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One way closer

What did I do wrong?

Two weeks later:
You was practically attracted by Kai's good look , you're hater become your secret crush , even tough he never talked to you since that day but it was his charm he became your secret crush, and because you hated him and liked him at the same time , you decided to erase your feelings and focus on your studies.

In the afternoon, at the science hour :
-Teacher:" We are going to do another science project , that should be released for the next week (disturbing pieces of papers to the students) .At those papers, you write your names and give it to me ;) back , I'm going to pick two papers randomly , the persons who write their names will work on pairs for the project , remember you have a week "
The students wrote their names and gave the pieces of papers to the teacher , he first pick two papers randomly it was Chanyeol and Baekhyun ;) then he picked two other papers by luck it was you and Kai !!
You thought * OMO *.* I'll work with him for the science project ?? ottokaee? *
The bell ringed and you took your bag and herd to your house , while you were waking you felt that you're followed , you panicked and thought it was a thief until he touched your shoulder .
You:was you !!! what are you doing here?"
kai:"I forget your name so I followed you , to talk about the science project , can you do it (he wanted to say if she can do it by herself)
You:"No , I won't !!! we both need to do it "
Kai:(saying in low voice ) She caught me -_- , Okay let's meet Saturday at 2PM ;) in front of the school build" He said coldly and left "
You"School ?? there is no school at saturday "
Kai: (Turned back and said walking) Silly we'll go to my place
He left and made a sexy smirk , that you felt your fast heart beating

The next day , at lunch time , Amber went to check on you , you were sitting alone again thinking about a maths hard equation .
Amber:" hey , do you know ? I have a surprise for you "
You:".............." (still thinking ) " what is it?"
Amber:"you got 100 points in the science exam !!!! To teacher asked me to tell you"
You:"..............mmmmmm " "that's it !! I think I can solve the equation!!! "
Amber: "Krystal!! you didn't hear I told you you're the first ....."
You: "Okay "
Amber:"what are you ..."
You:"I Got it ^^ 1 986 465 386 "
Amber:"did you heard what I said ? I offended it's not nice"
You:"ahhh sorry amber I heard everything , I was just focusing at that equation, yehh I got 100 points , it's normal "
Amber:"WAAW !! you're really genius, can you help me ? at some subjects ? I'm really bad -_- "
You both started walking .
You:" Sure!! any time :D
" Amber:"How about this Saturday? I mean tomorrow "
You:" OH no tomorrow I can't , I have some plans "
Amber:" witch plans???"
You:"I'm going to kai's house to do the science project "
Amber:"REALLLYYY ????!!! " (socked)
You:"yes, why that reaction?"
Amber:Hey guys !!!!you know what ?? Krystal is going to kai's house tomorrow ^^"
Sehun:"whattt???? daebbakkkk °:°"
Kyungsoo:"it's the first time a girl going to kai's place exept Amber , Krysttal you're very lucky"
You:(not understanding chy it's a big deal)"why ? what's wrong?"
Sehun:"do you like him ???" (teasing you)
You:"no I don't !!!! " (angry)
kyungsoo:YOU LIKE HIMMM !!!!
You;(feeling bad and angry) STOP IT !!
Amber:"guys , stop it it's not funny !!! ....... anyway just don't like him he's bad and will enventually hurt your feelings , do not get attached to him"
You:"I don't like him (you yelled and been serious )
Kyungsoo:"okay okay we got krystal cooll down (seeing kai coming) change the subject kai is coming "
Kai:"hey guys" (saw you and rolled his eyes )
Kyungsoo:"hey bro!! wher were you??"
And they finished their conversation while you decided to eat with amber alone .


hey guys !! ^^ this is my second update hope u liked it ^^
btw today ids kyungsoo's birthday ommg I'm so happy for him,


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T