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Our Ondal Wedding

A Dream That Night: A short, important flashback

*A Dream That Night*

  • "Oh Haneul, you're a bitch. You're useless, fat and ugly. A sad little bitch like you can't do anything. It'll only be a month before the oppas will get rid of you. Who wants a worthless girl like you?"
  • "Oh, your glaring at me?... Hahahahah! Poor, Haneul. I think we have to teach you a lesson."
  • "Guys! Drag her to the back, and shove her into one of the garbage bins, that will teach her some respect. You ugly bitch, go suffer."
  • ...."No!" I say, but the words won't come out. No one would help a person that doesn't matter. Especially if that person weighs 190 lbs and has an acne covered face. Who would help an ugly person who didn't matter? Who has suffered this same fate for the past 3 years as a trainee.
  • Sadly if I died, no one would care. Maybe my mom, but she and my dad were too busy. My sister had left, without telling anyone where. Who did that leave? Only my lonely self.
  • But that is enough. After all, the only thing that didn't make me feel like this ugly thing, was my music....And also a boy who found me in the trash can that day. A small light in amid vast pool of darkness.


Dadadadadada 2000 views man! Woot woot! Thanks to our wonderful readers and AmyWtsn! Anyone else been noticing the amount of Kpop comebacks in the last few months? Please Comment Vote and Subscribe. AND DONT WORRY, ILL POST A LONGER CHAPTER IN A FEW DAYS. Man, anyone else not like this weather? Ugggggghhhhhhh its gross... ^^ Keep Reading Juseyo! -_-


U-unnie.. j-jebal upd-date..

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No problemo! Thanks for giving me feedback! Lol its nice to have supporters!!!!

Dont worry! I didnt forget you, unnie! I was so happy to see you updated this story! Its so amazing!!!


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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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