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Our Ondal Wedding


  • In tears, I ran to the shop to see Daehyun. What had I done? Hitting my husband, like what the heck did he do? I paused at the window "man do I not look like an Idol", and tried to make myself presentable and walked inside.
  • Daehyun was looming over his phone with a cup of steaming hot coffee. He looked up from his phone and gazed at me.
  • "Man, did you cry? You look like one of those dead people from the Masters Sun!" He looked completely serious.
  • "Not funny Oppa", I sulked and sat in one of the chairs next to him.
  • Opening his eyes widely he replied, "Don't sulk! Remember, this is the place we always came to when practice ended late!"
  • The memories flooded through my mind. Those wonderful moments that I never thought I'd ever live again.
  • "Speaking of late, why in the frickity frack do we need to meet at..." Checking his phone. "...3 AM in the morning Haneul?"
  • I started from the beginning from when I found Rahui.
  • Did I jump to conclusions too quickly? Since when did I become such an jerk? Newsflash Kai, the world isn't perfect, but that doesn't mean you had to say that to your wife. She's probably out somewhere crying because of you and your personality.
  • I looked at the kid on the ground sleeping and sighed.
  • Why did I have to be in such a abnormal situation. If things went the way I wanted it to, maybe we would have been happier. You know, on our honeymoon, being lovey dovey. I thought that maybe if she didn't love me at first, she would have learned to love me. And I could have confessed my feelings to her...
  • I looked at my phone. 3 AM. Obviously she has someone else. Maybe she never loved me in the first place.
  • I laid down next to the baby on the mat. I didn't even know it's name, but somehow it was living in my house and nothing was wrong. I didn't realize it, but I had fallen asleep a few minutes after.
  • "So I'm babysitting for you, and this husband of yours because of a sister in Macau?"
  • "Yup."
  • "And I'm supposed to take care of it while you run your daily life because I don't have promotions, and because your husband is in EXO."
  • "Pretty much."
  • "Alright, where's the diaper bag and the kid that goes with it?"
  • "Daehyun, I love you!"
  • Daehyun laughed and shook his head, "Haneul, when you get this sorted out, we are going on a date."
  • "Of course Daehyun!" I laughed back.
  • Then we paused, not realizing what reality currently was. I was married.
  • Daehyun let out a huge sigh. There was a tint of sadness in his eyes before he covered it with a large smile. "Haneul, I will get her in 2 days. I need sometime to mentally prepare the dorm, and the members in it. Mainly Younguk Hyung."
  • We said our goodbyes and left without a trace of us at the coffee shop.
  • I opened the door to my apartment a was surprised by the scene. Kai was on the ground laying next to Rahui sleeping. Of course, I took a quick picture, and threw some blankets on Kai.
  • I sighed and laid down by Kai. All three of us laid down on the mat in the darkness, and I was rethinking what had happened. Oppa, I'm sorry. It's just that I didn't know what to do. It was overwhelming, my past and my future coming together is like a horror movie. But one day, I will tell you everything.
  • I hadn't realized it, but pretty soon, I also fell asleep next to Kai.


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