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KIM jong won

When yesung came out of the room he got call ........ he was angry thats why he was not picking up after getting in car when his temprature came down he look at his i phone there was 10 calls by park bom he was thinking to call her but before he do she called again

" yes what is it bom "
" oppa where are you " she ask in a tense voice
" what is it bom?.... is everything okay ?"
" oppa come home phali !!" she said
" your house ???"
" no yours !!!" she replied a
" ok i am coming relax ok " he got tense as she was sounding really worried he ask his driver to take the car him when he reach there he see that her car was standing infornt of his house .......... he bang on the door
park bom came running out and open the door
" bom !!" there was the question in his voice
" oppa!!!" she hug him tightly
" what happen my sister " he ask
" come in !!........ i ll tell you "
" what is it bom " when both of them came in bom said " oppa today when i came to your house to meet you ........... thi .... this was infront of your door "
" what !!!" yesung ask
" this " park bom said while dragging a boy behind of the couch which was like a bomb on yesung
he was all similar like yesung this was no fake or nightmare it was really every little thing was like yesung even the voice the baby was crying
" bom!!....... what is this " he ask
" that i also want to ask !!........ who is the mother "
" mother???!!!" yesung scream in shock that she is relating the child to yesung
" MOTHER !!!..........ennnnn......... i want to go o umma!!!" the child cried
" thats what i am saying go to your mother !!"
" ennnnnnnnnnnn" he again scream and hide behind bom while crying
" oppa behave !!......."
" this??...... this is impossible " yesung fall on the couch behind him because now his legs were life less and he cant deny that child does not belong to him ........ every single detail of that child was related to yesung ........ the child was like yesung born again as a baby
" come...... come here" yesung pull the child near" what is your name "
" KIM JONG WON " he said
"see oppa even he has same name as you !!" park bom said
" OH..... LORD"
yesung is in a big problem now dont know what is it ........... a trap or a reality


" why are you hidding now!!!"
" ummmm" she was pouting beneth the blanket
" come on !!......... you should before doing it with anyone "
" he is not anyone!!!............ he is yesung" she scream while pulling her head out and then pull in
" aish stop giving me flashes of your face ." eunhye said
" you leave i want park bom !!!!" she scream
" park bom is not here "
" but i want bom !!!!"
" why what did i done to you "
" you are hitting on me!!!" she sgain pout
" fine i ll bought warm milk and cookies like bom do in such situation "
" daga !!!!"
eunhye came out while closing the door behind
" uf!!........ this girl cant be handle easily aish !!.... otoka "
" cookies and warm milk " hye yoon scream from inside
" oh yes lets get going "
she was making cookies for hye yoon the park bom came running in then eun hye scream
" bom!!!"
" hum yeah " she ask
" hye is looking for you " she said
" hye!!...... umm seems like you both are really close to each other am i right "
" aish yes!!....... we were besties before this " eun hye said
" before what !!"
"asih go she is looking for you " eun hye said and turn around to look at cookies then park bom wnet to hye yoon room when she came in she see that hye yoon was sitting on bed and was reading a book
" oy hye bom !!"
" hy eun hye said you wanna see me " she ask
" yes !! but not anymore i am fine now i want to talk you about a mistake that i commit but now i am fine " she said
" amm hye yoon "
" yes" she ask while looking at bom
" there is something i had to tell you........ if i did'nt i ll feel that i betrayed you so "
"tell me??" she ask
" actually oppa has........ oppa has........ a son " she said
" son??... who ??.... yesung ??" hye yoon ask
" yup and his name is also kim jong won and he is a twince of him ,,,,,,,,," and she explain everything
" so what ??"
"hennnn......... !!... you are not shocked "
" no i am not and why would i ............now please bom i wanna take bath cane you leave " hye yoon said


" ayh!!!................ open the door "
then the door open and sunny came out
" good morning eun hyuk oppa " she said
" asih step aside " he band open the door
" want coffeee" she ask while smiling
" absolutely yes!!!" he scream while kicking the sofa
he sit on the sofa and she bring two cup of coffees and sit infront of him and said
" now tell me why are you angry "
" she hasent came home from last night !!........... you know how long i had wait for her in these years .......asih " he was really angry
" oppa believe on your negetive rays she will come to you " she said
" negitive rays ??" he ask
" CHARISMA !!!" she said
" oh yes charisma !!!" he smile and drink the coffee
" but wait what happened to your hand ??...... did he hurt you again "
" yes but it was my mistake ....." she said
eunhyuk throw her hairs away from her choulder and see tha brusis of belt were even on her neck
" i cant understand you whay are you standing him ..... why dont you just run away "
" he ... he has no one but i " she said
" shut up !!........ you know you are giving yourself hope only " eunhyuk said
" but the world depend upon hope specialy of us " she look low
" oh wait i remember ....... you were pregenent ...... right...!! so how is our baby doing " eunhyuk ask while smiling
"aa...... that oppa thats" she look down " its.... its .........." tear start falling from her eyes " its .......the baby is gone " she some how manage to spit those words
"wha..... what " it was like someone pull the earth from beneath his feet
" my baby ...... is in better place" she smile while crying and put her hand on his belle " i am happy baby " she said
" i cant take it any more " he gte up and leave the house
sunny was just sitting there touching her belle and talking to her self but then she scream and start crying . Who can stop her self no one right !!........ when she has lose her baby second time but still she is silent


" what happend "
" nothing hyung i am just thinking am i that low life that she dont even talk to me "
" who you are talking about " kangin ask
" jessica" he said sielntly
" do you like him man "
" no " donghae replied while moving his chair
" then why are you asking such questions" kangin ask
" becuase last night she diss me." he replied
" what she dissed you but why??" kangin ask
" when i ask why did not she came in the party she replied... why would i come to cheer a lowlife liike you who can become happy with other women cheering him "
" wooo that was something serious .........actually she want some attention from you " kangin said
" but i dont want to give any attention " he replied
"so then what is the problem ??"
" you know i cant bear ......... all this dis respect " donghae pout
" ayh!!...... aish dont you dare to say that if my hyuki was there then it would be fine " kangin imitate him "
" oh how do you know hyung " donghae laugh
" asih shikhiya "
" he he he.... sorry " donghae said then leeteuk came in
"whats up seems like you guys are having fun " leeteuk ask while sitting on chair and putting his legs on table
"yes we are are do you have any problem with that ....... daga !!" kangin ask him to leave



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