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A Never Ending Rainbow

Chapter 3~ Woah

All you could think was 'well thank god it isn't BaekIn'. But you also thought 'crap no no not him not him'. He walked over to you. You stood there frozen still in shock.

"We'll won't this be fun sweetheart" he smirked and you rolled your eyes. "Don't you think?" He spun around and put his arm around you and stole you away from Loona. The two of you walked over to a less populated area of the room. When you were alone with him your started to beat faster. Why does he to be so cute, so hot, so I don't even know. Just...wow. You tried to shake off your thoughts when Mr. Kang started talking.

"Alright everyone your assignment is to do a singing, dancing, or both cover to any song. Araseo? I'll leave it to you then." He walked back to his desk far off in the corner, out of the way, to begin typing something on his computer.
"What do you want to do?" Sehun said to you in his aegyo voice.
"Ummm... 'I wanna do dance but it would be kinda weird. Then again singing might get too... Aish this is hard'
"I think it'd be better if we did dance." 'Woah it's like he knew exactly what I was thinking in a way.'
"Yeah alright." You said. He started scrolling threw his phone then stop and looked up as if some plan of his was going perfectly.
"Let's do a cover of If You Love Me by NS Yoon-g." He said waiting for your response. You zoned out for a second, but quickly realized what he had just said.

If You Love Me, NS Yoon-g

"Oh! Featuring Jay Park right?" You got excited because it was your favorite song. But then you started to think about the dance to it. 'Wait, why does he want to do that song? Is it because he likes it too or is it so he can get closer to me??'
"Majayo! How did you know?" He responded.
"It's one of my favorites." You said still a bit distracted from your thoughts.
"Jeongmallyo? Mine too!" He cheerfully sang. "Well then shall we start?"
"Sure." You replied.
The two of you watch the video a couple times, then began to try and follow the choreography. But there was one problem... just by the opening move your heart started to flutter. 'Aish, why does he have to be so warm, so gentle, and so.. muscular? Ahh WAE!'
As you and Sehun stood back to back the music began to play. All you could think was, 'how the hell am I going to get threw the rest of this dance!?'


Sorry it took so long. Link to the dance is included, in case you haven't seen it or whatever. :)


Unni, can you write more on the story? I really want to know what happens next!!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

I loved your story please continue it wen you have time. ^=^

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

it's really cute! update please (^-^)v

ahseikM ahseikM

Update pls ! :)

Wuyifan fan Wuyifan fan

Update fast <3
i love it BTW