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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away - Prologue

I waited patiently in a coffee café, sitting by the window side and watching the cold winter outside. It's been raining a lot lately but that doesn't even bothered the busy street a bit. People still have to go to work, still have bills to pay, and still have a family to feed. The ringing of my ringtone snapped me out of my dazing. I checked the caller ID, *The Annoying One*, and it bring a smile to my face.

I answered it without hesitation, "Are you here yet?" I asked and didn't even care about greeting.

"Tired of waiting?" Luhan answered.

"Of course I am, how could a guy let a girl waits for him for almost one hour!?" I pouted.
He chuckled teasingly, but also sweetly, "Do you want me to let her wait for couple of more hours?"

"As you please! I'm going home!" I grabbed my purse and stood up.

"I'm just playing! I'm just playing!" He quickly replied. "Don't go." I listen carefully to the silent pause. "Please."

I hate him! Every little words he said, always bring a smile to my face without me wanting it.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Inside you heart."

I was shocked by that, but my smile just gotten wider than before. "Stop saying nonsense stuff!" Trying not to sound so timid but I think it didn't work, because I could hear his small laughs through my cell phone. "I'm serious, where are you?" I asked again.

He cleared his throat, "Come outside."

"Outside?" I walked out of the coffee café and onto the cold wet sidewalk. "Are you in front of the coffee café?" I asked.

"Yes, I am." He replied.

I searched around the millions of people walking from left to right.

"Turn around."

I turned around just like what he told me too. And there he was, standing handsomely in his suit across the busy street. He smiled his sweetest smile and waved at me. I couldn't help it but smiled and waved back.

The ten seconds of the pedestrian light seem to be the longest in history. Cars are rushing to get past before the light turns red.

My eyes were still on him until a lady bumped onto me. I turned my attention to her but it wasn't her fault. Someone bumped onto her and that's why she bumped onto me. I heard them apologized and forgive each other before this squeaking loud noise went through my ears and it causes everyone to screamed in shock.

Before I could even see things clearly, I was being pushed by all the people who were rushing to cross the street.

I was still blank out until I heard people shouting.

"There's an accident!" "Someone got hit! Call 911!"

And that's when my mind got back to reality. I started to search for the only person that had always been on my mind. I crossed the street with small steps, hoping that he might appear in front of me. My heart beats faster and faster when I walked pass the mobbing of the accident, to where he was standing at a seconds ago. But he wasn't there.

I swallowed hard, hoping and praying that everything will be the way that I wanted. I turned around, back to the mob of people. I squeezed myself through them and every steps I takes, echoes in my head like a drum.

The person in front of me stepped aside to let me in. And as soon as I stepped out of the mob, a yellow hand-size rubber ball rolled down and hit the tips of my tennis shoe.......


Hey guys, here's a JingHan fan fiction that I'm going to write. It's not the best but please stay tune, comment, subscribe, and vote!!!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!


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please update :))

Please update!!! I miss reading this story T_T