would ever want to become your friend!!!" I shouted angrily making the parents come out worriedly.

"What's going on out here?" Appa asked worriedly.

"Yi Fan said that I was annoying." I pouted and ran over to appa.

"Well, she called me ugly." Yi Fan protested. They all looked at me with arched eyebrows. I quickly extended out both my arms shaking my hands furiously.

"Sooyoun!" Omma yelled at me. "I apologize for my daughter's bad manners." Omma then apolgized to that butt-head's omma. I looked at him to see him smirking at me. And right there, I wanted to so bad smack that smirk off his face.

"Aniya! I son has bad manners himself." His omma quickly explained. "Yi Fan go to your room and unpack." His mother commanded. He obediently did so and was out of sight. As for us, we left too. Omma scolded me all the way back home. And I sulked all the way back home.

~Back to now~

'BAM!' I ran into something and fell right on my butt. I groaned and looked up to see Yi Fan towering over me.

"Watch where your going kid. Don't people to think I'm bullying you for your stupid lunch money." Yi Fan spat and continued walking away. I was dropped speechless at what he said. I shot up right away.

"Ya! Wu Yi Fan! You wanna die!!!? Why don't you walk faster you damn snail!" I shouted back at him furiously however he ignored it and continue walking. I stomped my feet angrily on the ground and stomped my way to school.


Finally when I reached school, I was still fuming.

"Kid? Seriously! That mother f-" I stop mid-sentence when I heard my name being called. My head shot up and I saw Seohyun waving at me happily. I quickly ran towards her, pushing Yi Fan out of my way, making him give me an annoyed face. I then leaped at her throwing my arms around her tightly.

"Seohyun-ah!!!~" I beamed.

"Ya, why are you sulking so much?" She then asked me right away when I pulled away. "You guys fought again?" Seohyun gave me a arched eyebrow. I smiled innocently knowing that she always knows the answer to why I always sulk in the morning. "Aish jinja." She pinched her nose bridge and we began walking to class.

When we were about to step inside the classroom, girls just started screaming and shouting. We both turned to see what was all of the promotion about, however then it was just the kingkas, Exo. I heaved a sigh and was going to go inside when someone wasn't moving.

I turned towards Seohyun to notice that she was so deeply staring at something. So I followed her gaze to one of the kingkas. However this one was different. He had a cute baby face and a angelic smile. He was kind and caring, other then the damn giant walking in front of him.

"Ya, why don't you go say hi to him?" I whispered to Seohyun making her come back to reality and stare at me with wide eyes.

"Mechaso! What has gotten into you!?' She whisper yelled at me, earning a chuckle from me.

"If you two are done talking then move." A stern deep voice said behind us. Slowly we both turned towards the voice and there stood the tall and almighty (retard of the year) Yi Fan. Seohyun was about to say something however I beat her to it.

"No. If we don't want to move then we don't have too." I spat. He looked at me with a arched eyebrow.

"Fine, guess I'll move you myself." Yi Fan then came closer to me and pushed me with his shoulder. After brushing it as if there was dust on it. I scoffed and was about to trip him, however being the angel she was. Seohyun stopped me. And it was good that she did or else his fans will pull out all my hair.

"Aish, I swear world war 3 will soon break." I muttered angrily, blowing away my bangs that was in my face. However I quickly snapped out of it when I heard someone chuckle beside Seohyun. We both looked and Seohyun's eyes shot wide open.

"Well, can't wait to see it happen." Luhan smiled while walking in the classroom. I notice how his eyes was mostly fixed on Seohyun was froze there on the spot. I smirked and pushed her putting my foot in front of her feet. She fell, however Luhan quickly turned around and caught her just in time. Her eyes now wider then UFO's. I evilly giggled and walked over to her.

"Oh, mianhae Seohyun-ah." I innocently apologized and earned a glare from the latter. However I notice how Luhan didn't even mind holding her. He stared at her with so much affection too.

So I cleared my throat making him snap back into reality and let go of Seohyun quickly. He looked away shyly and went to sit down. I can tell the girls were glaring at us but I could have cared less.

Seohyun's face was as red as a tomato. I giggled and sat down in my seat the farthest row next to the window.


While I was getting out my things something hit my chair and I turned around to see that I sat right in front of Yi Fan. I blew a raspberry and quickly turned back around.

Again, he kicked my chair. However this time I didn't turn. So he kicked my chair again and I blew up.

"Ya! Stop kicking my chair!" I yelled at Yi Fan earning everyone's attention.

"Excuse me Ms. Jung but he was just asking for the paper that I past out." Mrs. Kang explained angrily that I yelled in her class. I bitterly smiled and her and bowed apologizing. I then sat back down and passed the paper to him, glaring at him. Yi Fan smirked and wiggled his eyebrow at me. I scoffed and faced the front.

When I did I found a note on my notebook. I grabbed it and opened it to read...

I know that I'm a distraction but I'm not interested in ugly girls. Another thing, only family can call me by my Chinese name.

"Distracting? Ugly? Wu Yi Fan, you are seriously asking for an early death." I crumbled up the piece of paper and tossed behind me when the teacher was looking. However instead of hearing Kris, I heard someone else voice.

I quickly turned around and saw Luhan sitting there. Kris sitting behind him with a smirk. I gritted my teeth and looked at Luhan bitterly.

"L-Luhan-shi, cheongsahabmnida." I bowed my head and glared at Kris as I heard him chuckle.

"Ani, gwaenchana." Luhan smiled at me. I smiled back and quickly turned away seeing Seohyun look at me with a arched eyebrow. So much for falling in love with Luhan. "Kris was right about you." Luhan then whispered to me. My eyed widen and look back at him confused. Luhan shrugged and pointed his head towards the giant who was staring outside in a daze. I blinked then slowly turned back around still thinking of what Luhan just said.


Classes ended and Seohyun harshly linked arms with me as we walked in the hallway.

"What happened back there?" Seohyun whispered to me. I chuckled and told her everything, excluding that part that Luhan told me. As we were walking three girls stopped in front of us, arms crossed. We both blinked at them annoyed.

"Look, this is your only warning. If I see you talking or even getting near Kris oppa or Luhan oppa. I will not stop myself." The girl in the middle said while blowing at her nails as if she just painted them. (Think her name was Hyemi.) I scoffed.

"You fucking serious right now? How retarded are you? On a scale from 1 to 10 your probably a 10." I spat. She looked at me angrily.

"Bwoh!?" Right when she was going to hit me. Seohyun grabbed her wrist and threw it away.

"Stop, using violence doesn't solve anything." Seohyun glared at her. The latter faked laughed.

"And you. I want you to stop ogling over Luhan." She glared at Seohyun.

"Bwoh? Ogling? Is that even a word? Retards these days." Seohyun muttered the last few words to herself. However Hyemi heard and blew up. As we were about to walk away. She harshly turned Seohyun around and slapped Seohyun hard. The sound of her hand coming in contact with Seohyun's right cheek echoed a bit through the hallway.

We stood there in silence. My eyes shot wide open. When reality hit me, I blew up and pushed Hyemi making her and the other two fall onto the floor.

"Ya! You little bitch! How dare you hit Seohyun!!!" I started kicking them angrily. People watching us. I couldn't care less if they were watching. I was seriously going to kill this bitch on the spot.

However then someone stopped me and started taking me away from the scene.

"Ya! Let me go!!!~ Let me teach that slut a lesson!!!" I kept yelling previously hitting the latter's back. "Wu Yi Fan!!!!~" I screamed his name.


Kris pushed me far away from the door. We were on the balcony. Right after he let me go, he lectures me about my parents knowing.

"Why do you care!?' I shouted at him.

"Because if they fucking know, then my parents will fucking know!!!" He shouted at me angrily. No one in the whole school knows about our family being close. Except for Exo and Seohyun.

"Why do I have to care!?" I then fought back.

"Because if your little ass gets in trouble then my parents are going to make me take responsibility for it!!!" He shouted back. He was right, I remember my mom telling Mrs. Wu about Kris taking care of me at school. So instead I stomped my feet angrily and stomped away. Being stopped again by Kris.

"Where the hell do you think your going!?" Kris angrily shouted in my face.

"To class!!!" I angrily shouted back and yanked my hand away stomping back inside the school.


As the day went on, my favorite class finally came. Art class. I always loved drawing and painting. Mostly splatter painting. I quickly walked into the classroom happily and just sat in a random seat. I changed my gym class to this class because I got too lazy to exercise.

But hey, I'm as skinny as a stick so I'm alright.

Once I was settle in I notice that my favorite class will also become a nightmare. Damn giant was in the same class as me.

~Kris' P.O.V~

Seriously, sometimes I think that, that damn girl is taking drugs. Why does she hit so hard. If I'm right, she's taking steroids. Sooyoun seriously needs to take a chill pill. If she gets caught then I get caught. I always lie to ma that she's doing fine because seriously I don't want to watch over that kid.

However I decided to take everything off my mind from my favorite class. Art. I loved expressing out all my stress. And the good part was that I was the teacher's favorite.

Right when I entered the classroom, a random short girl walked over to me shyly. I blinked at her annoyed with these girls thinking that they can just come up to me anytime and ask for shit that I don't want to do.

"K-Kris sunbae? C-Can you help on our project?" She shyly asked as she was staring at her feet the whole time. I inwardly scoffed.

"Ani, I have my own work to do." I bluntly said and walked past her. I looked and my favorite class just got ruined. "Why is that damn kid in here!?" I whisper yelled to myself. I lightly grumbled and walked over towards her. I stood there waiting for her to know my presence.

After a while I got annoyed of her when she didn't even give a shit about me. But it's alright, like I cared about her too. I kicked the chair making her mess up her drawing. She looked at me angrily for what I did. I smirked down at her.

"What the hell do you want Wu Yi Fan?" She said my name fully. Seriously this chick needs to learn how to say my name instead of my Chinese name.

"You in my seat kid." I watched her as she ignored me. "Ya." I kicked the seat again making her mess up again. She exploded and shot daggers at me with her eyes.

"Why don't you just go find another seat!?" She lightly yelled at me. Lightly?

"Well that sucks for you because I've been sitting here before you have now move it kid before I throw your shit out the room." I threatened her. And she did what I did after huffing and puffing. I smirked in victory and sat in my seat. Then she just sat next to me. Lazy ass.

This class was going to long, very long. Why because Sooyoun kept making mistakes on her shading and Mr. Hwang was scolding her. So then he made me teach her.

She just had to sit next to me huh? I blew a raspberry to calm myself and looked at her as she was staring at the paper like it's from another planet.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I pinched my nose bridge. "Ya, this is like the nth time I fucking taught you how to shade that damn fucking picture." I scolded her. She innocently blinked at me confused.

"I don't get it. The way I shade it looks exactly the same as the way you taught me." She blinked at the similar picture. I looked at the pictures and saw all the mistakes. She shades it took fast making lines. She out shades which means that that parts that are not suppose to be shaded are shaded. Her's look more retarded while mine looked realistic. I heaved another sigh.

"Your so stupid." I muttered pinching my nose bridge. Hell yeah it was a long period.


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