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One way closer

They're different *-*

"Kai: So won ah!!
So won :kai OPPA !! I missed u !! (while talking with her noise voice to act cute)
Kai: So won !! I missed u too!! (he was talking with his noise too , to act cute )"

You were just sitting in front of them , looking at them acting cute , and surprised by kai's sudden change , your curiosity pushed you to talk to her .

"you: and who's this cuttie angel?
kai: Mind your own business ! (in a cold voice)
So won: WAW ! your bracelet is beautiful

(so won said while looking at her parents coming with your parents)
kai's mom: AH! you were sitting next to krystal, so you already know each other , now I don't have to introduce .
you: hello ! Dad who are they ? (you say while greeting them)
Dad: kai's dad is my best friend , and we're travelling together .
you: what? why didn't you tell me? If I knew it , I wouldn't go with you -_- (kai's parents didn't hear you)
Kai: Nado ! If I knew that , that girl will go with us , I would stay there . (said coldly but no one heard him , just you , you two kept fighting again -_- )
your mom: Oh ! I forgot to mention that kai came by 3 weeks ago and drank tea with us .
kai's mom: Oh , really , he didn't tell me that !
so won : (angry because of your fighting ) STOP IT !! (getting the attention from her mom) Mom I want that bracelet ;;_;;
kai's mom: Stop it , it's impolite !!
you: oh ni (removing it) there you can have it :) (handling her the bracelet )
So won: thank you (giving you a kiss)
kai: don't kiss her !!!
you: mind your business -_-
kai: she's my little sister "
And you both kept fighting , until you arrived to the hotel.

You had a beautiful big room , and he has a similar room next to yours .

with a beautiful view

At 6:00 pm whilethe sun was still warning Thailand , you wore a nice dress and went out to have a dinner with your parents . when you passed the big garden of the hotel you finally arrived to the big fancy restaurant

you entered the restaurant , you saw your parents , you went to sit , after a while you heard someone calling you ""krystal eonni ! " you turned to see the beautiful Kal so won in a beautiful shiny dress .
"So won : eonni ! look at what I'm wearing (she said while showing you the bracelet ) I look beautiful right ?
you: of course !! you are more beautiful , because of your cute pretty face(patting so won's head )
so won: waaw your dress is ......... amazing
you: thank you ... (trying to kiss her cheek)
kai: hey !! stop fangirling about your dresses, and you go away do never touch my sister ( he said while coming with his parents and sit in the table)"
*there he come again*you thought -_-
you started fighting again .

you ate really well, the food was so delicious . Approximately 10pm , your parents wanted to talk about kai's dad company and some secrets , so they kind of kicked you , kai, and so won to talk and saying that you should go sleep .

while you 3 were walking in the garden to go back to the hotel , you felt so cold (Thailand get cold in the night and you were wrong a short dress) so you started sneezing , and then you felt warm from nowhere , kai took off his jacket to cover you .


helloo , sorry for my late update TT___TT hope u like our fanfic ^^ If you did please subscribe and comment ^^


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T