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Our Ondal Wedding

Back to the Beginning

I got back from a schedule that night, and honestly, I was irritated. Haneul and MinAh were on the sofa watching GD x TAEYANG, GOOD BOY. But more than that, they seemed to be really close.
"Haneul-ah! Kitchen, NOW!"

Why was he mad? Obviously I wasn't complaining about MinAh! She was honestly like the nicest person in the world, and for some reason I felt like the bad person for wanting her to leave!
I entered the kitchen to see Kai with his arms crossed.
"Haneul!" He whispered. "I thought you wanted to her to leave, and I promised I ended this properly! But at this rate we are going to be sharing the same house!"
"What? We are becoming closer."
He sighed. "This is not how I pictured this."
"If you picture girls to fight all time, obviously you've been watching too much T.V."
At that second he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him, he reached over and held my face. "Haneul-ah, you don't understand. I don't think it ends here. She's never just this nice. Just let me end this early."

"You want me to go?", MinAh scoffed.
I looked into her eyes, and all I could see was the sadness and hatred towards me.
"You didn't plan on leaving Haneul alone this easily."
"Jongin oppa, I swear I've changed!" A tear went down her face. "Believe me! Leave her"
"I can't do that, I'm sorry." Honestly, I wish I could have been 20x less cliche.

"So wait, this was all an act?"
She smirked at me, "Did you actually believe I'd leave JongIn oppa like that. He has always been mine. This is a contract marriage, and honestly, he probably doesn't like you."
Well that is another bitch right there. Wow, I must be really dense.
"Kai has hasn't told you everything he has done with me of course. I think you'd be surprised."
That's when it hit me.
"I don't care MinAh-ssi, what your past..." I looked at Kai. "...or your present. I have a contract, exactly like you said. All I have to do is follow that. Your right, I probably don't like Kai, but this marriage will save my company. And in the end, it's my company that matters. When the day comes where I need to end this, than you can have him. Until then, please wait."
MinAh-ssi seem a little shocked by my answer. But immediately smiled and replied, "Sounds good, I'll wait. Now if you will excuse me, I will leave." She attempted to give a hug to Kai, who shook her off. "It's only a matter of time oppa. Your wife is pretty and smart."
Once she left. The entire house was quiet.

"Did you really mean all those things you said?"
I ignored his question.
"Tell me Haneul! Tell me now!" He grabbed my arm.
I pulled my arm away and yelled the words I didn't mean at all, "I don't love you Kai, I really don't!"
He backed off. And went into his room, and slammed the door behind him.
Kai, I'm sorry.




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No problemo! Thanks for giving me feedback! Lol its nice to have supporters!!!!

Dont worry! I didnt forget you, unnie! I was so happy to see you updated this story! Its so amazing!!!


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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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