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~Should I Love Him~

Chapter Nine

~Your POV~
I woke up by smelling something good again. I looked to see if Kai was still sleeping next to me but he wasn't. "He must be cooking right now." I just smile to myself and stay laying down. "Knock, knock." Kai knocked on the door. I pretended to still be sleeping. "My gorgeous Hyoyeon-ah wake up." He shaked me a little. I just lay still and don't do anything. Then I pretended to stretch when I'm sleeping, so when I stretch I just still pretend to be sleeping. Then I felt someone's warm soft lips on mine. I peeked open my eyes and Kai's face was right in front of mine. "Ha, caught you liar." He kissed me again. "Ya, stop it." I just giggle. "Then wake up right now." He kissed my cheek. I shake my head and close my eyes. Then he kisses my lips again and then again. "Ya! stop it."" I cover my lips. Then he kisses my hand. "Ya." I just smile and keep my eyes closed. Then he kisses my forehead. I opened my eyes to see Kai just smiling. "Go away." I turn my face. "No, not until you wake up." Kai starts tickling me. "Ya, stop it you know I'm very ticklsh." I tried moving Kai's hands but he kept on tickling me. Then somehow we rolled over and I was on top of Kai. "Ew trying to rape me now." Kai teased me. "Ya, what do you mean rape you liar." I laugh and kiss kai instead of him kissing me. "Should I do the same thing so you can kiss me so I can stay awake." He teases me again. "Nope then i'll just sleep next to you then." I lay on top of him and pretend to sleep again. "Ya, trying to sleep on me." He starts tickling me again. I almost fell off the bed until he pulled me back up. "Woah, you almost fell lovely." kai smiles to me. "Ya, because you pushed me you jerk." I hit Kai playfully. Then we kissed one more time and then walked downstairs. I made Kai carry me downstairs, it was funny because he would whine and then I would kiss his cheek and then he won't whine anymore. He kept on teasing me. And then when we were eating he would feed me. We would feed each other and laugh a lot. This day was the best day I ever had. "Kai-shi we should go hang out today." I hugged onto Kai's arm while we are watching a movie. "Umm...I don't know should we?" He looks at me. "Mmm, we should because it would be fun wouldn't it." I smile at him. "Ok then, should we plan what we should do before we leave." I nod my head and we start right away to planning. After we picked all our places Kai goes get dressed and then we walked to my house so I can change into something else. After I changed we went shopping, we went on a picnic, then to Namson Tower, and then to a place that were only us two. "I had a lot of fun today Kim Jongin." I just smile and hold onto kai's arm and lay my head on his shoulder. "You did, Its getting late, should we go home." I looked up to him and nod. Kai took me home and he was going to leave after his good night kiss. We kissed and then he left.
~Kai's POV~
That was the best day in my whole life to be with the person I love. Hyoyeon completed my heart, I probably surprise her tomorrow with something special. I walked back home and saw our car there. I walked inside and saw omma and appa standing there. "Omma, appa when did you guys come back." I hugged them both. "We just came back tonight but you know Grandma is all healed so we get to stay home with my adorable son." omma hugs me tightly, then I thought about Hyoyeon. "Oh, I missed you guys very much." I just fake laugh and hug them back. 'I have to think about a plan before omma finds out that I am back with Hyoyeon-ah again.' I said in my head while hugging omma. Then I walked upstairs after saying goodnight to them. I went in my room and called Hyoyeon. 'Ring' 'Ring' I waited and then she finally answered. "What took you so long?" I whined to her. "Awe that's cute but you should know that your girlfriend is with me right now and if you want her you have to bring money." I stand up in shock. "Who is this!?" I yelled through the phone. "This is someone who has your girlfriend and needs money." The strange voice said. "How much?" I asked while hesitating. "Hmm...about $5000 or more, but you know probably more we might not do anything to your girlfriend." "Fine then, I'll bring it just tell me the location." I yelled through the phone again. After he told me I went to the bank and took about about $100000. I put it in a bag and had a another bag with other things. I was going to switch it as soon as I get there. I texted my uncle who was in the police department about what is going to happen and then I left to that location they told me. I walked in and saw Hyoyeon blind folded. I carried both of the bags in the place. "Here, I threw the bags at them." They checked the one with the money and didn't check the other one. After a while they released Hyoyeon to me. I un blind fold her and see her terrified eyes with tears looking at me. "Kai-shi," she hugged me tightly. "It's going to be ok." I whispered to her. "Oh, you guys thought you would get out safetly." the guy said. I just look at him. "what do you want, I already gave you the money." I glared at them. "So, however we want to have her also. She must be a virgin." The guy smiled while looking at Hyoyeon. I went in front of her. "What, you said if I gave you more money then you won't do anything to her." I held onto Hyoyeon tightly. "Get her!" the guy yelled. I quickly grab the 2 bags. I open the bag without the money and grab out a bullet proof vest and give it to Hyoyeon to wear and then give her a gun. I also have a gun but I forgot about the body armor. However I didn't care, at least Hyoyeon won't get hurt. I blocked Hyoyeon again. They all pull out a gun and point it at us. I block Hyoyen and just stay there while the police arrived. "You called back up." the guy gave me a death glare. Then they called out in the speaker for everyone to come out. However we stayed there in the same place just looking at each other. I point the gun to the guy who wanted the money. And then someone pulled Hyoyeon and someone else shot towards her. So I pulled her back and got shot in the stomach. Then I shot the guy who shot Hyoyeon and the guy who planned on kidnapping Hyoyeon and got shot again. I fell onto the floor and the police came running in. I was laying on the floor and Hyoyeon was holding me. "Ka-shi!? Kai-shi stay alive ok, we are going to go to the hospital!" I heard Hyoyeon's voice calling for me. My eyes were about to close but Hyoyeon would always try to make me stay awake. I held onto her hand tightly. "Hyoyeon-ah." I coughed. "Hyoyeon-ah saranghae." My hand dropped to the floor and my eyes slowly closed. But I heard Hyoyeon say "Kai-shi saranghae, noreul saranghae."



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