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who is he ?

kai is my teacher

you went to your bed but you couldn't sleep you kept thinking of him and asking your self many questions who is he ? what's his name ? why did he help me that night ? how did he know the way to my home ? how did he disappear so fast ? but you didn't find any answer .. you kept thinking until you fall asleep .
the next day you went to dance classes ; it was your first day so you didn't know anyone there ...
you heard some girls were talking about the teacher how amazing and hot he is .... you didn't pay so much attention ; after a while the teacher entered the room and the girls started screaming ...
you couldn't see his face you only saw his back after few minutes he turned his face to say "we will start" then you saw his face the same perfect face the same person the one who helped you that night it was him you were chocked and the same about him
kai : hyomin ? what are you doing here ?
hyomin : what ? uh for dancing ! uh wait how did you know my name ?
kai : let's start
he didn't reply you and he started dancing ; he was so hot and his dancing was so perfect you couldn't move your eyes from him and you weren't the only one ; every girl in the room was doing the same thing ; every part of his body was so fucking perfect his moves his look ..
the class ended and everyone left ; the teacher was about to leave too and you followed him
hyomin : hey teacher wait wait
kai : what ? and kept walking
hyomin : i have something to ask you "while following him"
kai : what ?
hyomin : how did you know my name ? how did you know where i live ? and my coffee shop ? why did you help me that night ? what is your name ?
he didn't answer you and kept walking ; you followed him and kept asking
hyomin : answer me please
kai : i hate people who talk and ask so much
hyomin : uh im really not like this but i'm just curious to know the answers for my questions
kai : aish ok my name is kai
hyomin : uh kai umm nice name ^^ what about the other questions ?
kai : you will know everything in the right time
hyomin : uh why ? why not now ?
kai : this is your home right ? so go to your home
hyomin : uh :o we arrived ! uh so fast ! uh it seems like you live here too ! right ?
he didn't answer you and kept walking ..
hyomin : by kai see you soon by teacher hehehe
he didn't respond ; you entered you house and kept repeating his name "kai kai kai kai ... uh i like his name kai *-*uh kai is my teacher "


hello guys i hope u like this fanfic ^^ enjoy :3


omg what well happend this is not the end right? plezz update soon this is the bast story i read it of all my life

park nemo park nemo

OMG is it really you??!!!!! O_O

hey it's me the writer for this fic i'm so sorry for not ending it bcs i lost my account :(

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you too much and you probably have better things to do, than to finish a story for us. But this story is really good, and for you to not update after having Jong in leave, is sad, and we really want to know what happens next. WE MISS YOU!! <3 T^T

Please update T^T I'm not going to stop until you update again 0^0