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Our Ondal Wedding

Encounter with Kai's Father

  • Okay, let me start of by saying, when you meet your in-laws for the first time, you don't wear Victoria Secret Yoga Pants and a cheap sweatshirt you found online. No, you dress up all prim and proper and then sit your ass down in front of them, and kiss up to them as if the are the most awesome people in the world. Right now, I looked like trash. And trash is not what I wanted to be.
  • "Annyeonghasimka..." I said nervously keeping my head down.
  • "Abbuji, lets sit down in the living room.",Kai said holding his father's arm gently and guiding him. Kai seemed to have a lot of respect for his dad. Which made me think of my own wonderful family situation.
  • While his father sat down, I went to the kitchen to quickly make a cup of tea. Soon after, Kai had followed me also. "Shouldn't I go change,Mr. Kim JongIn-ssi, so I can greet the Sr. Kim JongIn-ssi like a good daughter-in-law."
  • He gave me the "are-you-kidding-me" look, then gave me a nod while he finished making the tea for me.
  • I grabbed the dress with a peter pan collar that I still had from my last drama, "Lover's or Not", and quickly ran to the bathroom and changed. Also I fixed my hair. I looked at the comb and sighed, I took it out with me.
  • Kai was still in the kitchen and his hair looked just as bad as mine did, and I went over and combed his hair. He looked a little surprised at me and then smirked, and I gave him the "Shut-your-face" look, and went over to the living room to sit with my father-in-law.
  • "I'm sorry for not greeting you properly the first time, it was my fault for not knowing that you were coming."
  • A old, but strong voice came out of him, "It's fine, I didn't know I would be coming either."
  • Kai came in with the ginger tea for his father and sat down with me. We did a traditional bow in front of him. And the abujji sighed.
  • "Why did you get married, and not tell me before the wedding? You know how our position was affected, that my respected son, had gotten married without his own father knowing?"
  • Wait a second? Who exactly was Kai's father? Don't tell me he's like one of those mistress sons of rich chaebols that doesn't get any love and have to fend for themselves? Or I could just be watching too many k-dramas?
  • "Father, I love her, and our schedules wouldn't have allowed us anymore time to be with each other."
  • Kai is a pretty good liar. I couldn't help but smile that he somehow came up with that.
  • "What about MinAh-ssi? You two dated for a long time in secret? Don't tell me you didn't have any feelings for her?
  • My smile had stopped right there. And the abbuji had caught it quickly.
  • "Oh, you didn't tell her about MinAh? Doesn't she even know anything about the family you came from? Or does she know and is only after you for your money and background?"
  • "Stop! MinAh is long gone. I broke up with her a long time before I even met Haneul! And about the fact that you own most of the hospital in Seoul? Well she knows now." He turned to me, as to say "Please Haneul, don't believe what he says yet. I will explain everything".
  • "Your lying. Even if your own wife doesn't know you anything about you...You aren't even a couple. Your a fake couple...an Ondal Couple!"
  • Just then, Rahui started crying. Ah jeez, I'm screwed now. Why does she cry right now huh. Frickity frack. I ran over and got her from the bed and brought her back to the living room to calm her down.
  • "Ah, so you got her pregnant. I understand everything now." This father is so irritating, I couldn't control my anger. And yelled.
  • "No you don't. You don't understand anything! This baby is my sister's! She is in Macau and needed someone to watch over it while she was busy finding work. I may not come from a well of family, but I'm not some gold-digger abbuji. I'm an Idol, and if this job is going to help me and my family, then I will work hard. Your son is my husband, even you find this an Ondal wedding."
  • Abbuji acted like he ignored what I just said, and turned to Kai, "MinAh is coming from Italy in a week, and you are going to meet her." He turned to me. "But you are not allowed to interfere whatsoever."
  • He grabbed his jacket and left through the door. Kai put his hands on this face and sat down where his father previously sat, "Alright let me talk about MinAh, and get this over with."




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