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who is he ?

he disappeared again

days passed and you didn't find him ; you kept thinking about him you wanna meet him so bad but he didn't appear ....
it was weekend which mean no school so you went to your coffee shop ; you work there in weekends and holidays ..
nothing was special it was just a boring day like the other ones ; you always thought your life is boring there is nothing special ... but only one day was different and you can't forget it ; that night when the mysterious person appeared and helped you .. you were thinking of him after a while someone entered the shop you went to see who and he was the same person the same face the one who helped you you were chocked you couldn't say anything you kept looking at him with a poker face ...
kai : why are you looking at me like this ?
hyomin : uh sorry ; it's you ! right ? the one who helped me that night !
kai : yeah it's me
hyomin : oh i thought i would never meet you again ; thank you for saving my life i'm really so thankful i wanted to thank you last time but you disappeared so fast ! is there anything i can do for you ?
kai : don't go out again when it's too late and dark
hyomin : uh yeah ; wait here i will bring you a coffee it's for free ^^
you went happily to make a coffee for him .. when you made it you went to give it to him but he wasn't there he disappeared again
hyomin : omg where is he ? did he go ? but how can this happen the door didn't open ! i didn't hear it ! how can he disappear like this ?
you were sad because he disappeared like this without saying anything without saying goodbye he only said few words T__T you didn't even knew his name .. u kept asking your self "how did he disappear ? i didn't hear the door ! perhaps he has the power of teleportation ? aish this can't be true ! did he go out by window !!?? uh no aishh i feel sad because i couldn't talk with him more :/" but you felt happy because you saw him and you could thank him


hii so here is my ch 2 i hope you like it ^^ wait for my next update ;)


omg what well happend this is not the end right? plezz update soon this is the bast story i read it of all my life

park nemo park nemo

OMG is it really you??!!!!! O_O

hey it's me the writer for this fic i'm so sorry for not ending it bcs i lost my account :(

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you too much and you probably have better things to do, than to finish a story for us. But this story is really good, and for you to not update after having Jong in leave, is sad, and we really want to know what happens next. WE MISS YOU!! <3 T^T

Please update T^T I'm not going to stop until you update again 0^0