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Our Ondal Wedding

Photoshoot continued

Each subsequent pose we’ve done, Jordan has put us into more and more skinship. We’re both half naked and my wife looks smoking hot today. Talk about a test of willpower. It’s almost as if a challenge has been issued between the two of us, to see who’s going to break first. But these poses are things I’ve never done with Haneul, let alone in front of a room full of people and a camera.

“Now reach out and cup her cheek in your hand, Kai-ssi.” Jordan instructs us into the next pose.

Haneul is laid back on the couch arm with me kneeling over her. I reach out to cup her cheek and look down at Haneul, trying to figure out what she’s really thinking about us.

Did she really mean everything she said yesterday? Could she pull off this photo shoot with me if she didn’t have any feelings at all?

I guess it’s up to me to find out and this shoot is providing me with ample opportunities to do so.

I start to rub her cheek with my thumb, causing her eyes snap to mine.

He’s rubbing my cheek. What is he trying to do? What am I supposed to do? I nervously lick my lips, and then bite down on the bottom one.

Kai lets out a small moan. I look up at Kai, the look on his face has changed again. I’ve never seen this one before. If I didn’t know better, that he was mad at me, I’d say he was attracted to me. Perhaps even trying to seduce me?

“Perfect!” I hear Jordan say off to our side.”Keep that going.”

Is it getting hot in here? You’d think with me wearing nothing but a bar on top I’d be cold, but it’s definitely getting warmer. Someone should check the thermostat.

She’s going to kill me. Licking and biting her lips while looking at me with those innocent eyes. I need to stop this before I embarrass myself.

My thumb that was rubbing her cheek is now rubbing her bottom lip. Maybe that’ll get her to stop.

Nope. She is now biting my thumb. OMO, it’s too sexy for words. Apparently Jordan also thinks so as he’s come closer and I can hear his camera clicking away. I have to remember there are others here, keep a tight lid on all these feels my wife is stirring in me.

“Time to change it up again,” I hear Jordan say. “Kai-ssi, why don’t you sit down over there in the armchair and Haneul-ssi, sit on his lap.”

I start to pull back from the couch but realize Haneul hasn’t let go of my thumb. On closer inspection she seems frozen. Don’t tell me she’s turning shy all of a sudden. I let out a little chuckle. That gets her to react by looking at me, so I raise an eyebrow and tug gently on my thumb.

I can see the blush start on her cheeks, move to her ears and work its way down her entire torso. It’s so cute that she does a full body blush, my adorable wife. Wait, what did I just say? Does she love me or doesn’t she? I need to figure this out; she’s got me spinning in circles.

I can’t believe I bit him. I mean, I know those chocolate abs of his deserve a nibble or two. Wait, bad Haneul, bad! Oh I can feel this blush getting darker, darn my light skin. It is really super hot in here!

I hear him chuckle again and feel another tug at my mouth. I’m STILL biting his thumb!!! I give it a quick peck of apology and he moves away. I can’t look at him, I’m too embarrassed. I start to walk over to grab a sip of water.

Suddenly I’m scooped up by Kai and moving towards the armchair. I let out a small eek of surprise and quickly wrap my arms around his neck, putting my head on his shoulder.

“FREEZE!” We both hear Jordan Park yell at us. When suddenly the camera is clicking again and the flash is going off.

“Now Kai-ssi, lean down and kiss her please.”

I feel Kai’s lips on my hair. That won’t do I think, so I tip my head back some so he’s kissing my forehead instead. That seems better. I don’t know why I did that. It just felt that my hair was too impersonal. Ha! Take that Kai!

Jordan Park pauses in taking our photos and says, “That still seems too cute. Can we spice this up you two?”

Kai whispers against my head, “I don’t know, can we?”

I can’t explain why I did what I did next either, except I felt challenged. Like Kai was saying I couldn’t be sexy, only cute. I had to show him.

So, I reached up with both hands and ran them through Kai’s hair until I got a good grip. I could see the flash start to go off in my peripheral again but that didn’t distract me. Kai’s eyes have gone wide and are staring down at me in shock. This is only egging me on. I pull Kai’s head down until I was planting a kiss right on his lips.

OMO. What have I done?

Jordan stopped us I was carrying Haneul to the chair and this new set of photos began.
Next thing I know she’s pulling my hair and then kissing me. Our first kiss since our wedding. That first one didn’t really count since we were barely more than strangers, there were no feeling behind it. This time it feels different. I can tell that there’s feeling on both of our parts as we lock lips. I’m now 98% sure she was lying to me yesterday.

ARGH! Why are we always fighting with each other?

Guess I’ll have to keep going until I can find out for sure if she loves me. I pull back from the kiss and walk over to the armchair to sit down, gently settling Haneul on my lap.

I think we floated over to the armchair. At least that’s what it felt like to me. I bring my arms back in front of me a wrap them across my tummy, trying to hide some of this skin. I’m already feeling a little vulnerable after kissing Kai, without being half naked.

I KISSED KAI!! I think I’m going crazy. Yesterday we were fighting and I thought our marriage was over, today we’re draped atop one another and locking lips. The life of a married idol is difficult and confusing, to say the least.

“Okay, let’s get the two of you a little closer for this next pose.” I hear Jordan Park say.

WHAT!? We were just locking lips and rubbing up on each other, how much closer can we get? I don’t know if I can do this.I close my eyes as I feel my body start to tighten up.

Just then I feel Kai’s hands grab my hips as he pulls me back and his breath is upon my neck.
“Relax,” he says.

Sure, easy for him to say. He must have done photoshoots like this a hundred times before. Not me.

“There’s nobody here but you and me.” He whispers into my ear. “It’s just a husband and wife getting to know each other better.”

“Oh, yes! That’s what we’re looking for.” Jordan Park calls out.

Sure, just him and I? I don’t think so as I see the camera flash again.

I feel his teeth nip my earlobe. My head falls back and my eyes shut at the zing that courses down my spine. I reach one arm back and around his head. He is now interspersing nibbles to my earlobe with kisses down my neck. One of his hands is splayed on my abdomen. A low moan passes my lips.

Kai snakes one arm up my back to hold my head at its base, while the other reaches up and grabs my hand. He pulls my hand down and places it on my lap then reaches forward to grab my legs. I’m suddenly sitting sideways in the armchair across his lap. His one arm supporting my head and back against one chair arm while my legs are draped across the other, with his free hand on my hip as if to hold me in place.

I put my hand up on his chest. I don’t know if I meant to push him away or what, but he sucks on my neck at that moment. My nails bite into his chest, as another thrill races down my spine.
I Hear Jordan Park say, “Excellent, excellent!” in the background but I can’t pay attention as Kai has got me in another lip lock. I feel his tongue brush against my lips and I gasp in shock. It’s what he had been waiting for, as his tongue sweeps in and takes command of my mouth. My other hand grabs his wrist at my hip, to give myself another anchor to him. I fear I may float away, and if I do he’s coming with me.

About the time I think I’m going to pass out from lack of oxygen I hear Jordan Park yell, “Wonderful you two. Just let me double check that we got all the shots we need, but I think we’re done.”

Kai and I are still locked together. His forehead is against mine as we both try to calm down and regain a normal breathing pattern. Finally I’m able to bring my hands down into my lap as I feel a full body blush light me up once more. What were we thinking having our first real kisses in front of so many people?!

“So, apparently not just in it for the contract.” He chuckles into my ear.

It’s like I’ve been doused with cold water. I push away from him just as Jordan Park yells, “Okay, that’s a wrap people.” Thank God. I need a moment to figure out what’s going on. Is he trying to make fun of me? Have I really ruined our marriage forever with those untrue words I spoke?

Why did we practically molest each other in front of all these people? I clutched him close, bit him, and kissed him. I laid myself wantonly at his feet and all this after I told him I didn’t love him. What must he think of me?

I have to get away from him for a minute; I can feel the tears starting to form in my eyes. Not now, please.

I see the look of utter hurt wash across Haneul’s face when I spoke those words. Then I see those tears start to form in her eyes.

ARGH! Why am I always messing up with her? Obviously she has feelings for me or she never would have kissed me like that and those words would have never hurt her. But now I’ve gone and hurt her because of my messed up situation, again. It’s entirely my fault. All the hurt and tears are my fault. Now, I need to be a good husband and fix this.

“Haneul, wait.” I call after her. She doesn’t stop, so I jog to close the gap between us. I grab her arm and spin her around. She’s looking down so I tilt her chin up to me. Just as the first tear slips out of her left eye.

“Yeobo.” I whisper as I reach up to wipe off her tear with my thumb. Another falls and one from the other side. I cup her face in my hands wiping both of the tears away. “I’m sorry, Haneul.”
“I know you’re not just in this marriage for a contract. That you have feelings for me, just as I do for you.” I tell her as I bring her in for a hug.

“You know?”I hear her ask me softly.

I chuckle a little. “Of course, silly. No way could we have set off those fireworks without some feeling between us… And boy did we light up the sky.”

We stand there in our embrace for a little bit longer before the wardrobe and make-up ajeommas call us over. I grab my wife’s hand and start over their direction.

“Kai?” Haneul asks.


“You do know I didn’t mean what I said right? That it’s not just about the contract and that I didn’t mean what I said and…”

“Ara. I know.” I interrupt her.” We can talk more at home, here’s not the place. But I know, yeobo.” I squeeze her hand once more before I sit down in the makeup chair as she heads off to change clothes.

By the time I get all the oil and make-up off me she’s already sitting in the other make up chair playing on her phone. I give her a smile that she returns, before heading off to change into some real clothes. I’ve had enough of this half naked stuff.

When I come back Haneul is frozen in her chair and clutching her phone. Her face is showing total panic. I run over to her.

“Haneul. Haneul!” She doesn’t respond. I’m starting to panic. “YEOBO!” I yell at her.

She lets out a gasp then reaches forward and clutches my arm.

“We have to go, right now.” She gets up and starts gathering her things.

I follow suit grabbing my gear and telling my manager to bring the car around. But still have to ask, “What’s going on?”

“Daehyun called. Rahui is in the emergency room with a really high fever.” She looks up at me with tears in her eyes once more. “What if something is really wrong with her and I was too busy being an idol, rather than being her aunt?”

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright. All kids get fevers” I tell her as I wrap an arm around her and head her out the door.

Please be alright Rahui. Just hang in there, auntie Haneul and uncle Kai are on their way.


Hi everyone! AmyWtsn here, just filling in over the holiday. Hopefully you liked this steamy chapter I brought you. Leave a comment and let me know how you think I did.
I can't wait to see if this brought them closer or is going to make things more awkward in the future. And what's wrong with poor little Rahui?
Check back real soon for the next chapter.

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