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i have changed

i love you .... i love you too

i went to his room but he wasn't there i opened the door and i entered it i waited him there while taking a look at his room ...
after a while i heard someone is coming the door opened and it was kai ; he was shocked when he saw me
jiyeon : hello ; sorry i entered your room without permission but i need to talk with you
kai : ok say what you need to say
jiyeon : i'm sorry ; i'm sorry for not believing you i'm sorry for what i did i'm sorry for what i said i just want you to know i don't hate you and i have never hated you i said it just because i was mad sorry again ... can you forgive me ?
kai : what should i do now ? should i do like you did to me ? omg i thought you hate me and i tried to not bother you again i felt i'm a bad person i hated my self and now wtf are you saying ? sorry ! omg you don't know how i felt ....
i felt i will cry anytime i didn't want him to see my tears i left his room and went to mine and started crying he followed me and saw my tears he wiped it and said "i'm sorry please don't cry i was mad and i said those words .."
jiyeon : i'm sorry too ...
i don't how but i found kai's lips near to mine he was kissing me but i didn't response i didn't know what to do ... then he stopped it and said "omg i'm sorry ..." he was going but i grabbed his hand and said "i didn't response just because i don't know how to kiss" he laughed and said "uh it's ok i will teach you" i closed my eyes and he kissed me again it was magical i have never felt like this .... then he whispered in my ear "i love you" omg i felt like a heart attack my heart was beating so fast and i said 'i love you too' i loved this moment i wanted it to last forever i wished if i can stop the time there .....


another short update xd omg they finally confess to each others omg *--------* if u want to know what will happen wait for my next update ^^ enjoy this pic omg ;_; im dying here ToT


@soka Queen's

@soka Queen's

me too T______T