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Our Ondal Wedding

First Night Problems. Of course.

  • After our meal had ended, I made an effort to wash the dishes. I sighed. Will it always be like this in our house? I mean, at LEAST he should try to do something. My phone began to ring, and of course it was my member JinHee on the phone. "Any X-rated content going above us? I mean, it is your first night."
  • "Pfttt, if by X-Rated, you mean our T.V. playing Stellar's Marionette and other sexy girl group songs while both of us attempt to keep a straight face, then yes. Our first night is so far a success" I said in the most sarcastic tone possible.
  • Of course JinHee is dying of laughter in the background, and I hear whispers and that causes more laughter. "Yah, don't you think your husband can hear you?"
  • I lean back so I can see the living room, and he isn't on the couch. "No, I think he's taking a shower."
  • "Maybe he's trying to make you jealous? Why don't you play all the other sexy boy group songs! Doesn't Jackie Chan have that new boy group JJCC going for him?" In the back I hear Ahra yell, "DBSK! or 2PM, or like Rain!"
  • I guess it would be nice to see if he was the jealous type. Or at least get something out of him other than his silence. "I guess I could while I'm at it."
  • JinHee laughs and says, "Don't worry, if I don't get a call back before 11, I'll pretend to be Choi Siwon and call. That will do it."
  • "Oh JinHee, I love you. But be prepared to cry with me tomorrow when this all goes wrong."
  • "Hahahaha Have fun Haneul-ah!" And she hangs up.
  • "I change into a Long T-shirt that goes over my knees and says, "Wheres The Food" (WTF), and grab my nail polish. I sit on the couch in the living room. I turn on our local music channel which is currently playing "Miss Right" by Teen Top. I'm singing along when Kai walks in.
  • He's wearing a white t-shirt that's super wet, and plaid pajama pants. "I couldn't find a towel."
  • Obviously, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to see that you have a super toned, attractive body. He quickly takes a seat next to me on the couch. Hahaha, here's my chance to make Mr. KimJongIn jealous. The next song on T.V. plays, and it's B.A.P.'s One Shot. I stare at the screen for a minute into the song, and say "Wah, how cool!"
  • Kai looks at me and says,"Yeah, that's a pretty nice concept, Haneul-ssi" Epic Fail Oh Haneul.
  • Of course my not give up spirit really backfires as about 2 songs later, EXO's MAMA, comes on. Without any thought I say, "Oh, LuHan's dancing!"
  • I just keep watching the song till the end without a word. I smile to myself strangely. See, I was personally close with LuHan through a variety show in the past, and not many people had known that we were friends. No way that Kai would. I turn around to see Kai staring straight at me. Did it work?
  • It was kind of one of those weird looks that makes you feel awkward. "Uh, I'm going to get a glass of water JongIn-ssi!"
  • I got up quickly and went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass. What kind of look was that? Wow that's so weird, oh my gosh totally misleading. As I filled my glass and put it too my lips, Kai walks in. But it's weird because he doesn't stop walking. Actually he's literally facing me only inches apart. Oh, he smells good. Wait Haneul, think STRAIGHT WOMAN! He leans over me to get a glass of water from the cabinet. We honestly we were so close that you could only fit a piece of paper between us. Of course there is awkward me with my water glass in my mouth. I stared at him. "I know that you were trying to make me jealous Haneul-ssi.", Kai says.
  • "Wha-hat, J-jealous? Oh th-thats n-not my style.", I said nervously.
  • "Well I don't get jealous easily, but I understand that since it's our first night and all-"
  • Woah, woah, wait a second. What type of person does he think I am? "Uh JongIn-ssi I think your misunderstanding something here, I was just trying to have some fun cause you were quiet and all."
  • "Oh... well. Um." He takes a step back.
  • KAI POINT OF VIEW TIME! (hahaha for those folks who want to know)
  • I grabbed my glass unsure of what to say next. I thought that she had assumed that those girl group videos had something to do with me. I clearly was NOT watching them, I was getting spammed with pictures of my dogs from my older sister. I mean Oh Haneul wasn't someone I was familiar with, so I didn't have much to say. I guess I wasn't the social type. But then she plays those boy group videos, and honestly I was a bit curious when she said Luhan. I mean I was jealous, I'll admit. But if she's trying to make me jealous, she's totally doing it wrong.
  • "Well, at least we started talking somehow."
  • I agreed, it was kind of nice talking to him. But personally awkward at the moment, cause his see-throughable shirt was sort of distracting. He had a nice 6 pack going for him at the moment. Just then the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number at all. Kai was watching too. I picked it up and answered, "Who is this?"
  • It was totally JinHee, but JinHee had a special talent of mimicking peoples voices. "It's YoungJae from B.A.P.!"
  • "Not now!", I said anxiously. At that point, Kai grabbed the phone from my hand.
  • "Uh, who is this?"
  • No! I mentally screamed! Course Kai's voice was getting harsh as I soon heard. "Well ACTUALLY, Haneul-SSI, Is MY WIFE."
  • I quickly held in my laugh, "JinHee-Yah, You are the best!"
  • As Kai hung up the phone, I saw that he was pissed. He went to his bedroom, and closed the door.
  • And that ends our first night! Maybe I'll cook breakfast tomorrow to make it up to him.


THANK YOU FOR READING! For all those new found "OUR ONDAL WEDDING" lovers, please keep reading. And I Will be sure to bring you more suprises sooner or later. You know how it works COMMENT, VOTE, AND SUBSCRIBE!


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No problemo! Thanks for giving me feedback! Lol its nice to have supporters!!!!

Dont worry! I didnt forget you, unnie! I was so happy to see you updated this story! Its so amazing!!!


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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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