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who is he ?

you can't do anything

You could sleep that night but after crying for a long time ; you woke up the next day and you decided to go to your college you skipped many classes so you had to go but you didn't want to go you didn't want to leave your home you just wanted to stay there and cry ... you was shocked for being like this you have never been depressed or feeling down to this point ....
you wore you clothes and made your way to your college .. nothing was special that day it was just like the other days before you met kai .. you thought about him again you wanna hate him but you can't and it hurts you more ... The classes ended and you went to you coffee shop in your way you saw a couple holding hands and smiling they were enjoying their time ; you wished to be in their place with kai but it was just a wish because you know it can't became true because you think he doesn't love you and he will never do ...
you arrived to your coffee shop and you found kris was waiting for you
Hyomin : uh kris !
kris : uh hi you arrived
Hyomin : uh did you wait for a long time ?
kris : um I think one hour
Hyomin ; uh I'm sorry
kris : no its Ok it's my fault I didn't tell you when I will come
Hyomin : wait ill bring you coffee
kris : ok
after few minutes you comeback with 2 caps of coffee
Hyomin : here is it I hope you will like it
kris : uh thank you let me try it and see
hyomin: so how is it ?
kris : umm it really tastes good
Hyomin :uh glad to hear that
kris : um here is the address when we will take dance classes
Hyomin : ah yeah so your friend is ok for practicing in his studio !
kris : Yeh he is
Hyomin ; that's good
kris ; so are you free tomorrow ?
Hyomin : yeah at which time ?
kris : um 5 pm is it ok ??
hyomin: Yeh Yeh it's good
kris : Okk I should go now
Hyomin : Okk see you tomorrow
kris : yeah ok see you tomorrow
after kris left you stayed for a while and left too ...
you arrived to your home you took a shower and eat you felt tired and went to sleep but it wasn't easy to fall asleep because there are many thoughts in your mind about kai "is he ok ? What is he doing now ? Does he hate me ? ..... "
It wasn't easy for you to spend a day without seeing him because you used to see him everyday and everywhere ; you miss him you love him but you can't do anything .


Hiii ^^ Thank you for reading my fanfic ♡


omg what well happend this is not the end right? plezz update soon this is the bast story i read it of all my life

park nemo park nemo

OMG is it really you??!!!!! O_O

hey it's me the writer for this fic i'm so sorry for not ending it bcs i lost my account :(

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you too much and you probably have better things to do, than to finish a story for us. But this story is really good, and for you to not update after having Jong in leave, is sad, and we really want to know what happens next. WE MISS YOU!! <3 T^T

Please update T^T I'm not going to stop until you update again 0^0