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~Should I Love Him~

Chapter Two

~Your POV~
'BEEP' 'BEEP' 'BEEP' I wake up to see that I was going to be late for school. I ran and went to take a quick shower and changed right into my uniform. "Oh gosh, I'm late!" I yelled at myself. I ran downstairs and put on my shoes. Then I said goodbye to my parent's picture. "Bye omma and appa, see you later." I smiled and ran out the door. I closed the door and started running. "Good-morning Mr. Won!!!" I yelled while still running. "Good-morning Hyoyeon-shi." he said smiling. I waved at him when I was still running. When I got to the other street I ran into someone. "Mian hae, gwaenchanh-a?" I stand up to see it was Kai. "Why were you rushing for?" he said while rubbing his head. "I'm late!" I yelled at him and started running again. "Why? it's only 6:45am." I stopped and turn around to look at him. "Its only 6?" I said while catching my breathe. "Yeah, why?" he giggled. He walked up to me and showed me the time. "OMG!!!!! seriously why was my time wrong then?" I turn around and start walking slowly. Kai giggled and caught up to me. "You probably saw your time wrong dummy." he smiled at me. I just fake a smile and start walking faster. "Ya! why are you rushing again!?" he yelled at me. "Because I don't want to walk with you!" I yelled back. When I was walking I didn't notice that I dropped my phone on the ground. I just kept on walking and Kai picked up my phone. When we reached school he kept on following me. I would peek behind me to see if he was still following me. "Why are you following me!?" I whispered to myself. Then I turned around when I was about to fall until Kai grabbed me by the waist. I just looked at him with shocked eyes. I pushed him off of me as if nothing happened. "Why are you following me?" I cleared my throat. "Because..." before he could finish Chanyeol was calling me. I look to see Chanyeol and I ran up to hug him. "Channie!!!!!" I hugged him. "Hey, what you doing?" Chanyeol said to me while smiling. "Nothing about to walk into the classroom." I smiled back. "Oh, Kai, what are you doing here?" Chanyeol looked at Kai with confusion. Kai hides my cell phone and then just shakes his head saying that he was pasting by. "Well, you better get to class then." I smiled to Kai. I watched Kai walk away and Chanyeol pulled me into the class making girls gasping. I just ignore them and walk with Chanyeol. We both sat down and were laughing with each other while the girls were staring at me and Chanyeol. The teacher walked in and told us to go straight to our work. So I was still helping Chanyeol. My next classes I would help some other exo member. The bell rang and it was time for lunch. I shoved everything in my bag and walked out the classroom. Then it became dark, someone was covering my eyes. "Who is this?" I said while touching the hands. "Someone?" the person said. I figured out his voice, "Chanyeol-shi remove your hands from my eyes." I smiled. "How did you know it was me." he looked at me. "Because of your voice, duh babo." I laughed. "Ya! your the babo." then he laughed after me. "Want to have lunch with me today?" he looked at me. I turn to see him smiling down at me. "Yeah, that sounds nice." I smiled back at him. We walked outside to see the whole exo sitting there. "Umm..." I just stared at everyone. "Hey you guys, Hyoyeon decided to join us for lunch today." Chanyeol said smiling. "Chanyeol-ah, second thought I don't want to eat lunch." I lightly smiled at him. "Don't be scared, they won't bite." he laughed and went towards them. "Hyoyeon-ah, can you help me with biology homework?" Chen said smiling. "Hyoyeon-ah can you help me with my history homework?" Sehun says. "Ya! you guys are just being friends with her because you want her to do your homework." Chanyeol yells at them. "No, she actually explains better then the teacher." Luhan says smiling. "Well, how about you guys come over to my house today and we can do homework all together, also tomorrow is Saturday anyways." Kai said. I just stare at them. "Hyoyeon, you wanna come over?" Kai looked at me. Chanyeol ran up to me and whispered that I should go since he will be there. I just smile lightly and nod my head. They all cheered. After school we all walked together to Kai's house. There was no one there but us. When we entered his house, it was huge and very pretty. I just stared in amazement. We walked to the dining table where we are going to do our homework. Kris pulls out a chair for me to sit down. I just bow to him and sit down. Then Kai brought over drinks after the drinks we started doing our homework. I felt like a teacher, helping everyone. It was very funny and after doing our homework we laughed and told stories. The more stories we told the more we became closer and closer. I looked at the time and see that I should start leaving. "Hey guys I have to go home." I stand up and went to grab my bag. "Here, I'll take you." Kai stood up also. Chanyeol was too lazy. "Don't they look good together?" I heard Xiumin whisper to Lay. They both nod there head and I turn around to glare at them. Then I turn back around and open the door. Kai and I walked under the beautiful stars. "Wow, the stars looks so pretty tonight." I said to Kai.
~Kai's POV~
I looked over to Hyoyeon to see her beautiful shining bright face from the moon's light. Her face was bright. She mostly looked more beautiful under the beautiful stars. I just couldn't stop looking at her. Right now I feel like I want to kiss her, but we aren't even dating. And plus I don't have feelings for her, or do I? She looked at me, I turned away so she wouldn't find out I was staring at her for a bunch of time. We just kept on walking until I saw her look at the sky again. Then I stared back at her. "Kai, doesn't the stars look prettier right now. I turn to look at the sky and then whispered, "But they are not as pretty as you." "What?" she looked at me. I just keep looking up until 'BANG'. I fell onto the floor. She started cracking up. I stand up rubbing my head. "That hurt." I just smiled stupidly. She giggled and looked at my forehead. Her face was close to mine. Then somehow we kissed. I open my eyes to see my face right in front of hers. Our lips were touching, so I moved away quick. I did not just kissed Hyoyeon, I didn't do it on purpose, my body did that. She just looked at me in shocked eyes. "I...ummm..." I stuttered. She turned away and started walking away from. Why did I do that? Ugh! babo babo why are you so stupid Kai. Better go back, the guys are probably thinking why I am taking forever. I touched my lips and smiled thinking that my lips actually did touch Hyoyeon's. I just smiled all the way back but then pretend not to smile when I entered the house. 'Ahhhhh I wanted to scream that I kissed Hyoyeon!!!' lol I yelled in my head while trying to act cool. That kissed made my night.


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