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~Should I Love Him~

Chapter Six

~Kai's POV~
I went to my last day of school with the guys. We had a lot of fun, and I would try my best not trying to think about Hyoyeon. "Well, hey I better leave now, see ya later, also visit me sometimes." I smiled at them. "Wait, are you guys moving?" Xiumin stops me before I leave. "I don't know, it depends on my mom's mood." I just smile at them. "Ya! your mom is always and will be scary." Kris says while walking to me. I just laugh and put my arm around Kris's shoulder. "Group hug!!!!" Lay yells out. So we all hugged and then I left. I waved back to them, "I actually am moving away." I keep on looking to the ground. "Ok, you ready, I already packed up all your things." omma shouted from the car. I nod my head and go inside the car. I look at the school one more time and then we left.

~Two Years Later~

~Your POV~
I found out that I was sent to America for treatment, well I am here now. I'm on the plane going back to Korea. I can't wait to see the guys and mostly Kai. ~4 hours later~ "Aish, finally here." I stretched my arms. I stand up and got off the plane after I grabbed my bag. I walked to where they put the suitcases. I grabbed mine and walked to the exit until I heard someone call my name. I turn around to see the guys. "Oh, annyeong!!!" I shouted out. I ran to them, "Ya! you guys became really famous!" I hugged them. "Yeah, we became awesome people!!!" Sehun says laughing. We all walked out and the exo fans were screaming their butt off. "Hey, wait where's Kai?" I looked at everyone. They just look away and don't say anything. "What is it?" I looked at them and they turn away. I stop and stare at them. "What happened, why are you guys not telling me!?" I yelled at them. Then their fans were yelling at me. I just stare at them and grab my suitcase and walk away. "Hyoyeon-ah!?" Chanyeol called me but I kept on walking. I looked to my side and saw Kai in the airport. I stop and just stare. They guys run up to me and look at what I'm looking at. "Hey, isn't that Kai?" Sehun points to Kai. We just stood there looking at him.
~Kai's POV~
It turned out I went out of state for a while, but I decided to take a break and go visit everyone. "Ugh! finally here!!!" I grabbed my suitcase and walked outside. I felt like someone was watching me. Just keep on walking. I went outside to see girls screaming. "Aish, my ear drums." I walked away finding a taxi. "Taxi!" I yelled. I quickly went in the car until someone went into my car. I looked to see Kris, Chanyeol, Luhan, and Sehun. "Ya! what are you guys doing here in the airport, going somewhere?" I look at them with confusion. "Ya! we came to pick up Hyoyeon." Chanyeol looks at me. I just stare at them in shock. "What! drive!" I yelled at the driver. "Stop!" Sehun makes the taxi driver stop. "Ya! get out of the car!" I yelled at them. "Don't you ever want to see Hyoyeon again?" Kris grabs my shoulder. "I can't, if I start seeing her again, then something can happen." I looked away from them. "Let's get out." Luhan says while opening the door. They all got out and I just sat there blankly. "Sir, do you want to leave?" I look at the driver and nod my head. We left, and I saw Hyoyeon standing there like she was lifeless. I got home, and my parents were waiting for me outside my house, with girl that looks like my age. I got out and my parents were happy seeing me again. I hug them back but I still kept on thinking about Hyoyeon. I wonder if she is still living in the same house. Since I moved to a different neighborhood, I still don't want to walk around the neighborhood. My phone started ringing. I look to see Hyoyeon calling me. I turn off my phone quickly. "Who was that?" omma looks at me. "Oh, just a number I don't know." I smile and walk inside. "Jongin-ah, wait I need to introduce you to someone!" my mom ran after me. "Who!?" I was so tired from the trip. I look to see that one girl that I saw earlier. "Jongin-ah this is eun sung, Cha Eun Sung." I bowed and turned back around. "Ya! why are you so mean." "I'm not going on your blind date." "Why!? because you still are thinking about that one girl huh!?" I turn around see that omma was furious. "Why do you care, you have always been thinking about your own feelings, even I love you I don't want to always do what you tell me too!" I yelled back and ran upstairs. I slammed the door and locked it. "Ya! Jongin-ah you dare do that to me!" omma yelled from downstairs. "Mian hae, maybe next time." my mom said the Eun Sung. "Or maybe never!!!!" I yelled from my room. "I probably just leave." she ran out of my house. "Ugh! what is his problem, I'm just trying to help him find the right one." "Actually I agree with Jongin, you have been making him do whatever you want, you have never cared about who he liked or how his feelings were like." I open the door quietly and slowly tip toe to the stairs. I peek to see what they were talking about. "I always care about my son." omma said while walking to the kitchen. "Yeah you care but you never really cared about his feelings." appa walked to the kitchen also. I quietly walked down the stairs. "Yes I do, he just haven't notice that I'm doing something that is good for him." omma said while washing her hand. 'Liar, you have never cared about my feelings, finding what's best for me, is only for me to find it myself.' I whispered to myself. "See, Jongin even agreed with me that finding what's best is for him to find it himself, right Kim Jongin!" I came out slowly, "How did you know I was right there?" I look at appa. "Because I heard you whisper to yourself." he laughed. I just smile and walk to the fridge. "Kim Jongin, tomorrow you are going to go on a date with Eun Sung, she is totally your type." omma walked over to me. "No she is not, she shows too much cleavage and that she probably sucks at dancing." I grab a water bottle. "You never know if you don't try." she stares at me. "Well, I know, by the way she dresses." I start to walk away from omma. "Ya!" omma yelled at me even though I pretended not to hear.



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