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One way closer

But I'm still depted ...

You kept sneezing, so you looked for the source , and when you found the rose , you find a letter with it :

"Hi , It's Kai

I wrote this letter because I'm stupid ;) ... No , I'm just kidding , actually I wrote it to you because I feel kind of sorry for what I did to you , actually we are kind of even because I saved you 2 days ago, from those boys , anyway I hope you'll get well soon :D"

"You: why am I crying? why do I feel bad? what is going on with me? Did I do something wrong? Was he a good person? ............ So dad didn't save me? and he did?? (you said while crying) Does my tears mean something ? AM I IN .... No impossible , so what's wrong? "

You convinced yourself that those tears were just regret tears , no more less .
You kept thinking of how you'll apologize and thank him the next day , so you didn't sleep well.


Thursday, at school morning class :

"Amber: Hi , how are you ?
You : Okay (seemed confused while looking for him) hey!! have you seen him?
Amber: Who??
You: kai , I need to tell him something important.
Amber : What do you need to tell him? something about your feelings (teasing you)
You: Amber, It's not the right time for this , I'm serious !!!!
Amber: WHYYY SO SERIOUS? (and kept singing SHINee: why so serious )
You: eonnii!!! stop it !
Amber: OKAY, I think I saw him with Taemin hyung and Sehun hyung , but he's angry for something , I tried to talk to him but he kept ignoring me , he's ignoring everybody , It seems like he want to cry ....

You quickly went to the school's front door , Taemin and Sehun were standing there but kai wasn't with them , you asked Them , they told you that he just went back home.


At 9 pm :
While you were watching TV , a documentary appeared , it was talking about the development of a plant , The same subject as your science project , that's when you remembered that you only have one night before the deadline date.

So you hurried to your room , opened your laptop and started working the hole night , cups of coffee went in and out of your room all the night , when you finished the project , you saw the clock it was already 4 am , you only got 2 hours of sleep.


Science class :
The teacher asked for the science project , you gave it to him and went back to your seat , you glassed KAI who was worried , you knew that he's to lazy to do it , then smiled.

what to do? what should I say to the teacher?
I stood up and went to the teacher's desk ....
"kai: hi teacher, I want to .........; tell you , about the science project , I , actually .........
Teacher: OH!! I saw it , it was perfect , I think you two will get the highest mark !! well done !!

what did just happened ?? why my name is in her project? did she do it? Is she asking me for my forgiveness?
I made a bright smile just thinking about what she would say .
I turned around and a sleeping beauty ,she was sleeping in the class , Krystal is sleeping in class !!!! dark rings under her eyes !!! something is wrong !! Krystal never sleeps in class.

Did she stood up all night for me?


HELLOOO CHINGUUSS !! so chap 6 !! :) hope you like OUR story
chap 7 is coming soon !! with a surprise ;)


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T