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Our Ondal Wedding



We arrived in Macau, which, let me tell you was an interesting experience. Apparently RoyAL had a ton of fans here, and one of the fangirls alerted everyone else on social media that I was coming to Macau. When I walked into the airport, there were about 100 fans cheering and screaming. After signing a few autograph and taking pictures, Aaron escorted me to a van outside in the back of the airport.

As I opened the door, I saw 4 men in suits looking at me. One of the smirked, and the other three tried to drag me inside before I could run. I tried to escape and scream, but they finally put a towel over my mouth and as a result i blacked out.


"We have a concert in two days?"

"Don't you ever read the schedule Kai?", this was Chanyeol who was giving me a funny look.

"Jongin doesn't need to read any schedules. He just shows up with us, and dances.", said Sehun

"I bet you didn't know it was in Macau?"

"Macau huh?" That reminded me of Haneul, where the hell was she? What was she even doing in Macau?


"One, Two, Step." I looked at JinHee, she looked beyond confused.

I groaned, "JinHee-yah, we've done this part a billion times!"

"Can't you show me one more time!"

We were finally going to debut this week, our debut song, "Come Here" would do well. I'm sure it would.

"Fine JinHee, lets go again."

"How about first you wake up."

I was confused. I stared at her smiling face. "Wake up?"

"You know your in a dream right?"

"A dream...A dream!"

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around and noticed that we were in a nice and fancy house. Now I remembered. That crazy van. Just then a man in a suit walked into the room and came over to look at me. I quickly shut my eyes again.

"Ah shit, she's still sleeping. I thought that fume only lasted 8 hours! The boss will be pissed."

Boss? No way, was I the house of a mob group? I'm going to strangle that guy named Aaron when I see him!

The man in the suit hurriedly left.

As soon as the door closed again, I sat up. I was laying on a fancy bed. What the heck was going on. Maybe my sister was here. That gave me enough energy to get up.

I walked towards the bedroom door, and opened it a crack. No one was in sight. I walked through the hall with caution, avoiding anyone who would see me. It wasn't till after 10 minutes of wandering did I finally heard voices coming from a single room.

"She's not awake yet sir."

"That's irritating. I thought maybe my sister-in-law would know the whereabout's of my wife."

Wife? My sister! God. What the fuck is going on.

"Boss, what if she doesn't know shit? Like is going to report us or something for kidnapping her."

"Unlikely, we have to keep her mouth shut. I mean YooRi would hang me if she found out that I killed her sister."

That gave me a little reassurance. A little. My stomach didn't agree. A loud grumble echoed through the hallway, and a moment later a gun rested on my head.

I stood in the room full of gang member's, easily 250 of them in one room. I faced the boss. My so called brother-in-law.

"She didn't say anything?" He looked tough, his eyes were freaking scary.

"No, I heard she disappeared. She left her daughter with me."

His eyes got a little big after I mentioned Rahui. "My daughter! You know where she is! Did you bring her with you! Where is she?"

"No, she's in Korea with my husband." The word "husband" sounded a little awkward to say, but felt comforting in my current situation.

"Why would she leave her with you? Something doesn't seem right. It's not adding up."

"She sounded really panicked over the phone a month ago." It wasn't adding up in my mind either. I didn't know she married a gangster. I thought she was on the run from loan sharks! Something clearly wasn't right.

"Boss Oppa." What else was I supposed to call him. "She told me she was on the run from people.

"On the run?" He looked puzzled "From what?"

"I don't think she is tell us something."


I left Daehyun in charge of Rahui. Was I being to dependent on him for stuff? God. I don't know. I rummaged through pictures of us as a family, it was great. I was happy. Haneul was happy. Maybe things were turning out to the better.

An woman in her 30's was struggling to put her luggage in the storage box above the seat next to me.

"It's okay, I got it.", I quickly stood up and lifted her suitcase into the shelf.

"Kamsamnidha! Sorry I've been in a hurry. It was hard for me to get a flight on a short notice-" She paused and looked at me closely. "Are you EXO's Kai?"

"Yeah." Wow, recognized in business class. Hah. Moving up in the world JongIn. "What's your name?"

She looked startled for a few moments, and then looked around, as if someone was coming. She slowly sat down and looked at me and quietly introduced herself, "I'm Oh YooRi"




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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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