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Our Ondal Wedding

Why do we keep fighting?

(AIGOO! Hul, why did I have that dream?) I woke up in my bed and checked the time, it was 2-freaking-30 AM. Irritated, I dragged myself to the kitchen to find oppa sleeping on the couch, and the baby near him on a blanket. (Oh yah, this ugly situation). I grabbed a glass of milk and checked my phone, I got a text from unnie. I quickly fumbled and opened it. It read, "I hope Rahui is okay? She doesnt cry much. Im apologizing for this burden I have brought. Your unnie loves you, and well sadly i can't take her back as I'm in a bad situation myself... currently in Macau. Please forgive me- Unnie"... Ugh! What was I supposed to do? Our comeback is now, and I wont be home as often. And Kai oppa is in one for the biggest boy groups, as if he'd have time. (Maybe Daehyun could...!) He didn't have promotions or anything! I quickly sented a text that said, "Something big...we need to meet!" As if he'd pick up at 2:30 in the morning. But a few minutes later I got a phone call. Happy, i hid in the bathroom and spoke, "Oppa! We need to meet like in a hour," I heard a sigh, and than a tired "OKAY" i told him the details, and changed into sweats ready to leave. As I exited the bathroom, Kai was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, "So, who were you talking too?" I was shocked and started to studder.. "To see my m-mom" His jaw clenched he bursted, "At 3 in the MORNING! Who are you kidding?! Listen Oh Haneul! I get it that our marriage isnt your ideal situation, but playing around with other men at 4 in the morning, isnt helping your company either! I thought we agreed to fidelity!" (Fidelity? What the HELL did he think I waa doing!?" I was too angry, and slapped him on the cheek. It was silent, we both stared at eachother, and my jaw dropped. WHAT HAD I JUST DONE! Without thinking, I bolted past him, and out the door


Ashamed. Its been too long since i updated! I hope you still are reading . If not, ill understand. Its hard with my schedule to keep updating, but ill try my best! Any of you watching the ROOMMATE variety show or Onstyle with Jessica and Krystal? Amazing guys! Im a new fan of park bom! My next fanfic will DEFINETLY be of her!


U-unnie.. j-jebal upd-date..

Sehun_wife Sehun_wife

No problemo! Thanks for giving me feedback! Lol its nice to have supporters!!!!

Dont worry! I didnt forget you, unnie! I was so happy to see you updated this story! Its so amazing!!!


Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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