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One way closer

I hate him !!!

Saturday morning , you woke up by the alarm's sound , you saw the clock it was 8 am already.
So you got up washed your face , brushed your teeth and put on sports clothes to go out for jogging .

One hour later, you came back , with sweat all around your neck , you looked sexy ;) .you took a quick shower and went down to eat your breakfast , you ran toward the kitchen , grabbed your food and started eating like an animal. You were so hungry that you couldn't resist it, it was so delicious !!!! When you finished your breakfast you went to your room grabbed your homework and started studying , you spent 3 hours doing it without moving your head , you saw the clock it was 1pm , you heard your mum calling you for the lunch , you quickly went down to the kitchen , while you were eating:

-You:"Mom , we should release a science project , today I'll meet my classmate because we work on pairs to release it for the next week "
-Mom:"yes of course you should work hard darling" (smiling)

1:45pm you went in front of the school's build and were waiting for kai that didn't come yet.
now it's 2pm:
You thought *why he didn't came yet ? I've been waiting for 15min did he lie and wanted to tease me?*

You were thinking when suddenly someone behind touched your shoulder . You yelled thinking it was a thief , turned your face and released that it was kai , when he saw your reaction he couldn't stop laughing .

-Kai:"OMGGG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you made my day !! XD , you're so cute "(smirking)
-You:" Yah!!!!! stop this ,why you're late?you said 2pm!!"
-kai:"Yes!!!! I wanted you to get mad and bored of waiting "(smirking)
-You:"Yah!!! this is the lest time that i'll wait for you! -_- "
-kai:"whatever let's go !"

When you arrived to kai's house . It was a big one with gorgeous garden , beautiful flowers all over there you really loved it :)

He had the keys , it seems that no one was inside , he said "come in" you get inside then he closed the door . The house was gorgeous inside !!! really Kim's family are rich.
Kai opened his room's door , it was so big *o* , on the roof there was a shining stars
He put his bag and lied at the couch and start watching TV .
-You:"Hay, we suppose to work!! can't you remember?"(kicking his leg)
-Kai:"can't we watch a movie ? just for a moment "(making an aegyo face)
-You:"nae arraseo arraseo !! I'm tired I worked hard ! let's watch a movie then we begin our project "(sitting in the couch)

The movie begin it was so boring , you were sitting next to kai and felt sleepy without a feeling you put your head on kai's shoulder , he was shocked he turned his face and saw your soft lips, he leaned to you and wanted to kiss them , but he figured out that you're waking up , so he took away his head.
-You:"hey you!! wake up !! You're head is so heavy that i couldn't watch the movie" (pushing you're head and getting up)
You waked up by kai's voice and didn't notice anything .you thought* what was i doing ? why did I put my head on his shoulder?? pabooo me -_- *
-You:"whatever let's begin our work"
-Kai:"okay i'll bring my books from the desk "
He set on his chair and was trying to find dictionary to help . you were just sitting onthe couch and looking at the roof (shining stars)
He turned his face and started looking at you're neck he thought*her neck is so jidjifjedkcoijcd *
He couldn't stop looking at it , he leaned to you , you didn't seen him because because you were looking at the roof . He set next to you leaned to your face and whispered on your ears smirking "you're so sexy! " you were surprised
-You:"WTF are you doing ??? " you yelled and slapped his face then took your bag and immediately left .
Kai was shocked by your reaction , he said " what's the matter other girls don't do that they're so easy , she's not like anyone , but I'll make her falling in love with me :D LET'S MEET TOMORROW KRYSTAL ;) "


HII there this is the third chap hope u like it ,^^


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T