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~Should I Love Him~

Chapter Four

~Kai's POV~
I wasn't even a sleep yet and she thought that i really were. She also kissed me on my cheek, good thing she notice that I was blushing. Ugh! what am I thinking she doesn't even like me, she is only thankful for helping her duh Jongin. Remember to forget about her she is Chanyeol's friend and Chanyeol is your friend. I woke up to see that Hyoyeon didn't wake up yet. "I think I better make breakfast for her since she let me sleep here last night." I stood up and went to the kitchen. I looked in her fridge to see nothing. "I think I better go buy some food for her and a lot of other stuff. I went to put on my shoes and closing the door quietly. After 2 hours I came back to see that Hyoyeon still wasn't a wake. "But it's already 7:45." I looked at my watch to remember that it was already the weekend. "She probably likes to sleep in on the weekends." I walked to the kitchen and organized everything. I started cooking omurice.
~Your POV~
Mmm something smells good downstairs. Wait is Kai cooking downstairs. I get out of bed quickly and walk downstairs to see that Kai was cooking. "Kai-shi?" I walked up to him. "Oh, your finally a wake, I was cooking for saying thanks for letting me sleep here." He smiled and then went on cooking. "Hey you didn't have anything in your fridge so I decided to buy stuff for you to cook at home when your hungry." he was focused in cooking instead of looking at me. "Here let me help you." I walked over to him. "No it's fine, you can go sit down since I'm your guest and you let me sleep here for free, so I'll do it." he just smiled. I turned around to sit at the table. I was watching him the whole time, watching him make some spills and being clumsy. I just laughed at him, "Hey! make sure that the food is edible!" I yelled at him. He put the food on a plate and walked over to me. "Tadah! Here is my awesome cooking." He put down the plate. I just looked at him. "What it doesn't look good, it's just omurice." He sat down across from me. "No, first time for a guy actually cooking for me other than my dad." I picked up the spoon. He stared at me while I was trying my first bite. "Ya! stop staring at me and eat already." I just laughed. After we ate, we both washed the dishes and we were hanging out for a while. We watched tv and talked about exo, about each member. I also told him about Chanyeol in the past. We had a lot of fun talking to each other, just us two. I looked at the clock that it was already getting dark. "Hey I think you should go, it's already getting dark." I said while standing up. He stand up and nod his head as if I was his omma and was telling him to go to school before it's late. "Hey! can I come over sometime again?" he smiled at me while putting on his shoes. "Ummm..." then I started to think about my parents. "Yeah, I guess so, being alone too much is boring." I smiled at him. He just smiles and nods his head. As soon as he walked outside and closed the door my chest started to hurt. I fell to the floor. "Aish! why, why does it hurt so much right now." I crawled up the stairs and went in my room to look for my medicine. But I couldn't find it. "I need to call someone." I slowly was about to faint until my phone started ringing. I quickly walked to my desk and grabbed my phone. I saw Kai's number on it. "Kai-shi!" I was happy that he called. "Hyoyeon-shi, is something wrong, why does your voice sound so different?" I couldn't talk anymore. "Kai-shi...?" I fainted on the floor. I kept on hearing someone calling me but I just didn't know who it was. I peeked open my eyes to see that I wasn't in my room anymore. I looked around to see where I was then I looked at the side of me to see that Kai was sleeping there holding my hand. I just smiled, but my body felt so weak. Then I saw Kai waking up, "Kai-shi?" I said quietly. He looked at me in surprise and was smiling. "Your awake, I better go get the doctor." He stood up and soon he was about to run away I grabbed his hand. "Please don't go Kai-shi." I whispered. He looked and me with startled eyes. He sat back down and held my hand between his hands. "Ok, I won't leave you, don't worry." He smiled at me while holding my hand tightly. I just smiled lightly and went back to sleep. Then I felt the sun shining down at my face. I open my eyes that the curtains were open. I was trying to sit up but I couldn't. "Oh here let me help you." I heard someone's voice. I turned to see that Kai actually did stayed when I told him to stay. He ran to me and helped my sit up. "I went to go grab your breakfast, and mine as well." he smiled at me while grabbing the small table. He put the food on it and went to get a water bottle. "Ugh! I hate hospital food though." I just stared at the food. "Then you wanna try my food, I bought from the cafeteria downstairs." he looked at me. "No, it's fine." I smiled weakly. "Hyoyeon-ah!?" I heard someone yell. I look to see Chanyeol and the other guys. "Channie!" I smiled. "Hyoyeon-ah why didn't you tell me that you were sick." Chanyeol came and sat down next to me. I just smiled and nod my head. "Hyoyeon-shi you look so pale, you probably should eat a little." Chen said to me. "Am I really pale." I looked at them and see that they all nod there head. I just laughed and just sighed. "Here." I look to see Kai giving me the chopsticks. I was going to grab it but I felt that I still don't have strength. "Oh, here I'll help feed you." Kai put down the chopsticks and grabbed the spoon. "Awe that is so cute, they're probably dating!" Kris teased us. "Ya! you wanna die." Kai laughed at him. I look at Chanyeol to see that he was still sad. "Channie, if you don't smile then you're not giving me strength." I said while smiling. "Sorry, it's because I'm just really worried." Chanyeol turned away. "it's ok, I bet everyone is." I looked to the other members smiling and nodding her heads. CHanyeol just smile and nods his head. "Here I'll feed you instead since I'm your bestie." Chanyeol took the spoon from Kai. Kai just smiles and grabs his breakfast. "Ya! Chanyeol hyung, Kai was suppose to do that not you." Sehun says while glaring at Chanyeol. "Ya! it's ok." Kai says smiling. After we ate, we all were watching tv and were telling scary stories while some members scared the others. Whenever that happened I would freak out and scream, sometimes the nurse comes in to tell us that it is the hospital and we need to be quiet. "Oh! I need to leave, omma wanted to make do something." Chanyeol stood up and waved while running out the room. "Yeah! I think I'm going to go too." Everyone stood up and walked at the room while saying bye to me first. Then Kai got up and was about to go also. I felt like someone I got really comfortable was leaving me like omma and appa that left me. Then I saw Kria and Kai talking outside my room. I wish I could hear what there talking about but I couldn't because the were too far. "Hey you should stay with Hyoyeon-sh, why are you leaving?" Kris looked at Kai. "Because I was never home for a long time now." Kai just looked at Kris. "Hey if you want her to be your girl then you got to support her and stay by her side." Kris smirked. "Ya! when did I ever wanted to make her my girl?" Kai yelled at him. "Hey, I notice that you already like her." Kris smiled. "I'm your best friend of course I can tell if you like a girl ok babo." Kris started walking away. Kai turns to look at me and I turn away thinking that I wasn't trying to listen. Then I saw walk into the room. "What are you still doing here, I thought you left?" I said while looking away from him. "No actually I will stay here and company you." He said while sitting down next to me. I just nod my head, and keep looking the other way. "Is there something interesting outside?" Kai said while staring at me. "Ya! there is, I think." I whispered to myself. He just laughed and turned on the tv. "Let's see if there is something to watch on tv." He was going through the channels. Then we ended up watching a movie. I was watching until I looked to see that Kai was already knocked out. I giggled and stared at him. I moved his hair out his face and stared at his face. "Woah, ye bbeu dah." I stared until I started to get tired. I grabbed the remote and turned off the tv. "Good night Kai, or Jongin-shi." I laid down and went to sleep.

~Next Day~

~Your POV~
I woke up again by the sunlight. I opened my eyes to see that Kai was still sleeping. I giggled and heard someone knock on the door. I looked up to see the doctor. "Oh, annyronghaseyo." I bowed my head. He smiled and walked over to us. "It seems like your boyfriend is still sleeping." the doctor looked at Kai with a smile. "No, he's just a friend." I freaked out. The doctor laughed and came to me. "It seems like your disease is becoming more worst." "You need to get the treatment right now or you can die." I looked away from the doctor. "But even though if I get surgery I can still die right?" tears started filling my eyes. "Ms. Hyoyeon-shi, please don't cry, you never know." the doctor put his hand on my shoulder. I wiped my tears and didn't say anything. "Can I wait a little longer, because I don't want to have it yet." I looked at the doctor. He nod his head and left. I wiped all my tears away so Kai doesn't see me when he wakes up. I just lay down down and look at the sky. 'Omma, appa please help me, I don't want to leave, because of the person who is next to me right now, I think I like him. Omma, appa please help me get through the disease.' I whispered to myself. "What?" I turn to see Kai sitting up stretching. "Nothing, I was just looking outside." I smiled. Then he smiled back at me. "Hey do you think you can take me out, just sitting here is boring." I looked at Kai who was rubbing his eye like a little kid. "Yeah! a little fresh air is good." he just sat there smiling. "Babo, you should go wash your face instead." I smiled at him and then I felt like tears were about to fill my eyes. "Yeah, I'll be right back." He stood up and went to the bathroom. I quickly wipe my fast and then calm myself down. "Hyoyeon you can't cry in front of him, if I don't survive the surgery then I guess I shouldn't like him." I wiped away my tears and just laid there waiting for Kai. "Ok, you ready to go out." He smiled at me. "I need to change though." I giggled at him. "Oh yeah, I'll go out and get the nurse." I nod my head and he walks out my room. Then the nurse came in. "Your boyfriend is really adorable Ms. Hyoyeon-shi." the nurse said while helping me up. "Oh, he's not my boyfriend." I just smile. "Well, if he was your boyfriend, he is a keeper." the nurse laughed. After I got dressed, the nurse grabbed the wheelchair, because I was still kind a weak. "Here you go, Mr. Kai-shi." Kai stands up straight and comes to me. "The doctor said it was ok also, lets go." He started pushing me. "Where do you want to go though?" I just think really hard. "How about school, I want to see the other guys." I smiled at Kai then he smiled at me. He nods his head and we start going to the school. When we arrived I saw everyone staring at us. "Omg, what happened to her?" the girls kept on whispering. Kai walked me to where Luhan, Sehun, and Baekhyun's class was. I just stared into the classroom so the teacher doesn't yell at us. Then Luhan spotted me. He was waving to me and Sehun was just staring at him like he was crazy. Luhan told him that i was outside and then told Bakehyun that I was outside. They all were waving to me, I just laughed and waved back at them. "Ya! what are you guys doing!?" the teacher yelled and walked to the door and saw Kai and me in a wheelchair. "Hyoyeon-shi, why are you in a wheelchair, what happened?" the teacher looked worried. I smiled "It's nothing, I'll get better later." The teacher nod his head and we went to the others classroom. Everyone did the same thing but some of them would get yelled at and come stand outside. We would laugh and talk. Finally it was lunch and Kai and me were waiting for the others to come. "Wait here, I'll get you lunch ok." Kai stood up and walked away. The others came to see me all by myself. "Ya! what happened to Kai, he ditched you huh?" Lay said why staring at me. I shake my head and just tell them that he went to go get me lunch. They all were laughing, "This is the first time to see Kai do that actually." Tao said. "Really, its actually his 3rd time bringing me food also he cooks really well." I looked at the member to see them staring blank at me. "What?" I just stare at them. "Woah, he totally does like you." Chen said laughing. "We caught him red handed." Xuimin smiled brightly. "Hey what if we hide and see what he does when they are only together alone." Suho said while standing up, so everyone agreed and ran away to hide but could still see me. "Ya!" I yelled out then I saw Kai walking to me with the food. "Where's everyone?" he said while sitting down next to me. I looked at Chanyeol, he shakes his head and trys to tell me that that aren't here yet. I just nod my head. "Oh, the guys?" "There not here yet?" Kai opened the food. "Nope, not here yet, they probably went to get there lunch." I just smiled to Kai. Then I saw someone taking pics of us. I just glare at them. "Here you go." Kai handed me my food and spoon. "Gamawo." I just grab it. I just stare at Kai and then stare at the others. Kris was telling me to do something that Kai would do for me. I just look at him like he is crazy. Kai looks at me and I look at him, then our eyes both met. I blushed and turned away. "Ya! Hyoyeon likes Kai also." I hear Lay whispering to Luhan and laughing. "How come your not eating, it's goignt to get cold." Kai said while eating. "Oh, I will." I just stare around to see everyone looking at me. I leaned in to Kai. Kai turns around right when I was leaning in and our noses touch. I move away and then just stared blankly. Kai just turns away slowly. I decided to eat, so I didn't care about the others and started to eat. Then my heart started hurting. I grabbed Kai's shoulder. "what's wrong?" he looked at me and I was grabbing my chest. He grabs me water to drink, but my heart still hurt and I couldn't take it anymore. I was freaking out because of the pain. Then Kai hugged me tightly, so I can calm down. I saw everyone stand up and look at me. "Shh, it's ok just relax breathe slowly and exhale out slowly." Kai whispered to me. Then my heart did start to relax a little bit better. I started doing what Kai told me and it worked. Then I looked up at him and looked back at me. "Fell better?" our eyes connected. I felt scared so I hugged Kai back tightly. "It's ok, I won't ever leave your side." Kai stroked my hair. "Woah, you have been cought red handed, you do like Hyoyeon-ah!!!!!" Kris yelled out. We both look at them as they pop out of there hiding place. Then Sehun and Luhan was hugging each other and was acting like us. Then they laughed, even Chanyeol was laughing because he finally found out that I like Kai. Kai was just staring at them like what the heck were they talking about. "Awe, look guys they are still hugging each other." Xuimin said smiling. Then we both got off each other and turned away like nothing happened. "Don't have to be shy guys." Kris laughed. I just blush then glare at them. After school, exo was going with me to the hospital, like everyone.
~Kai's POV~
What the heck did just happen, like everyone was hiding the whole time. What were they doing, trying to find me out that I like Hyoyeon or what. Ugh! need to be more careful now, they all are bothering me. We were walking back to the hospital as one. Chanyeol wanted to push Hyoyeon so I let him, well...yeah I just let him push her. We were walking until I heard a little girl crying. I stop and looked to see where it was coming from. I ran away from them and went near the small playground and saw a little girl crying. I ran up to her. "Gwaenchanh-a?" I looked at the little girl. She was crying because she fell and scratched her knee. I carry her back where everyone was looking at me. "Ya! your a girl, how did you already have baby?" the guys teased me. "Oh, Shinhye-ah, what's wrong?" Hyoyeon looked at her. "Unnie! I fell and now my knee is bleeding." the little girl cried while holding me tight. "That's why I told you not to go outside by yourself ok?" Hyoyeon looked like her real sister. "Unnie, you weren't here so I went to go play by myself." the little girl cried even more. "Here I'll take you to clean your knee then I'll go play with you." I smiled at the little girl while wiping her tears away. She smiled and nod her head. I walked into the hospital and cleaned her knee. All the guys were staring at me. "What?" i k=just stare at them blankly. "Ya! you look just like a dad." Baekhyun said while staring at me. I just smiled and put a bandage over her knee and stand her up. "Oppa, gamawo." She smiled at me. Then she told me to bend down because she wanted to tell me something. I just go on my knees and look at her, then she kisses my cheek and runs to Hyoyeon. They all laughed, I just smile. Later I took her to go play and everyone was also playing with us. I went to go sit next to Hyoyeon who was only watching us. "Why you not playing anymore?" Hyoyeon smiled at me. "Because I am so tired." I lay my head on her shoulder. "Ya! lift up your head." she tried to push my head away. I life up my head and just laugh. " How do you know her?" I look at Hyoyeon. "Oh, she lives next to me, she and her omma was abandoned by her appa. We became very close ever since they moved to my neighborhood. However Shinhye-ah has lung cancer. She is so young but she is still a fighter. She really wants to see her mom, but they don't let her go that far out." I look at Hyoyeon then Shinhye. "She would sometimes tell me to go get her mom so she can see her. But I couldn't. Her mom died in a car accident. Her mom was hit by a car in front of me. I was trying my best to make sure that she is still awake but it was too late. Her omma died in my arms, and I was so scared because I didn't know how to say that her omma is now in heaven. And that she won't get to see her omma anymore. Also if I ever told her then she would want to die also." I look at Hyoyeon to see that she was crying. I hold onto her hand. "It's ok, you shouldn't tell her yet right, she is still young. And what you said is right, what if she wanted to kill herself if that did happen." I held Kai's hand tightly. We both looked at each other in the eyes and there was a perfect connection. I felt that I wanted to tell to tell her that I like her until I heard someone taking pictures. We both turn to see the guys taking pictures of us. "Ya! what are you doing?" I yelled at the guys. They were just laughing and showing each other the pictures they took. They even jacked my phone and took pictures. "Oh, you guys were about to make out but you know it's public and you guys never told each other that you guys like each other." Lay laughs. We both blushed and just laugh along. "Wait what about Shinhye?" Hyoyeon looks at them. "Oh, she went inside long time ago, she was getting tired so she went to go sleep." D.O said while giving my phone to me. "Ya! you jacked my phone!" I grab it. "it's funny because you didn't even know that I did that." D.O just hides his smile. "You did something to my phone huh?" I turn it on to see that he changed my lock screen to Hyoyeon and then my wallpaper was about us, it was a collage. "Really?" I look at them. They just laugh and say thank you to me. "Yeah, you know you like it." Kris laughs while sitting next to me. After that night, I didn't even care about my phone anymore, because I like what they did to it.



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