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i have changed

my life's story

he turned his face and he was kai
jiyeon : kai :o
kai : jiyeon :o
kai and jiyeon in the same time : what are you doing here ?
jiyeon : IU asked me to come with her !
kai : luhan asked me to come with him !
i turned to see IU and she was like i don't know anything i didn't do anything but i know she is the one who made all this ...
luhan : so where should we go ?
IU : i wanna watch a movie
luhan : what about you guys ?
kai and jiyeon : as you like ^^
we went to the cinema ; kai was sitting beside me and luhan beside IU but they weren't near to us ; it was a sad movie and i started crying
kai : omg you little kid are you crying ?
jiyeon : ya you come here to watch the movie not to watch me
kai : but i prefer watching you
i didn't know what to say....
kai : why are you not talking ?
jiyeon : what should i say ? i'm watching the movie
kai : but it's so sad don't watch it don't cry
jiyeon : why ?
kai : i don't like seeing the one i love crying i don't love seeing your tears
jiyeon : uh do you love me that much ?
kai : yeah ! i have never loved someone like you i wasn't like this but i have changed because of you ; you thought me how to love ; how to worry and take car of the one i love ...
jiyeon : you changed my life too ; you appeared in the hardest period in my life when i lost my parents i lost them but i found you ; because of you i could forget my pain i could be happy i could love again .... thank you for existing in my life
kai : i'm so lucky to have you
then he hugged me and we continued watching the movie it was sad but it had a happy end .
i have learned from this movie and what happened to me that even if you suffer and so many bad things can happen to you one day you will find happiness and when this life takes something from you in the other hand it gives you something that can help you forget what you lost....
days and months has passed and i still with kai ; he loves me and he always take care of me and his family became my family too ; we graduated and we went to the same college we did our best in studies and we reached our dreams he became a popular singer and dancer and i became a writer i write songs for him ... one day he composed a song by himself it was for me it was "will you marry me ?" he sang it for me and proposed to marry me it was the best day in all my life i will never forget it ; i accepted marrying him of course ^^ we got married and i gave birth of a cutie angle her name is boram she is my lovely daughter time have passed and she became a beautiful girl but she still cute she is so talented like her father she can sing and dance
we are so proud of her and we all love her so much ; none can't fall in her love she is like an angel *o*
i'm so thankful for what i have ; i lost my parents but i found another family this life wasn't easy for me but i have never give up i found so many people by my side my brother luhan my bestfriend IU and the one who changed all my life kai and his family and now i'm living in happiness and i hope it will last forever :)


hi guys so there is the last chapter ; i hope you like this ff i didn't want to end it by this way but i won't be able to update that's why i made this end :/ THANK YOU FOR READING MY FANFIC ^^


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T