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i have changed

i will make you regret

everyone in the class now and teacher here too we started the lesson ; then the door opened
IU : uhh he is late again -_-
jiyeon : because he is the king he can come and go at anytime and none dare to say anything
kai went to his set and saw jiyeon : uh this orphan girl is back


the bell rang class ended ; i didn't feel happy like i used to feel when i was going at home ; i feel sad because i know none will be at home waiting for me i will be alone ....
IU : jiyeonnn i"m not going at home now i have something to do sorry i won't go with you
jiyeon : it's ok i can go by myself ^^
IU : good see you tomorrow
you were going alone you remembered when you used to see your father waiting for you in front of school to take you and your mother waiting for you at home ; how she hugged you how she kissed you and the delicious food she used to cook for you ..... then you felt tears are falling and you saw kai in front of you

kai's pov :
i was going at home and i saw jiyeon alone she was sad ; i was chocked because i have never seen her like this she was always smiling she was always happy but now she is omg she is crying !!
i didn't how but i found myself in front of her
Kai : are you ok ?
jiyeon : yeah
kai : why are you crying ?
jiyeon : i'm not crying it's just some tears are falling
kai : isn't that crying ! do you need help ?
jiyeon : HAHAHA are you in your right mind or you wanna make fun of me ? you are the only one that i will never want help from him ; i don't need you pity go away
then she ran away ..
kai : but i didn't think like this ! i wanted to help her i didn't want to make fun of her ! it's my first time i want to help someone but what happened she rejected it ! i can't believe what she did ; i am kim jongin i will make you beg for my forgiveness you will regret every word you said ...

jiyeon's pov
i ran away i ran until i found my self at home crying
omg how can he do this to me he is the worst human in this world that bad boy i will never forgive you i will make you regret what you did i won't be nice anymore i will show you ...


hello guys ^^ i hope you like the second chapter :) btw here is jiyeon's pic at T-ara"s 9th single 「Lead the way /LA’booN」 omg i can't wait for it *-* isn't she beautiful ?


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T