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A Never Ending Rainbow

Chapter 4~ Babo

Following the choreography you stepped away, turned, and looked at him. You "accidentally" looked right into his eyes. Immediately you were lost in his deep, dark brown eyes. 'Its like a swimming in a sea of chocolate, with an orange to a deep, vibrant coral haze casting over it. What, no no! Stop you can't be thinking that!'

You snapped back into reality, smiled, looked down, then walked to an area behind him as you were supposed to.

The bell rang for class to end. Everyone almost simultaneously looked at the large clock on the south wall, shocked time had gone by so fast.

"Alright everyone don't worry. If you would like you can stay and continue practicing since this is your last class of the day. However I have other affairs to attend to therefore I won't be hear to supervise you. I trust anyone that stays will be mature and appropriate." Most people already had there stuff gathered up ready to leave so Mr. Kang waved everyone off as he got ready as well.

As you were about to go collect your thing and leave Sehun grabbed your arm and stopped you.
"Wait let's stay and work on the dance. I want it to be perfect."
"Oh. Um..ok. Just let me go call my sister." You said, putting your stuff down and grabbing your phone.
"Hurry back, araseo?" He turned away and started watching the video again. You nodded and ran outside.

"Oh unni. I'm staying late after school to work on a project, ok."
"And how exactly do you expect to get home, babo?"
"Ya. You act like its so far away. I can walk."
"Fine, but don't stay too late, got it!?"
"Ok ok, I won't. I gotta go." You hung up and started walking back to the room. 'Ahhh, why does she have to nag so much.'

You walked into the room to see Sehun impatiently tapping his foot and staring at you. You put your phone in your bag and walked over to him, still staring and tapping his foot.

"Mwo?" You looked at him confused.
"I thought I said to hurry, babo."
"Ya! Calm you chiz. I'm back aren't I?"
"Don't get smart. Now come on from the beginning." He turned and walked to his position, and you stuck your tongue out at him.
"Saw that!" You looked in front of you to see the large mirror wall, and he winked at you. You looked down in embarrassment and went to you position. Sehun chuckled and you lightly hit his back.

'Aish. Me? Babo? Ani. Wait are we the only ones here?? I guess everyone else had something better to do.' You smiled a bit at your thought of everyone else actually having something better to do. You weren't paying attention and being the klutz that you are, you tripped and fell.

"Aish." You said to yourself, and Sehun stopped the music.
"Oh! Gwenchana..babo?" He put his hand out to help you. You rolled your eyes and took it, then he pulled you up with a lot of force. You jumped up and stumbled forward a bit, but he caught you. Standing in his arms made your heart race. 'Ahhhh, wae. Why won't my heart stop. I wouldn't be surprised if he noticed.'
You pushed away bit to get out if his embrace, but he held onto you. Sehun was just a few centimeters away from you. You thought your heart was about to jump out of your chest. With his arms around your waist and his intoxicating smell filling you, you felt like you were on a cloud.

"Se..Sehun...what are..yo..you..doing?" You chocked on your words a bit. He smiled at your cuteness. Not that you were trying to.
"Just...holding you." He slowly blinked.. 'wait no is he closing his eyes!?' Sehun suddenly, gently yet forcefully kissed you. Your eyes went wide, but then you reluctantly closed your eyes and kissed him back. The kiss was well....your first. It was amazing, passionate, and all you'd ever hope for. To say the least...perfect. 'Aish. I can't believe he "stole" my first kiss. This babo.' You smiled a bit in the kiss. Because honestly, you were glad it was Sehun that got your first kiss.

You heard a click come from the door and quickly pulled away.
"Ya!" Sehun said and looked at you with disappointment. You nudged to cut him off and stared blankly at the door. The two of you looked in the doorway astonished at who was there.

'Aish wae! Wae!' You were practically screaming in your head. Sehun put his arm around you as some form of protection you figured. You looked at him, but he just kept staring at the intruder at the door.


The next few chapters for both fanfics of mine should come pretty fast maybe I guess. I've been having some inspiration from a crush of mine lately ;) haha anyways please comment, enjoy and hey why not, tell a friend :)


Unni, can you write more on the story? I really want to know what happens next!!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

I loved your story please continue it wen you have time. ^=^

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

it's really cute! update please (^-^)v

ahseikM ahseikM

Update pls ! :)

Wuyifan fan Wuyifan fan

Update fast <3
i love it BTW