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One way closer

My hero ~ ~

Monday morning,at class you ignored kai and he did too you both felt awkward.
Class ended a you went alone like usual walking at the corridor while reading a book , you were so focused on the story till you heard someone calling you from behind , you turned and suddenly saw saw kai walking toward you , making a sexy smirk .

"kai: Krystal!!
-you: What do you want now?"
While you were talking , he approached to you , You were making steps back , then suddenly stopped because of the wall that was behind you. Kai was looking carefully at you, then he put his hand on the wall leaning , you're heart beat were so fast that you could hear them , then he approached his face to yours.

"-you: what are you doing??
-kai: Kissing you . ( He said and approached more)"
You thought * I'm not that easy !! I'm not that easy , he's a play boy!!"

He closed his eyes , you released what you're about to do . Suddenly you put your hands on his chest and pushed him hardly , slapped him.

"you: do you think I'm that easy girl? you think I'll do that?"
you were shouting and started crying and left . kai couldn't stop looking at you putting his hand on his cheek , he felt guilty doing this , and shamed by himself .


Class ended , it was time to go back home.You went out and were walking slowly , you couldn't stop thinking about what happened before.
You were close to your home when passed some guys wearing other school's uniform , who took interest on you.They saw your name on your uniform's badge .They called you and started making steps to you , you were panicked by their attitude , but ignored them , and started making your steps faster , suddenly you felt a pain on your arm , because on of them grabbed your hand hardly. They formed a circle around you , hiding you from everyone someone even dared unbutton you're shirt . You closed your eyes and started pushing them and yelling like a crazy women, until you felt a warm hug around you and you knew it was your saver you could also hear his fast heart beat , you confidently opened your wet eyes and saw him.


Ten minutes ago

kai was standing in the front door of the school, he felt shamed of himself and guilty , and finally decided to go talk nicely to you . But he was confused about what he was going to say . While he was thinking you past in front of him and didn't notice him, he was still confused so he decided to follow you from behind , while still thinking about the same thing .After 3 or 4 minutes he was still behind , and the boys approached to you, when he saw that uniform and heard them calling you by your name , he thought that they were your friends from your old school.But when he heard you screaming , he jumped there quickly to help you , he started fighting like a hero, and strongly he beated them, so they ran away .He saw you tumbling onthe floor so he went down to hug ....................

Your father heard you screaming and get out of the house to see what's happening , that's when he saw you and went to hug you , he carried you and took you home . Kai was just staring and didn't have the courage to follow you.


hello guys !!!! sorry for my late update I was busy with exam -_- hope you like that chap even I added some suspense XD my friend , my friend who did :3


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T