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~Should I Love Him~

Chapter Five

~Your POV~
Ugh! It's so boring just laying here. Last night was really embarrassing, I figure if Kai changed his lock screen and wallpaper. I really miss him, mostly his smile. I blushed. "Ya! babo, what are you thinking right now, you can't fall for Kai you can't." I screamed to myself while covering my face in my hands. Then I felt someone's hands on my shoulders. I look up to see Kai staring straight in my eyes. "Gwaenchanh-a?" Kai looked at me with worried eyes. I just nod my head and sit straight. "Are you sure your ok?" Kai sat down on my bed next to me. "Yeah, everythin gis fine, just another bad nightmare." I look away from Kai. Then I felt his hands on mine. I turn back to look at Kai and notice that he was really worried about me. "I mean it, nothing happened Kai-shi, don't need to over react." I smiled dumbly at him. "Ok, but if you have a nightmare again, your heart rate can go up rapidly making it hurt." Kai let go of my hands. 'Aish, I liked it when you were holding my hand.' I whispered to myself. "What?" He looked at me while grabbing his bag. I shake my head and just smile. "So, what's today's homework?" I lean over to him. Then he looked up and are faces were close to each other, our noses were touching. "Ummm...to...today's...." Kai was stuttering and we kept on staring at each other. "Hey!!!!" I heard Chanyeol's voice screaming at us while walking in. We both move our faces away from each other. "Ooo, I saw what you two were doing." Luhan teased us. "What!? we didn't so anything." I looked away from them. "Ya! bad timing, we walked in when they were about to make out." Xuimin laughed. "Ya!" Kai stood up. "Awe, he is blushing." Lay said while pointing at Kai's face. I just giggled. "Ya! what are you laughing for, your also blushing." Chanyeol pushed me playfully. "Ya! when was I ever blushing!" I yelled at Chanyeol. "Ok, ok calm down." he laughed at me. "Let's start on our homework." Baekhyun sat on my bed across from me. "Ok, Kai give me my homework." I turned to Kai. But notice Sehun sitting where he was. "Sehun-shi, where is Kai?" I looked at him with confusion. "Oh, he got a phone call so he went out to talk to who ever he is talking to." Sehun looked at me with a smile after he was done talking. Then I notice that Tao and Suho giving each other looks. I just stare at them then turn away. I notice that they all were giving each other signals. I just glare at all of them. "Ya!..." I was about to speak until Kris started talking. "Oh, it's probably Kai's girlfriend yelling at him again." Kris just smiles and everyone looks at me. "Ya! why are you so depressed." Chanyeol stared at me. "Oh, Kris babo, you shouldn't have said that in front of Hyoyeon-shi." Baekhyun pushes Kris playfully. I just look to the floor then look at the door to see that Kai was looking like he was talking to his girlfriend. Then Lay pushed me, "Ya! we were kidding you actually were jealous and sad about him having a girlfriend." they all laughed. "Ya! when did I ever care about Kai." I yelled at them. They just keep on laughing until Kai came in. "You took so long, who were you talking to?" we all stare at him. "Oh...umm...it's nothing serious." Kai just stares at us then smiles. He hands me my homework and sits down. We all start doing our homework, but I looked at Kai to notice that he was sad. I wanted to ask, but then the guys are probably going to tease me again. "Ya! Hyoyeon-ah what does this question mean?" Chanyeol looked at me when I was staring at Kai who was just sitting there. "Hyoyeon-ah!?" Chanyeol poked me. I look at him, "what you looking at?" "Oh, nothing just..." I looked at Kai one more time then look back at Chanyeol. "It's nothing, don't worry." Chanyeol just nods his head and looks back at his homework. Then I look at Kai again because I worried. "Kai-shi, gwaenchanh-a?" Kai looks up to me and smiles weakly. "Yeah, it's nothing." then he grabs his pencil and starts writing. Finally we all finished our homework, I stretch my arms and look around to see how the members would react after such a long time for doing homework. Then when I looked at Kai, he was whispering with Kris. 'Wonder what there talking about?' I said in my head.
~Kai's POV~
"Ya! why are you so down, you didn't even do your homework." Kris patted my back. I just look at him. "It's nothing, don't worry." I just smile. "Ya! you sure have a lot of guts to say that, I know something is bothering you right now." Kris whispered yelled at me. I just look away and hang my head. "Kai-shi, gwaenchanh-a?" I heard Hyoyeon's voice. I look up to see everyone was worried about me. "Ya! there's nothing don't worry ok?" I just stand up and turn around to go in the bathroom. I close the door and sit down. I felt tears falling down my cheeks. I heard the guys leave. I wipe my tears and stand up. I check the mirror to see if I look like I wasn't crying. "Ok, I better leave also." I open the door and walk outside to see Hyoyeon was standing right in front of the door. "Hyoyeon-shi?" I looked at her. She looks up to me and I saw her tears falling down. I run up to her and hug her tightly. "Are you really going far away?" I heard her whisper to me while hugging me. I stop hugging her and look at her eyes. "What do you mean?" I smiled weakly. "Your omma thinks that we are dating huh?" she looks to the floor. I grab her face and wipe her tears. I nod my head, "Yeah, in order to protect you is to leave your side." tears started to fill my eyes. "How did you know?" I wipe my tears and look at her. "Because you got a text saying that you flight leaves next week and that you better see me for the remaining time then leave." Hyoyeon looks back to the floor. "Mian hae, I can't stay by your side." I hugged her tightly. "Hyoyeon-ah, I have something to tell you." I look back at her eyes. She just stares at me saying nothing. "I...I like you." "Actually I love you Hyoyeon." I grabbed her cheek and leaned in to kiss her. Our lips lightly touched. Tears falling out more, because knowing that I won't ever see her ever again. We kissed passionately and then I looked back at her to see that she was also crying. I wipe away her tears and hug her tightly. "Mian hae, Hyoyeon for leaving you." I hugged her tighter. We hugged each other then it felt like she wasn't hugging me anymore. I look at her to notice that she fainted. I freaked out and carried her to her bed. I ran out to call for the doctor. We all ran back to her room, then they moved her to the emergency room. I was sitting outside the whole time, not even thinking about going back home. Then my phone started ringing. I looked to see that omma was calling. I answer the phone and heard omma yelling at me. "Omma..." i said in a very quiet voice. "Omma, I'm not going anymore, I decided to stay her with the person I love, I can't leave, even though you don't like her I do." I just sat there. "What? I told you that you can't stay with that girl anymore!" she yelled at me again. "Omma! I decided to not be your son anymore, if you don't appreciate me then I decide to not even be your son, can't you tell that your damn son is in love!" I yelled at my mom through the phone. "Ya!" I shut off the phone as soon she was going to say something else. I turn it off and just sit there waiting. I look at my watch to see that it is already 2 in the morning. Then finally the doctor came out. I stand up quickly and walk to the doctor. "So!?" I looked at the doctor with worried eyes. The doctor sighed, "she is fine now, just that she is still on the danger list." "It seems like the disease has spread rapidly in her heart." The doctor looked to the floor and started walking away. "Wait, can I still go see her though?" I grabbed the doctor's arms. "Yeah, you can." I let go and walked inside. I look to see Hyoyeon laying there. Tears started falling down my cheeks, I walked closer and closer. "Hyoyeon-ah, Kai is right here, can't you wake up and look at me." I approach Hyoyeon closer. "Hyoyeon-ah, open your eyes." I wipe away my tears and touched her cheek. "I'm sorry sir, we need to move her to the patient's room." I turn around to see the nurse standing there. I just move out of the way. After she got moved to the patient's room, I sat there the whole time holding her hand waiting for when she will wake up. Many days have past and Hyoyeon was still sleeping. "Hyoyeon-ah, why are you still sleeping?" I hold on her hand tightly. I let go of her hand and went to go talk to the doctor about why she has been sleeping for so long. "Umm...excuse" I knock on the door while opening it. "Yes, come in." the doctor smiled. I walked in and sat down. "I have a question about Hyoyeon." I look at the doctor. "Yes, what is it?" "Why...why has she been sleeping for so long?" I felt tears about to fall. "I'm sorry, but it seems like she is just sleeping for a long time, she is actually not in a coma but she is trying to fight her disease right now." I just stand up and bow and walk out of his office. Tears started falling down again. I walk back to her room to see omma standing there. "What are you doing here?" I walked in. "I came to make a deal." she looked at me. "What?" I look to the floor. "I will send her to America to get treatment, I know a doctor that can help her and she can stay a live." She walks up to me. "But you can't see her ever again or get near her ever again." I look up to see my mom standing right there. "Fine, as long as she lives then." tears started falling down my cheeks. "However, I get to stay here tonight and then you have to send her by tomorrow." I wiped away my tears. "Ok, stay then, and say your goodbyes because she will be leaving tomorrow." My mom walks out of the room. I walk closer to her, I sit down and hold her hand. "Mian hae, I need you to live so one day I can find you again." "Kim Hyoyeon, saranghae." I kiss her hand and keep it at my lips.


~Kai's POV~
I woke up to see that it was already tomorrow. I turn around to see the guys standing there. "Hey, you had a nice sleep." Kris walked up to me. I wipe away my tears and just smile. "Ya! you've been crying the whole time you were sleeping." Luhan walks over to me. I just laugh. "What happened?" Chanyeol stares at me. "I...I..." I look up to Chanyeol. "I decided to send Hyoyeon to America to get treatment, while I can bother her anymore, also I'm switching schools." I look to the floor. "I hope you guys can watch over her." I smile. Then Luhan hugged me, then everyone came and hugged me. "Don't worry man, at least she can still be a live." Baekhyun says while hugging me. "Sorry, but it's time for her leave." We all look to see my people standing there. I nod my head and turn around and walk to her. I lean down and kiss her lips. I stand back up, "Take her." I looked away from her. After she left I fell on the chair, while crying.



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