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blind date

the next day i met IU she told what happened between her and luhan oppa and i did the same i told her what happened between me and kai ; she was shocked because she thought we hate each other but the reality is that we love each others *-*
IU : omg i'm happy for you jiyeon from all my heart
jiyeon : i'm happy for you too :)
IU : so are you dating now ?
jiyeon : no
IU : what ? why ?
jiyeon : he didn't say anything about dating ... :/
IU : uh i see ^^
jiyeon :i should go now
IU : uh i see that you miss kai
jiyeon : yaa no it's not like this
IU : haha ok byee take care ^^
jiyeon : yeah you too :D
i went to home and kai was there ; he was waiting for me
kai : yaa where did you go without my permission ? and why are you late ?
jiyeon : ya don't yell at me ; i'm not late and why should i get your permission to go out ?
kai : because i'm you boyfriend and you are my girlfriend
jiyeon : what you are what ? and i'm what ?
kai : you heard it well :3 so tell me now where did you go ?
jiyeon : i was with IU ; i will go now i will go to change my clothes
kai : yaa i still didn't finish talking ...
omg i couldn't stay there anymore omg i was so shy and my cheeks becomes red omg he said he is my boyfriend and i'm his girlfriend omg he was worried about me yaaay i'm so happy *-*
i changed my clothes and i was about to open the door then my phone rang it was IU
jiyeon : uh did you miss me so fast ? xd
IU : hahah no you aren't luhan oppa why should i miss you ?
jiyeon : aishhh that girl
IU : haha i was just kidding ; jiyeon luhan asked me to go on a date with him tomorrow please can you go with us ?
jiyeon : uh why ? no it's your first date why should i go with you ?
IU : yeh because it's our first date i want you to go with us please jiyeon if you love me please ; it will be better if you will be with me please jiyeon don't say no
jiyeon : but i don't think luhan will like it
IU : no he is ok with it i told him everything
jiyeon : uh so ok see you tomorrow
IU : yeah i will come tomorrow to kai's house then we will go together
jiyeon : ok as you like ....
************end of call**********
someone was knocking the door i opened it and it was kai
kai : yaa why did you take all this time changing you clothes
jiyeon : no i was talking with IU
kai : why ? you just come from her house ! or you wasn't with her . did you lie ? tell me where did you go ?
jiyeon : no i said the truth i was with her
kai : ok i trust you ; never lie to me
jiyeon : i will never do it
then he approached to me and kissed my lips ; omg another kiss ; but this one was different from the first one ; i don't know how to say it but it was daebakk i can't find the words to describe it ; it was a new feeling ; i wished if it will last forever .......
kai : you know i love you so much ; please stay forever by my side don't leave me alone
jiyeon : i will never do it ; i love you more <3
i couldn't sleep that night too ; i kept thinking of kai ; i love him so much i love him in a different way not like the way i love my parents or luhan or IU .....
the next day i wok up and i remembered that i will go with IU and luhan ; i didn't like it because i want to stay at home with kai
after a while IU come she entered my room and started fetching in my clothes
jiyeon : ya what are you doing ?
IU : i'm searching about a beautiful dress for you to wear it
jiyeon : uh why me ? it's your date not mine
IU : uh jiyeon just do like i'm saying
jiyeon : ok
IU : uh this one uh you will look so beautiful ; wear it ....
IU : uh everything is done now you look so beautiful let's go
i was sad because i won't be able to see kai and spend the day with him :/
we arrived to the place where luhan was waiting for us but ihe wasn't alone it was someone with him and it was a boy ; i only saw his back omg who is he ?
he turned his face and it was ....


hello guys i hope you aren't getting bored because of this fanfic xd
i started writing new fanfic go check it if you want ^^


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T