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Our Ondal Wedding

In the Hospital


“… Haneul… Haneul, we’re here.” I hear Kai’s voice and I sit straight up to look around. We’re in front of the hospital. Again? I rub my eyes to get rid of the sleep.

“What’s going on? Why are we at the hospital?” I ask.

“Daehyun called at the photo shoot and said Rahui was here.” Kai answered.

I take a closer look at his handsome face… His perfect and unharmed face…

That’s when I realize that was all a dream; no, a nightmare. He never got into a fight with Daehyun and his nose was never broken. I shake my head to wake up some more and clear it. Of course they wouldn’t. Two idols who know what it would mean to their careers would never get into a fight, especially with another idol in a public place. Think of the scandal! Think of the anti’s they’d gain. I shudder just thinking about it.

Wait, if that was a dream that means Rahui is still sick in the hospital! I quickly jump out of the van and start running into the hospital. Kai quickly catches up, darn his long legs, and grabs my hand.

“Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine.” He reassures me as he squeezes my hand.

The information desk tells us she’s been moved up to the pediatric ward, third floor room 3006.

“That’s good news. She’s not in the ER but a regular room, so it can’t be too serious,” Kai says as we head for the elevator.

“She shouldn’t be here at all. I’m a bad aunt, too busy to take care of my own niece.” I sniffle out as I try to fight off the sobs caught in my throat.


We enter the elevator and I put my arm around her.I can tell she’s trying to be brave and not cry, but just in case she can hide her face in my side if she can’t handle it. My sweet little wife who cries so easily, I’m glad we’ve cleared up that fight between us so I could be here for her.

Two teenage girls get in with us and keep sneaking peaks over their shoulders whispering. Yippee, fangirls. Are they mine or Hanuel’s? I hope they stay quiet, being at the hospital is not the time to fangirl on someone.

The elevator arrives on the third floor and we move to get out, just as one of them gets up the nerve to speak.

“Excuse me are you Kai from EXO?” she asks. “I totally love your music!”

“Thank you.” I say quietly as I try steer Hanuel out. “Please excuse us we’re here to see our niece.”

“Oh, I was hoping for an autograph, and your wife’s too.”

“Sorry, maybe next time we’re in a hurry.”

Her friend grabs her arm and pulls her back. “Not now Min-ah. Can’t you see she’s about to cry. Leave them alone, this is a hospital.”

Praise the youth who has reason! Hanuel drops my hand and heads off to find Rahui’s room.
“Let’s go find your grandma,” the friend says.

“Thank you ladies, maybe next time.” I say as I head after Hanuel before I lose sight of her.

“Yeobo, wait for me!” I call to her. She looks back and pauses. I once again find myself running to catch up and grab her hand. She grips it like her life depends on that point of contact, I give it a squeeze in return. Then we head into the room together to find out what’s going on with our niece.


I’m glad Kai dealt with those fans. If I’d had to, I would have either yelled at them for being inconsiderate or broken down crying. As it is I’m squeezing the life out of Kai’s hand, it’s the only thing keeping me together. I take a deep breath ready for the worst and opening the door.

There on the bed is Daehyun with Rahui next to him, singing a sweet song to her softly while playing with her hands. I pause and absorb the scene. Not the panic meltdown I had heard over the phone.

“Daehyun,” I call out softly.

He looks up from my niece and gives me a guilty smile. “Hey, you made it.”

“Of course I did, you said she was in the ER with a high fever. What else was I supposed to do?” I wait for him to say something else but he’s not looking at me.

“Sup Kai?” Daehyun says. What?! Where’s my explanation? He’s doing pleasantries with my husband now?

“Waiting for you to tell us what’s going on with our neice, hyung.” Kai says firmly back. Apparently I’m not the only one wondering what’s going on.

“Here’s the thing… I went to check on her because she was napping longer than normal and that’s when I realized she was sweating and had a fever. It was 39.5 degrees, that’s way too high for a little munchkin, so Yongguk hyung said to bring her to the ER pronto.” He told us. We waited for him to say more and he just looked at us.

“What happened once you got here!!” I shouted at him. He’s driving me crazy not telling the whole story.

“Not much to tell. They took her in and gave her medicine that brought down her fever. Moved us up here, while they’re waiting for test results and said they want to keep her overnight for observation since they don’t know yet what caused the fever in the first place.” He finally spat out the details.

“So her fever is down?” He nods yes. “And we’re waiting for the doctor to come back and talk to us?” He nods again. “But they said they don’t think she’s in any danger?” He nods once more.
Just then there’s a knock at the door and a female doctor comes into the room. She sees Kai and I and looks a little surprised.

“Oh, you must be the aunt. I’m Doctor Lee HyeRi.” She introduced herself.

“Yes, I’m Rahui’s aunt Oh Haneul. And this is my husband…”

“Kai of EXO!” she interrupts me, and then covers her mouth with her hand in embarrassment.

I laugh, this hospital is filled with Kai’s fans. I shake my head and say, “Yes, Kim Jongin or Kai.”

“Well the last batches of test are in and I don’t see anything to worry about too much. Rahui’s vitamin D level is lower than I’d like so we’ll have to look at her diet but that’s nothing to worry about or even discuss today. I do still want to keep her tonight just to be safe but I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Sometimes small children run high fevers if they’re trying to fight off a bug their body has never seen before. And from what Mr. Jung was able to tell me she’s met a lot of new people recently and probably been exposed to too much for her poor little body to handle. Don’t worry; she’ll be right as rain tomorrow.” The doctor tells us with a smile.

“Oh thank God.” I say, I turn into Kai for a hug as my knees give out in relief. I can’t stop the sobs from making me shake now.


Daehyun finally spilled the beans on what was happening and the doctor confirmed that Rahui’s going to be fine. Hanuel has collapsed in my arms with relief, I think the adrenaline has finally stopped pumping through her body. I realize she’s shaking because she’s crying again. My poor wife has been on an emotional roller coaster today.

I reach out my hand past Hanuel and say, “Thank you doctor Lee.”

She looks at my hand for a second, then does a small jump and shakes it. She turns and walks toward the door, pauses and looks over her shoulder. “Can I come back and get an autograph?” she hesitantly asks.

“Sure,” I say with a small chuckle.

Once the doctor leaves, I reach out and tilt Hanuel’s chin up to get a better look at her. Yep, tears streaming out both eyes. I reach up and brush them off her cheeks once more.

“Hey, none of that now. I told you she’d be fine and I was right.”

Hanuel gives me a bright smile and says, “Yes, you certainly did. How did I get to marry such a smart guy?” Then she leans up on tip toe and gives me a peck on the lips. Wow, this day keeps being full of surprises from her. She seems fairly shocked that she kissed me herself, judging by the look on her face.

“Just lucky or something, I suppose.” I say while laughing at the look on her face.

“Or something, oppa.” She says then hits me on my shoulder. I bring her back in for another hug and we’re both laughing now.


Man, would you look at those two? They look so close and intimate. I guess their marriage is real now. Sigh. I always liked Hanuel and had hoped we could become more than friends but I think that kiss was the sound of my bubble bursting.

I get up off the bed and look over at them. They’re hugging again. Do I need to be here to see this? I clear my throat. They separate and turn to look at me.

“Please stop with all the cheesiness, you’re giving me goose bumps.” I say with a look of horror on my face while rubbing my arms.

They both laugh. “Sorry Oppa,” Hanuel says as she walks over to the bed and peeks down at Rahui. She reaches out her hand and runs a finger over the cheek of the sleeping girl.

I look at Hanuel, “Looks like you and Kai are getting along good.”

She blushes and nods at me.

“I stand corrected, very good.” Her blush darkens, and I throw back my head and laugh. This silly goose always got caught during training because her blushes gave her away. Glad to see that hasn’t changed.

“Hush oppa,” She scolds me.

Kai comes over next to her and reaches out a hand to play with Rahui’s fingers, rubbing the back of her hand. Rahui smiles in her sleep.

“Looks like she’s missed you,” I say to him.

“Goes both ways,” he answers back. He leans down and kisses her hand.

Okay, enough of these two. “Are one of you staying with her here tonight or do I need to? I don’t mind as we still are off for another week but a night off would also be nice.”

“I’m staying with her,” Hanuel states firmly.

“Are you sure?” Kai ask hers. “I could stay.”

“No, you have another schedule early tomorrow and all I have is rehearsals. I can be a bit late if needed; you need to get a good night sleep.”

“Okay, if you’re sure why don’t you take the car back and pack a bag. I’ll stay here and take the car once you return.”

“Sounds good,“ she says to Kai then turns and looks at me. “Oppa can you take her again tomorrow morning?”

“Sure thing. But we have schedules the week after, so you might need to look into a daycare if she’s going to be with you much longer.” I tell her.

“Ughh, I need to talk to unnie,” Hanuel pouts.

She’s so adorable, Kai is a lucky man. He better take care of her or he’ll have to answer to me.
“Later,” Kai says. “Why don’t you get going and make sure you eat something before you get back here as I know you won’t leave the room once you return.”

“Okay… yeobo.” She kisses Rahui on the forehead, reaches out and flicks my ear, then kisses Kai’s cheek and disappears out of the room.

I rub my ear and look at the other male. He’s staring right back at me. “So why am I the only one to get their ear flicked?”

He chuckles once more and answers, “Lucky or something, I suppose.”


I move over to one of the chairs in the room. Kai sits in the other one.

“How do you know Hanuel well enough that you’re babysitting for her?” he asks.

I smirk, there’s some jealousy in that question. “We were trainees together at the academy,” I start.“We became really good friends and have stayed in contact.” Well, recently at least.

“You like her,” he states it, doesn’t ask. Which is very insightful of him, I can’t deny it.

I nod. “But I know where I can’t go. Honestly I wondered at first what you had done to her that she was calling me out at 3 am the other day, but you two seem very close now.”

“That was you!” He exclaims while jumping up and pointing at me.

I motion for him to calm down and sit. “Yes. We met at our old hang out and she asked me a favor. All we did was makes arrangements for the little princess and talk about the two of you. No worries lover boy, don’t get your panties in a wad. You have nothing to be jealous of or to worry about with me.”

He leans back and sighs. “Better not,” he mumbles.

I lean forward, “I could say the same to you. If you hurt her, I will come find you and beat your ass.”

He chuckles. “No worries hyung, I love her. “

“Just because you love her doesn’t mean you won’t hurt her. I’ll be keeping an eye on the two of you.”

“I don’t want to hurt her either. I keep trying to show her how much I care for her but I don’t think she knows that.” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Anyone can see how you feel about her… no, wait. You’re probably right, we’re talking about Hanuel. You practically have to hit her over the head with a brick to make her understand sometimes. But I can tell she really cares for you too, so be patient.”

We both chuckle. “She’s so innocent and clueless sometimes,” Kai says. “But there’s just something about her… I couldn’t help falling.” Kai sighs.

Poor guy Hanuel has grabbed him hard, kind-of like she did me. “Yeah, she has that effect.” We exchange knowing glances, “Doesn’t help when she gets comfortable and throws all that spontaneous skinship at you either.”

“Wait, she does skinship with you too?” he asks me once again with a jealous tone.

I give him a look of disbelief. “You were here just now. I know she doesn’t plant kisses on me like she does with you, but you saw her flick my ear. I’m sure later there’ll be a hug.” I run my hands through my hair this time. “I can see you’ve won Kai, but she’s going to make letting go of these feels difficult; I can already tell.” I sigh.

Kai looks at me with understanding and gives me a sad smile. “Thanks hyung.”

“Don’t mention it,” I deadpan at him. He smiles at me with a small chuckle. “No, I mean that. Never mention this conversation again. I’ll deny everything and beat you,” I tell him.

Now, he’s out right laughing at me. Brat.


I return to the hospital and the boys are standing by the bed singing a duet of Three Bears to Rahui. It’s adorable and has her cooing and gurgling back at them. Such wonderful men I have in my life!

When they finish I applaud them. They both look a little embarrassed, so cute!

Daehyun says to me, “On that note I’m outta here. I’ll be back at 9 am to either get her or stay with her. Text me if they release her earlier than that.”

“Thank you oppa, for everything.” I give him a hug. I hear him sigh and Kai starts to chuckle. I wonder what these two were up to while I was gone.

Daehyun grabs his jacket and sails out the door with a wave over his shoulder.

Kai reaches over and pulls me into his arms. I feel a kiss on my head. “I like your choice in friend/babysitter… even if he’s a handsome man who you go out and meet at 3 am leaving your husband home with the baby.”

I squeeze him harder and bury my face in his chest. “He told you about that?” I mumble into him.

He laughs and kisses the top of my head again. “Yes, he did. Sadly I must be going if I want to get something to eat and get to sleep so I can make my schedule tomorrow. Are you sure you want me to go? I could stay with you.”

I shake my head and look up at him. “No. If I don’t sleep well, the worst I’ll get is a lecture during practice for being off. You however have to be my gorgeous husband slaying fans where ever you roam.”

“Well, if my wife thinks I’m attractive that’s all that matters.” He smiles and leans down and we have our second real, deep kiss. This one is even better than the first as there’s no flash going off next to us, no roomful of people watching.

We do however get interrupted by the sound of the door opening and we look over to see Doctor Lee. She looks so embarrassed, but I can see the photo of Kai peeking out from behind her back. I give her a big smile and move away from Kai while motioning for her to come in. Whew, the thermostat in this hospital must be off too. It’s very hot in this room, so I start to fan myself.

“Case and point yeobo,” I say to him quietly as I walk away.

“Touché,” he replies with a small chuckle.

Doctor Lee leaves after a signature and a quick photo, wheeling Rahui with her to take her for a bottle in the nursery. She assures me she’ll be back soon. Kai leaves shortly after that with another hug and kiss.

Now, I’m alone in the hospital room. I finally have time to think about all the ways my life has changed over the last few days, so very much has happened. But before I get too deep into my thoughts my phone rings, its manager-nim.

“Hanuel, something has happened to you sister…”


Hello again everyone! It's AmyWtsn, once again jumping in for a chapter. Don't worry, ChaeROARin will be back soon with another chapter for you. Even i can't wait to see what she's got planned next . Let me know what you think of this latest chapter in the comments.(If you liked it check out my other stories) Also don't forget to vote and subscribe! Have a great weekend everyone!


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