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Our Ondal Wedding

His Shitty Proposal

  • It all started with KS (Keep Smiling) Entertainment's Bankruptcy. RoyAL was THAT Kpop group, a one that no one really paid any attention to. We weren't a SNSD or 2NE1, but we were happy just the way it was. That was until President Ahn decided to gamble, and we lost so much to a bunch of Asshole Korean Mafia. A day came when I was called to President Ahn's tiny office.
  • "Here it is, the day we are forced to disband. But why just me?" I hesitated before opening the door, inside was Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment and a few others.
  • "Yah President Ahn! What's going on here!" With pleading eyes, President Ahn pointed to the chair. I casually sat down and waited for what was about to happen.
  • Lee Soo Man stood up and started talking,"We have decided to help KS Entertainment during their financial crisis, after all it's makes our image better, and we are having some people problems of our own. So we have decided to form an agreement with your company to benefit both sides."
  • Obviously, talking in big sentences and long words was making me more nervous and confused. "So what exactly does this have to do with me?"
  • President Ahn sighed and said,"Well, it means that you are getting married Haneul-ssi. And it's not really a choice when our company is in this position." I didn't like the sound of this, "So, who exactly am I getting married to?"
  • Lee Soo Man smiled (I had no idea what kind of smile it was),"To get the reaction we want, we will keep it a secret. But it will be a member from one of our male groups. Just be prepared to say what you need to say at the right time."
  • "Aissssssh, who does this guy think he is?" We were in the car on the way to the shooting site for Running Man. "...playing with my life like that."
  • I had just told them what had happened in President Ahn's office, and they were angered about my arranged marriage.
  • "Well who did they say you were getting married to?",asked our quiet maknae Kim SoolRi.
  • "Well they said it would be a member from one of their male groups..." I said munching on my hamburger.
  • "YAH! what if it's like Kyuhyun from Super Junior? Or MinHo from Shinee? Or LuHan of EXO? I'm super jealous!", this was my other member JinHee.
  • "Well I guess we shall find out", I said with a smile.
  • We entered the shooting set and my members and I were dragged to a tiny room and we changed in princess dresses. God knows why, but it was a Beauty and the Beast special. How sketchy. We go onto the set as the guests and I see 3 people from SM that I know. Lay, Kai, and Kyuhyun! My members seemed to be suprised to see them too, but we were all thinking the same thing. "KYUHYUN!"
  • As the show progressed none of the expressions on their faces changed. I was pretty convinced that none of them were the person I was looking for. And finally the closing came, and I turned around to talk to Song JiHyo, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around see EXO's Kai kneeling on the ground with a ring."Will You Marry Me?"
  • If you ever watch that episode and wonder why i'm crying, It's because I was hoping it was Kyuhyun. Of course at that moment, I said what I had to in order to save my company, "Yes."
  • And then of course he got up and hugged me while everyone was still suprised, but cheered anyway. This started the whole ordeal of our marriage. And for Running Man? In the end it helped their ratings go up...SCREW YOU SM!


HOPE YOU LIKED THE SECOND CHAPTER! I'll try to be as consistent as possible! Have great beginning of spring! VOTE, SUBSCRIBE, AND COMMENT!


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