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who is he ?

it was a mistake

kai's POV :
i don't know how or why .. but i found my self kissing her ; i didn't want to but i just couldn't resist her omg she was so hot and sexy while dancing and i can't deny that her dancing is amazing ; i didn't love the fact that every boy was staring at her .. did i feel jealous ! hell no ! i didn't know what to do i felt shy i just left her alone after the kiss ; uh it was the best kiss ever omg she isn't like the other girls i know she is special .. i don't know what to do now ? how to react ? i kissed her without her permission ; she will think i'm a pervert bad boy asshole ... omg

**next day**
hyomin's pov :

i woke up took my shower wore my cloths and went out to university ...
i wished to meet kai but i didn't ; i don't know what will happen but i just want to see him i don't care about what happened yesterday but i just wanna see him again and again ; honestly i care because it was my first kiss and i will never forget it but in front of him i will pretend like i don't because i don't wanna lose him ... so what should i do now ? where can i find him ? i wanna see him so bad ; i miss him .. i kept thinking and thinking and suddenly an idea popped in my mind : uh omg how can i not think about this ! uh i'm really so stupid ; then i took my stuffs and went ...
i finally arrived ; it's the building where i took dance classes i think here i can find his address ..
i entered but he wasn't there ; so i asked where i can find him but no one dares to tell me his address but after begging and saying it's so important .... i finally got it .
his home was near to mine ; i went there and knocked the door ; he opened it he was chocked to see me
kai : hyomin ?
hyomin : yeh !
kai : what are you doing here ? and how did you get my address ?
hyomin : this is not important
kai : so why did you come here ?
hyomin : can we not talk in front of your house ? can i enter !
kai : ok
i entered his house and it was so big and beautiful i loved it but i couldn't see more because i had to talk with him ..
kai : so what now ?
i didn't know how to start ; what to say ; i felt awkward ...
hyomin : um ; well um about yesterday ...
kai : uh yeah so let me talk first ; ok so what happened yesterday was a mistake uh ok sorry but don't understand it in a different way ; it didn't mean anything and i hope i won't see you again so please don't come to my dance classes again and don't show up in front of me .. our meeting was a big mistake we shouldn't meet
hyomin : what ? are you kidding me ! hehe omg it's you who appeared in my life and kept appearing ! how can you be like this ? how can you do this to me after letting me fall for you ? i even don't know who are you or anything about you but i fall for you yeah i did omg you are the worst you are so stupid you don't deserve living .. i hate you
i felt like i will start crying and left i started running i thought he would follow me like in movies but he didn't .. omg how can he does this to me how and why ?

kai's pov :

omg what did i just do omg i didn't think she loves me ! i did this for her because i didn't want this to happen i didn't want her to fall for me but it already happened ; i thought it would be better if i disappeared from her life and don't meet her again but it's too late omg she must be suffering and thinking i'm a bad boy ; i don't want her to suffer i love her but i can't be with her because 'm not even a human i'm suffering too; i shouldn't appear in her life i made a big mistake what should i do now ?


hii guys sorry for the late update :/ thank you for reading my fanfic and subscribing ^^ i hope you like it :) have a good day ^^


omg what well happend this is not the end right? plezz update soon this is the bast story i read it of all my life

park nemo park nemo

OMG is it really you??!!!!! O_O

hey it's me the writer for this fic i'm so sorry for not ending it bcs i lost my account :(

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you too much and you probably have better things to do, than to finish a story for us. But this story is really good, and for you to not update after having Jong in leave, is sad, and we really want to know what happens next. WE MISS YOU!! <3 T^T

Please update T^T I'm not going to stop until you update again 0^0