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who is he ?

my first love

hyomin : aishh of course i will do what i want :3 i'm not someone who do what others say i always do what i want ..
i went to changing room ; i changed my clothes and went back to practicing room and started dancing
every one was watching me because i was dancing so good and every boy in the room couldn't move his eyes from me ... kai was watching too but he was angry
after a while he grabbed my hand and yelled at me
kai : stop it now ; the classes ended everyone leave now ..
i was about to leave too but he stopped me
kai : don't leave do you think you can go without punishment !
hyomin : uh what !
kai : go change your clothes first
i went to change my clothes and went back to him ; every one left and no one was there only him and i
kai : i told you not to dance but you just did what you wanted
hyomin : uh yeah i can do what i want
kai : but you shouldn't do it ; i told you you will regret
hyomin ; hohoho you scared me ! you can't do anything
kai : hehe you don't know me and you don't know what i can do
hyomin : so show me
he approached to me i was chocked he approached more until his lips touched mine he kissed me ; he kissed me again and again i didn't know what to do but i was enjoying it ; it was magical i kissed him back he was so hot he kissed my lips my neck .. i couldn't resist his perfection i didn't want it to end i want it to last forever but it didn't he stopped kissing me and left me without saying any word ...
i wanted to say don't go stay here with me but i couldn't say any word i couldn't even follow him i couldn't walk ... i stayed there for a while until i felt better and i could walk then i went to my home .
i thought i was dreaming but i wasn't it was reality .. i took a shower to feel better but my heart couldn't stop beating it was beating so fast ; i saw my face in the mirror and i found many love marks omg my lips my neck ... uh i tried to cover it with make up but it didn't disappear ..
i couldn't forget the kisses i couldn't i couldn't forget him ; it was my first kiss he is the first one to touch me ; i had never thought my first kiss would be like this .. kai kai he is different from others omg every time i meet him i feel happy and my heart start beating so fast and i always wish i can meet him again omg i think i'm falling in his love omg i love him uh noo but it's something that i can't stop what should i do ? i have never fell in love before ! he is my first love


hi everyone ^^ i hope you liked this chapter ^; did you listen to first love ? if not yet do it now :3 omg it's really deabakkk enjoy it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMPnAcJTj_U


omg what well happend this is not the end right? plezz update soon this is the bast story i read it of all my life

park nemo park nemo

OMG is it really you??!!!!! O_O

hey it's me the writer for this fic i'm so sorry for not ending it bcs i lost my account :(

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you too much and you probably have better things to do, than to finish a story for us. But this story is really good, and for you to not update after having Jong in leave, is sad, and we really want to know what happens next. WE MISS YOU!! <3 T^T

Please update T^T I'm not going to stop until you update again 0^0