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i have changed

at kai's home

***** next day *****
luhan : jiyeonnn wake uppp wake uppp
jiyeon : oppa let me sleep it's weekend i don't have school
luhan : did you forget ? we will go to suho's home
jiyeon : omg suho oppa aishh how can i forget ? arasso oppa i will get up now ...
omg what should i wear ? a dress ! uh let me see ! aish it has been a long time since i bought new clothes .. i won't wear a dress i wil wear this ...
luhan : jiyeon are you ready ?
jiyeon ; yeah oppa i am let's go :)
i was happy because i will see suho oppa but this happiness disappeared when we arrived to suho's home and i saw kai uh that annoying boy if only he didn't exist ...
kai : uh jiyeonnnn welcome ... he come and hugged you
jiyeon : wtf are you doing right now let me go
kai : we are friends we are friends haha did you forget ?
jiyeon : ah yeah aish ; uh kai how are you ....
kai's mom : own aren"t they so cute ! welcome jiyeon how are you
jiyeon : "wtf cute ! uh my ass" ahh hi aunt im fine thank you ..
suho : heyy jiyeonn own you are becoming cuter more and more
jiyeon : "omg i didn't know what should i say i was so shy" uh thank you oppa ..
suho : uh don't be shy i just said the truth
kai : "what cute what shy wtf uh hyung you made my day"
jiyeon heard him : kai did you say something ?
kai : no ; luhan hyung it has been a long time since we danced ! what about practicing today ?
luhan : yeah sure i really miss those days ..

************* lunch time ********
kai's mom : jiyeon eat well i hope you will like the food
jiyeon : yeah i will thank you
kai's dad : luhan i heard from suho that you are working .. would you mind to work with me ..
luhan : uh thank you please don't worry about me im fine in my work
kai's dad : no it's not that ; i really need someone .. and i know i won't find someone better than you ..
luhan : uh ok if it's that the case i will accept
kai's dad : great then ^^ so let's talk about it tomorrow
kai's mom : jiyeon are you free tomorrow ?
jiyeon : uh yeah why ?
kai's mom : i will go shopping tomorrow if you want join me
jiyeon : uh really ? yeah i will be happy to join you ^_^
kai's mom : great then
after the lunch suho oppa and luhan oppa andd kai went to practice and they asked me to join them ...
they started dancing they were so good but kai was better than them he looked so sexy and hot his steps his face .. his everything he was like a dancing machine
wtf with me why am i thinking of him !? but i couldn't forget his smirk that playful smirk
after a while suho's phone rang and he picked it
suho : hi hyomin how are you .. i missed you too
jiyeon : what what did he just said ! missed you too uh
kai noticed your expression changed ..
suho : yeah arasso i will see you later honey take car of you ..
jiyeon : what ! hooney ! omg is she his girlfriend omg no T__T you was sad and kai saw you he laughed he understood that you like suho ...
luhan : this is hyomin how is he ?
suho : fine ^^ i will meet her tomorrow i didn't see her since one week ....
jiyeon felt like she will cry and left the room kai followed her ; she went to the rooftop none was there and she stared crying ..
kai : so you like suho oppa
jiyeon :omg wtf it's not his time now but how did he know that ! she stopped crying and said :
what wtf are you saying ! it looks like you lost your mind
kai : hahaha no im not you like him but he has a girlfriend and he loves her she is cute sexy beautiful ...
jiyeon : i am cute too beautiful ..
kai : haha you see i knew it you like him lol but he doesn't you are just like his sister he will never see you like a girl that can be his girlfriend .. uh you are pitiful
those words made you cry
jiyeon : kim fucking jongin i hate you i hate you are the worst and you started crying and you ran away ...
kai : omg wtf i did ? why did i do that to her ! uh wait why i do care about her i should be happy ! but im not i don't feel happy but why ? why i worry about her uh kai stop it you should laugh laugh so hard but there is something stopping me ... !


hi guys ^^ i want something from you please can you comment and say if you like this story is it good or boring !? should i continue like this or change it ?...
and here is hyomin suho's girlfriend ^^


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T