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i have changed

i like her

kai's pov :
after i said what i wanted to say i left she didn't believe me she didn't believe my words i was really sorry but but ...
********next day******
i woke up but i didn't feel good to go to school i didn't go to school i don't wanna see jiyeon i promised her i won't bother her anymore so i will try my best to not appear in front of her i know it isn't easy because we are in the same school in the same class but i will try .. i didn't know what to do i won't go to school and i don't wanna stay at home i wanna dance ..
i called luhan hyung
kai :hi hyung are you free today ?
luhan : yeah why ?
kai : i won't go to school today and i wanna dance i don't want to be alone so if you don't mind join me
luhan : yeah sure let's meet after one hour in the same place as usual
****end of call***
i wore my clothes and went out after few minutes i arrived to the place and i saw luhan hyung waiting for me
kai : hi hyung im here
luhan : welcome ^^
kai : let's start

after few hours of practicing we stopped to eat ..
luhan : kai what is happening with you ?
kai : uh what do you mean hyung ?
luhan : i know you very well whenever you don't feel good or if there is something wrong with you ; you come here to practice
kai : uh you are right
luhan : so tell me what's happening
kai : um ok so at first promise me that you won't say anything to anyone
luhan : i promise you
kai : there is a girl with me in school i used to tease her make fun of her fight with her ... i had fun doing this but lately i started caring about her i felt sorry for what i did to her and i decided to stop it i told her i'm sorry and i won't bother her again but she thought i was lying she didn't believe me she hates me i don't know what to do i don't know why i feel sad i don't know why i care about her i think i lost my mind i keep thing of her ... hyung help me
luhan :what i see is that you like her
kai : what what i like her uh no way i don't think so uh omg
luhan : you like her but you just don't wanna accept the fact that you like her
kai : omg i really don't know what to say ! hyung let's go i wanna go to home
i went to my home and still thinking of what luhan hyung said omg is it true that i like her !? i don't wanna fall in her love she hates me i will just suffer omgg wtf why im thinking about love now !? but i can't forget her lovely smile omg but why i am smiling when i remembered her smile and whenever i see her smile i smile immediately ! omg i think i like her


hello guys hohohoho finnallyyyyy kai said he likes jiyeon :3 omg and what about jiyeon ? she likes him or no ! what do you think ? what will happen ? if you want to know wait for my next update :3


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T