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A Never Ending Rainbow

Chapter One~ Here We Go

You were the talented, beautiful, popular, fashionista. On top of that you went to the most prestigious performing arts school in the country, la crème de la crème. Everyone wanted to sit with you when lunch time came.

"Hey Irina!" Your best friend sang while walking over to you.
"Hey Loona, oh, where's AhRin? Is she absent?"
"Yeah she's getting her tonsils out."
"Right before semester evaluations??"
"Her mom insisted since she'd been having those pains and her voice sounding all jacked up. So it's just us today."

You and Loona walk over to the lunch tables and sit down.
"You can't sit here!" Some rude looking girl snapped at you and Loona. 'Here we go..' You thought
"And why not!?" A few people started to look as Loona began to cause a scene.
"There's no room."
"There are three open seats and two of us!"
"You didn't let me finish, there's no room for ugly losers like you two."
"Screw you BaekIn!"
"Loona that's enough, people are starting to stare." You tried to calm her down but she continued.
"Ha! Good, let them. Maybe the they'll see how much of a bitch she really is!"
"Loona!!" You yelled "Let it go, we can sit somewhere else."

Loona sighed and reluctantly agreed. Both you and Loona gave BaekIn and her snakes a sinister look as you walked away. You and Loona went and sat outside by a tree, on the other side of the lunch area.
Ok so, maybe you weren't popular, not everyone wanted to sit with you during lunch. In fact all you had was Loona and Izmae. Izmae was a second year, you and Loona met at auditions this year. The two of you talked about semester evaluations.

Izmae had said they were like 'a huge concert for students. Like, a fun way for teachers, the principal, and the head master to check your progress and see if your still good enough to go here. Sometimes label scouts pull kids and sigh them.'

While you and Loona were talking some guy came and sat down next to you.
"Is this seat taken?" He said with a smirk. You looked at Loona confused. She silently said 'do you know him?' You shook your head no.

"Umm do I know you?" You said very confused.
"No but I know you, Irina Kim. I'm Sehun, Oh Sehun. I just transferred here."
"Ok then...."
"You know, you're prettier in person. He smiled as he looked you over.

Loona texted you, even though she' sitting right next to you.
*He's creepy, but really cute ;)*
*Seriously!? Not the time*

You looked at her like 'WTF'. She eyed at you to look at Sehun. You look over but he was gone all that was left in his spot was a note.

*See you later sweetheart. Call me ~yehet*
On the back he wrote his number
"Ya!" You looked around but he was nowhere in sight. You looked back at the note and smiled.


This is my first fanfic. I know it's probably not very good, but I am currently working on chapter 2 of this Exo fanfic and another B.A.P fanfic. Please bare with me:)


Unni, can you write more on the story? I really want to know what happens next!!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

I loved your story please continue it wen you have time. ^=^

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

it's really cute! update please (^-^)v

ahseikM ahseikM

Update pls ! :)

Wuyifan fan Wuyifan fan

Update fast <3
i love it BTW