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i have changed

i kept thinking of you

*******************next day at school******************
IU : jiyeonnn i have something to tell you
jiyeon : what is it ?
IU : not now ; can you go with me today to my home ? i can't tell you here
jiyeon : omg ! is it something bad ?
IU : no well i don't know what will be your reaction but i need to tell you everything
jiyeon : uh okk i will go with you after school
kai didn't come to school today i searched about him but he wasn't at school ; why didn't he come ? is he sick ? what happened ? but why i am worried about him ! and i remembered what he said yesterday "i will disappear i won't bother you again" omgg i shouldn't do what i did omg but why i am like this why i do care about him ? i should be happy ! but it was weird and boring day without him he used to tease me .... but today there is nothing special :/
in the end of the day i went with IU to her home she wanted to tell me something
***************at IU's home*********
IU : jiyeon i hope you won't be made at me i hope we will still friends ....
jiyeon : omg hurry and tell me what's happening why are saying that ..
IU : honestly i like someone i couldn't say it before because i'm afraid that i will lose you i don't wanna lose you ;_; but i think it's better to hear it from me than hear it from someone else
Jiyeon : so this is what you want to say hahaha finaly you will say it i was waiting for this day
IU : uh what do you mean ?
jiyeon : i know you like luhan
IU : omg what how !!! who told you how did you now ?
jiyeon : haha i'm your best friend and i know you more than i know my self and i know you like him none told me anything XD i can see how you became happy when you see him ...
IU : omg i don't know what to say i'm sorry i'm sorry because i like your brother and i can understand you if you won't be my friend anymore i know i did a mistake sorry ;_;
jiyeon : wtf are you saying hun ? why sorry ? why should i do this ? omg
IU : aren't you made of me because i like your brother ?
jiyeon : why should i be angry ? im happy that you like him and i wish that he likes you too i will be so happy if you two are dating because you are a good girl you are the best girl that can be my brother's girlfriend and luhan will be a good boyfriend for you he will take care of you ...
IU : omg jiyeon you are the best omg i love you so much T__T
jiyeon : yaa don't cry and let's play like we used to do i miss those days
i went to my home and i kept thinking of kai why he didn't come is he sick ? what should i do now ? then i found my self calling kai's mom
kai's mom : hi jiyeonn how are you ?
jiyeon : i'm fine what about you mom ?
kai's mom : me too !
jiyeon : good :) what about kai ?
kai's mom : uh he is fine i think ! why you didn't see him at school ?
jiyeon : ah yeh i saw him i just asked hehe ^^ so bye now
kai's mom : bye take care
***end of call***
omg he didn't go to school he wasn't at home where did he go ?
after a while luhan oppa come
jiyeon : hi oppa how was your day ?
luhan : fine ^^ i spent it with kai
jiyeon : with who ? kai ? and why ?
luhan : he wasn't feeling good and he called me i'm like his brother and whenever he doesn't feel good or he needs help he calls me
jiyeon : uh i see and why he didn't feel good !
luhan : uh i don't know he didn't tell me we just spend all day dancing
jiyeon : uh i see ^^
i went to my room to sleep but i couldn't omg why i keep thinking of him aishh T_T i can't forget his face when he was saying sorry ;; his eyes was talking too omg i can't forget his expression


hello guyss ^^ i don't know what to say XD i hope you are enjoying reading this ff and wait for my next update ^^ enjoy this gift kai and his hyung suho XD


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T