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Our Ondal Wedding

I wondered if you actually worked out or not

  • HANEUL POV: 8:17 AM
  • That's it! I'm never drinking coffee at 3 AM EVER! MY HEAD IT FREAKING KILLING ME. Ugh, your freaking weak tolerance to coffee. Oh, by the was the house always this comfy? *Moves around* What the hell, I'm stuck. *Continues to pat around* Feel's like a arm! Oh my god! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!
  • I open my eyes, and I find myself face to face next to a sleeping Kai! I tried, and struggled, to move out of his embrace, but as I moved, he pulled me closer as if I was a pillow or something. I was seriously stuck.
  • I managed to lift my neck up from his arm and look around. We were still in the living room, and Rahui was on the other side of Kai sleeping soundly. And then I remembered the night before and how I had gotten here in the first place.
  • "AH JEEZ!" I whispered really loudly. To be honest, I didn't exactly want to move. I felt warm and comfortable. Should I even be saying that? What am I, like 5? Well it's not like I can move anyway, someone with freaking hidden hulk arms under all those leather jackets wont let me go!
  • With that excuse, I bought myself an extra hour of sleep.

  • KAI POV: 9:20 AM
  • I opened my eyes, and saw sleeping Haneul's face beside mine. I didn't even have to think about it, I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. So what if she likes another man? She's mine under the law.
  • I checked the time on my phone, 9:20, it was really late into the morning. I didn't have a schedule until 12. That kid is probably going to wake up soon anyway, I might as well cook right now.
  • Giving a Haneul a tight squeeze, I got up and grazed through the kitchen for something to make for breakfast.

  • HANEUL POV: 9:37 AM
  • "9:37! OH MY GOD!", I quickly sat up and thought. So that was just a dream huh! AHAHAHA as if I would be sleeping next to Kai! Must have been that coffee. PSHT.
  • Rahui, was still sleeping under the blankets. I smiled and headed to the kitchen where I saw Kai attempting to cook on the stove.
  • I went to the fridge, and grabbed the Milk jug and a glass and sat myself down at the table in silence.
  • "Did you forget? After that night we had yesterday, I don't think one should be so quiet", Kai said loudly.
  • "Wait, what?" Did I do something wrong? Don't tell me I was like drunk off my ass or something? WAIT, did I forget something important? Did we we do THAT thing? Nonono, my clothes are still on. Ahahahaha..hah...ha. OH Shoot.
  • "After being that aggressive with my face, you don't remember do you? I have a face worth a billion won, and you just mess with it like it's nothing!"
  • "Oppa! I swear! I didn't mean to! I wasn't thinking!"
  • "Right you weren't thinking, so maybe you had wanted to do it all along. You know, you can't casually do something like that."
  • Kai turned around and gave me the look. And then paused for a second, before laughing really hard. I'd never seen him laugh like that ever.
  • "I mean't the slapping of my face, not THAT thing! Ahahahahahha!"
  • "Ah jeez. I look pretty stupid right now huh?"
  • "So you wanted to sleep with me huh?", He smirked as he was putting the food on the plates.
  • "Uh..."
  • "It's okay, there is a bunch people who would like that you know. After all the smut fanfic's about me and..."
  • That's when we both heard Rahui crying! "Rahui-ah! It's okay!", I ran to the living room to pick her up.
  • "Her name is Rahui? How did you know that-?" He looked at me seriously.
  • Maybe it was time I told him. Suddenly, I heard loud knocking on our apartment door. Kai paused, and ran over to the door to look through the hole. He looked really serious before opening the door.
  • In a really respectful tone Kai said, "Annyeonghasimika Abbuji." and bowed. He turned to me and said. "Haneul, meet my father."


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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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