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Our Ondal Wedding

According to the Script, I'm supposed to say, "I Do"

  • Now, I understand how a bride feels as the doors open and she is facing the alter. She feels like the most beautiful person in the world at that one moment, like a light in a midst of a fog. A bride would probably think (and rethink) her marriage from the beginning, like how her and the groom met and the memories that only they share. And as she walks holding her fathers hand for the last time as they walk towards the alter, as he no longer has possession of her. The tears the bride sheds before facing her future husband, where (in hopes) they plan to spend the rest of their life together. I could only imagine.
  • But currently as the doors in the wedding hall open, I turn back to my bridesmaids (my members, who are partly depressed due to the entire background of my marriage) one last time before I walk holding the sweaty hand of the KS Entertainment president.
  • Through my veil, I managed to catch a glance of a few of the guest attending. Mostly rich and high up members of society and reporters, as well as a few close friends and family who had the looks as if we were attending a funeral service.
  • I smiled as best as I could, as I let go of the president's hand and grabbed the hand of my future husband who lifted my veil carefully. Even the priest who looked as if he had seen better days, sighed as he began the ceremony. We finally reached to the final lines of the ceremony, I bet you a lot of people were sleeping at that point.
  • "Do you, Oh Haneul, promise to take care of..." We had practiced this a billion times and all I had to say was, "I do."
  • The priest continued. "Do you, Kim Jongin, promise to..." He seemed to hesitate a bit, but proceeded to "I do", as if his life depended on it. (Which it did.)
  • "Now, you may kiss the bride!" This wasn't hard for us at all, we had both done some drama at a point in time. As happy as we could make it, we lightly kissed. After all, kissing isn't hard if you have no emotions.


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