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IN this chapter there will be no dialouge

" ONOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" kyuhyun

" ANIO...............WAE WAE!!!!" heechul

" yah writer do you wanna die " kangin

so as i said there will be no dialogue in this chapter i will tell the remaining story of there youth with my golden tongue

"A HA HA HA................GOLDEN TONGUE " yesung

when yesung saw heebum with heechul he got jealous so he planned to buy a pet too and show off in fight so as he planned he went to pet shop and buy three turtles
" dankoma ,dankoming and dankomang.......................come to papa " yesung scream and hug
at night he went to fight he show them his turtles
" here these are my NINJA TURTLES " YESUNG said in a victorious way
" AISH WHEN WILL THIS BIG HEAD UNDERSTAND ...................HEEBUM !!!............GO GRILL THESE TURTLES AND EAT THEM " heechul said and
next moment heebum was grilling the turtles on fire

" what ???.............since when heebum learn grilling " RYEOWOOK

" this cat belong to heechul we can expact anything from it " donghae

" aish i had hate this cat from the very first day " leeteuk

" god bless this cat soul...............heebum is a great sinner" siwon

when yesung see that he run and kick heebum and heebum got sixer in the air
" ahhhhh.................my heebum " heechul scream and run to catch hee bum but she was already out of sight then yesung turn around with an evil smirk

the angels who were happy that they are saved by there guardian cat were afraid that now there end is near as the 5 angels thought 5 devils beat them again

" wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!............what a kick " eunhyuk

" yup may heebum soul rest in peace " sungmin

" heebum attack!!!" heechul

" meowwwwww!!!!!"

" ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" eunhyuk

" ah this filthy cat " sungmin

the bad boys use to study togather they hate these turtles so they ask yesung to change them because these turtles always get in there pants so yesung went to pet shop and bought three snakes and when get home he said
" guys look my new pet s" when they all see they scream of course they cant live with snakes then yesung change the snakes and bought a scorpio a night before there final exams next day when he was sitting in the class room his scorpio was with him everyone were scared and were staying away from yesung
one night kyuhyun came home he was very happy then yesung ask
" what happen why are you happy '"
" aigo i think you are drunk " eunhyuk said
" no eun he is surely drunk" donghae said
"ahh nothing hyung " he replied. then leeteuk came screaming
" kyuhyun!!!!.....................kyuhyun you rascal where are you?"
" what happen hyung " yesug ask when he saw kyuhyun sitting on bed leeteuk hit him on face
" hyung what happen " donghae ask
" this little rascal had just tried to kill that KIM YOUNG WON " leeteuk said
" WHAT ???" They all scream
" and that bloody choi siown saw him doing this " leeteuk said again
" but hyung how do you know " eunhyuk ask
" i was passing by the hospital then i saw four of the other getting in hospital and when i follow i saw them talking to police about kyuhyun " leeteuk said
" what???...............you mean" yesung said
" then we should hurry and hide him " eunhyuk said
" no make him sleep " donghae said they all look at donghae" what make him sleep hide his car tell his parents and everything ok " donghae said
"GOOD IDEA " they all said hug dongae
yesung tried many ways to make kyuhyun sleep but when he did not sleep he hit kyuhyun head with bat brush his teeth change his clothes to hi pajamas and throw him on bed . leeteuk went to his parents to tell them and eunhyuk and donghae went to hide the car
and as they planned when police came and search for everything they found nothing and thought that siwon had made some mistake because they were rivals in high schools so this case close soon but kangin stay in COMA for 1 month but in this 1 month everything change in everyones life this was the last month of high schools means there exams has started in this month kangin whole year got wasted
that new girl in bad boys school and yesung both fall for each because of her leeteuk and yesung start fight the girl hyo yeon who eunhyuk meet when he was trying have sex with a girl was now the apple of his eye he wanted her but she had left the high school he cant think about any other girl so he promised to himself till he cant sleep with her he will not sleep with any other girl
ONE day yesung and leeteuk had a very bad fight on the topic of hye yoon then leeteuk thought to get his revenge he had never done this he went to girls hostel to rape hye yoon some how yesung came to know of it and he wnet to hostel when he broke the door of hye yoon room what he saw he cant believe on it leeteuk was holding her shirt and she was sitting on floor trying to cover her body yesung got angry he hit leeteuk not just one time many and suddenly un wantedly leeteuk fall out of the window yesung was shocked on what he had just down he run pick leeteuk fainted and blooded body up and take him to hospital he just throw him infront of hospital door and run away
WHEN yesung parents came to know of it what he had done they send yesung to england so he could be save leeteuk stayed in hospital for 1 week because of his injuries his arm was broken and his head got a deep wound and when leeteuk came to his senses he got one big shook
kyuhyun father told him that leeteuk parents passes away in road accident on the same when leeteuk got in accident
after hearing this he tried to contact his friends then he came to know that he is left alone all of his friends had left korea for there studies then time when he needed then they all were just gone and leeteuk was now alone so he decided to take stand and hold the empire of his dad bussniess
kyuhyun went to italy for studies and he had a company there that he will take over eunhyuk and donghae went to paris for there studies .they were not in contact with each other

KANGIN started his studies again and pass his high school next year ryeowook and heechul and sungmin stayed togather and study siwon went to america for his studies

this was there youth thats how they spend it what will happen next i will tell you in next chapter



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